#PizzaGate The Andrew Breitbart Connection And Understanding #PizzaGate (Opening the Rabbithole)

Andrew Breitbart “died” in March 2012. Steve Bannon became CEO of Breitbart News. Bannon promoted Donald Trump. In the months leading up to the Presidential elections Wikileaks leaked the Podesta emails. In the week of the elections #PizzaGate hit the news. Bannon has now become Trump’s right hand man. Independent Media is now being attacked for being “Fake,” while Main Stream Media has proved itself to be “Fake”and controlled by the CIA. To quote Andrew Brietbart:

“What’s in your closet John Podesta? Big Podesta, Big Soros. Do you want us to play these games? Because we’re playing to win.”

Understanding #PizzaGate (Opening the Rabbithole)

International FBI Pedophilia Symbols (2007): https://truthnewsinternational.files….

Great Summary Article to share with friends (archived since Living-Resistance has now removed it due to censorship): http://archive.is/sS4hO

LARGEST SUMMARY OF COMET PING PONG RABBIT HOLE (censored, so here’s an archived link): http://archive.is/dkfrF



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