The Pizza – Kill Room Discussion

This video report is age restricted, because of the graphic and horrific nature of the topics being discussed. You are warned that this video contains graphic content and graphic discussion of organized criminal acts, that will be presented and discussed in this report.

This report will discuss the recent supposed secret room and possible kill room associated with the recently mentioned Pizza establishments in Washington DC, that are possibly linked to a global network of child trafficking and child pedophilia activity.

This report will use the kill room as an example of what can be learned, by thinking of what would be involved if such a secret room is in fact being used for the killing of innocent children. Some of the the many motivations for murder of the many victims will be discussed, along with a ritual sacrifice mention involving Spirit Cooking and the cannibalism and consumption of the victims flesh, after being ritually murdered in such a kill room.

Background Sources and Links:
Kill Room Link……



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