Podesta’s “Art”Collection

Podesta’s “Art.”

Katherine Frisk:

podesta-downloadI was in two minds as to whether to post these pictures. As with all images, once you see them you cannot “unsee them. So be warned.

These images have haunted me for the last two days. They are insidious and evil in the most sinister way. They combine the innocence of babies and young children with the deformed and primitive gorgons that adorn the Gothic cathedrals of Europe. What is implied is bestiality and the progeny thereof. Our natural instinct is to nurture. But at the same time these images make us recoil in horror. A similar conundrum experienced by Rosemary and her baby.

If you want to drive somebody insane, you use approach avoidance conflict at the same time. This will create mental imbalance and render the person incapable of rational thought. One example is abusive relationships. Where one partner will tell the other how much they love them while at the same time sneering at them, treating them with disdain and being emotionally or even physically abusive. This is not a healthy loving relationship. it is hate disguised as “love.”

The result is “cognitive dissonance.” When two opposing viewpoints are presented as one entity and equally valid and meaning the same thing, when the truth is, that they are diametrically opposed, contradict each other and the one cancels the other out. In the images below  the beasts are presented as “cute,” innocent, loving and caring, when they are in fact an abomination.

If you want to ground yourself in reality before viewing these images, then do some research on depleted uranium and the effects this has had on the women in Iraq, Fallujah in particular where even to this day they are afraid of falling pregnant because their babies are born with the most terrible deformities. Although abortion is not accepted in Islam, many of these women and many in the medical profession have decided to use abortion because the suffering of these children when they are born is beyond anything that we could imagine.

Perhaps Podesta and his wife, instead of spending millions on their “art collection,” should take a camera and spend some time in Iraq and see the real deal. 

This while spoilt, over weight American women who are too irresponsible and selfish to use birth control and exercise family planning, regard the results of their irresponsibility as an excuse for a self indulgent, emotional roller coaster ride, the abortion of perfectly healthy and beautiful children as no more and no less than an ablution and part of their early morning rituals, along with erecting statues to satan and chanting we love satan at abortion rallies.To take their minds off their abortion they go to Disney World and drink. They have a choice, contrary to what they claim, they have a choice to be responsible for their own bodies and use birth control. Something it seems, that never crosses their minds even though today there are many options available without resorting to the murder of their own children.

@ 9 mins.

Here our natural instincts and motherly love have been have been grafted onto the right to murder which has caused a society that is incapable of rational thought, is mentally unbalanced, suffers from cognitive dissonance and is basically insane.

Much the same can be said about ideologies. If you want to render a society as a whole incapable of determining its own future and off-balance, then similar tactics are applied. And those who pull the strings use the Hegelian dialect and play both sides against the middle until what was once considered unacceptable and destructive to society is seen as acceptable and practiced by the majority.

Pedophilia, incest, rape, human trafficking, child pornography, child prostitution, narcotics. In the case of narcotics it is sold as “a spiritual journey of enlightenment.” The reality is that it is soul-destroying and causes severe mental impairment and behaviour that if they were in their right mind, they would never indulge in.

The combination of child abuse, sexual depravity and spiritual and mental impairment results in a society that is easily controlled and dictated to by the addictions that have been created for it and the end result will be an authoritarian, dictatorship state where detention without trail and without due process along with torture and genocide is the rule of law. Again a combination that creates cognitive dissonance. We all want to live in safe and secure societies and so support the law, but in this case the law is exactly what we need to be protected from.

Include in this concept the music industry where any real talent is not allowed to succeed and is soon throttled in one way or another, while only talent that promotes the “agenda” is allowed full coverage nationwide. Music, which we all relate to because we are vibrational beings is used and combined in the same insidious way as the deformed images and messages seen in Podesta’s art collection. Beauty, innocence and cuteness, together with the unacceptable and deformed. As an exercise in contrast, watch real talent like Barbara Streisand and Susan Boyle and then watch Miley Cyrus, in conjunction with what we know about  Podesta, Pizza Gate, Teddy Bears and Spirit Cooking.

Now keeping all the above in mind, here is Podesta’s Patricia Puccini “art”collection. 












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