Ron Paul EXPOSES Climate Change as a HOAX

Editor’s note: In all the discussions on “Climate Change”there has never once been a full International exposure and investigation on Geo-engineering, weather modification and weather warfare. Also ignored is that the Tsunami in Sumatra was engineered in order to dispossess the people in Northern Sumatra from their resources, some of the largest gas deposits in the world, the earthquake in Haiti which was engineered to dispossess the people of the gold reserves and the engineered earthquake and Tsunami in Japan which result in Fukushima in order to prevent the Japanese from aligning with China, joining the Silk Road project and abandoning the dollar as reserve currency. Chemtrails are being used in order to control the rainfall and in the future, like the patenting of GMO seeds, raindrops will be owned and controlled by the corporations who will charge countries and individuals for rainfall. Toll gates on the freeways are only one step in the process. 

Climate Change is a HOAX!



2 thoughts on “Ron Paul EXPOSES Climate Change as a HOAX

  1. Another fucking idiot. What a waste of meat you are. Dumb as shit. Anybody can look into climate change and determine the truth of the matter. It’s called measurements by the way, recording all over the world now. Proof positive that climate change is real. You could also read the science, and their results, and the results of those that checked the science, and the results of those the checked the science that checked the science. Science is, after all, repeatable, which is why it is called the scientific method. And after all that, if you still do not believe that climate change is real, then you are just a stupid fucking meat bag.


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