Why I Am Worried About Trump, When Obama Sends 1,000’s Of U.S. Troops To Russia’s Doorstep

In this video we cover the breaking news of U.S solders on tanks amassing in Poland right on Russia’s doorstep. Russia has said this is a major security treat but we are also seeing Donald Trump’s administration recently echo the same talking points as Barack Obama’s foreign policy when it comes to Putin.



2 thoughts on “Why I Am Worried About Trump, When Obama Sends 1,000’s Of U.S. Troops To Russia’s Doorstep

  1. Is your studio in nuclear bomb shelter mate? If not then you better move it there. What we (Eastern Orthodox Slavic peoples) have learned from history with CERTAINTY is – Anglo-Saxon gang will always try to destroy us regardless of who are their leaders. So, Trump or whoever else – we don’t care. You stay on your side of border and we will stay on ours. You make a wrong move and you will see what SATAN looks like. We are sick of a circus called American democracy and elections. Give us a break or come and start the fight


    • You would think that after Napoleon, WW1 and WW2 they would have changed their attitude by now. But no… subjugation of Russia is still on the cards. To extend “Europe” from the Pacific to the Atlantic. They have got control of North America but they still keep failing at Russia. Here is some good news for you… how will they fail this time? They will fail because their own people look on them with disgust and on Putin with admiration, because he has his own people’s welfare at heart whereas they have betrayed their own people over, and over and over again. Putin sees his people as family, they see their people as commodities and collateral. They will rot from within. It is already happening. Once you lose the trust of the people, they will never trust you again… and all that remains is for a changing of the guard and for them to be replaced. I see a much better future with a much better sense of balance in the world. But between then and now things are going to get very dirty before the dust settles. Eurasia, try not to hate so much, the people in the west hate them more than you do. and they will take them out.


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