On The News Line – Trump’s Syria strategy An Engineered Pakistan-India War and Western Governments Destabilizing South Africa a BRICS Member

These are some of the headlines we are tracking for you in this episode of On the News Line:

1. Trump already making Syria moves

US President-elect Donald Trump is believed to have something up his sleeve for a change in US foreign policy on Syria. The real estate tycoon has already announced that his approach to Syria will be a unique one. Signs of shift in the new administration’s foreign policy have already emerged. Trump, throughout his campaign has already praised Russia and the Syrian government for battling Daesh terrorists. On the other hand, Syrian President Bashaar al Assad has declared that Donald Trump could be a natural ally in the fight against terrorists. Reports suggest Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Junior, met with the pro-Russia Syrian politician Randa Kassis nearly a month ahead of the November 8 election.

2. Pakistan-India war?

Tensions have reached boiling point between India and Pakistan over the past days after a dozen civilians and several Pakistani soldiers were killed in a cross-border shelling by India. The incident took place in the disputed region of Kashmir which has seen a surge in deadly exchanges of fire by both sides over the past few weeks. Another incident involved the mutilated body of an Indian soldier who was found in Kashmir. Angry reactions by both sides have revived concerns that the two nuclear-armed rivals could soon move toward a third war over the area. And this time, the war scenario is deemed serious. An Indian nuclear submarine attempted to enter Pakistani waters days ago but found itself pushed out by the Pakistan Navy.

3. Has West targeted South Africa?

South African President Jacob Zuma has accused some Western governments of destabilizing the ruling African National Congress. Zuma has told the ANC supporters that the governments are plotting to topple the ruling party of South Africa. According to Zuma, the ANC has been targeted by the west because it does not want the party establishing relations with those nations which helped the ANC in the anti-apartheid struggle.



2 thoughts on “On The News Line – Trump’s Syria strategy An Engineered Pakistan-India War and Western Governments Destabilizing South Africa a BRICS Member

  1. President Zuma has been renewed asked to step down from ruining South Africa…unaccountable corruption, theft, Nepotism. .you name it.
    He has also just said that the person who disclosed a discriminating recording should be arrested.
    He has always blamed others for his blatant failings.
    He’s blamed everybody else in SA for his wrongs..now he has to go overseas.
    There are large European corporate companies which keep SA afloat with taxes and employment for many.
    Europe is hardly interested to ruin SA.

    The ruling ANC party with their chosen president is doing that all by himself .

    Today he has to answer to the one part of the ruling party which is at last speaking out publicly and officially.
    President Zuma’s own ANC wants him out.

    That’s the real story.


    • Over and above Zuma’s failings which all South Africans are aware of, is the fact that the CIA/USA Junta wants South Africa out of the BRICS alliance in the same way that they want Brazil and India out of that alliance. The BRICS bank is gold backed not US dollar backed and has real assets behind it as opposed to the fake confetti churned out by the Federal Reserve Bank. This is also one of the main reasons behind the demonization of Russia. They were one of the first countries to ditch the dollar and the petro dollar and no longer trade oil and gas in dollars but in Rubles, Yuan, Euros… and gold. I strongly suggest that you get a background on US color revolutions around the world, how they work and who funds them. Behind everyone is the Open Foundation of George Soros, a central backer of Clinton. He and his Kissinger and Bzerezinski cronies along with the Bilderberg group led by the Dutch Royal family Nazis have just lost the war. A Trump Presidency means that these “regime change”color revolutions will come to an end… and it is my high octane speculation that Zuma was kept in to keep BRICS intact. Now that Trump is draining the swamp, it is safe for Zuma to step down. The world really is far more complicated than Nkandla. Suggested reading : https://theinternationalreporter.org/2016/11/28/george-soros-dystopias-minister-of-truth/


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