Taking Time Off. Am Sooooooooooo angry with what is going on in the US.

Nuclear_Bomb_20160518_nuclear_0And if you doubt, haven’t they had enough bloodshed?

Take a look at Libya,




and Trump meets genocidal Bibi Bomb Iran today.

Seems as though nothing has changed.

Now consider this….. 
The people who have joined ISIL
are Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood,
Khazar Babylonian Zionist Jews -Israeli Mossad
and Jesuit Inquisition Roman Catholic-CIA – yes they have always answered to the Pope
ever since the Vatican organized the rat line for the top Nazis to go to the USA after WW2.
The people who have never joined in that genocide are
Torah Jews,
Sunni and Shiia Muslims
and Orthodox Christians in Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Armenia and Russia. 
… what you are looking at here is the anti-Christ. 
Armageddon is not going to happen, it has happened, it is happening….. it has been happening since the end of WW2.
Khazar Babylonian Goldman Sachs Jew – Caiaphas; 
Roman Empire Pontius Pilate Jesuit Pope – Vatican; 
and Herod Antipas King Salman – House of Saud. 
So where is the second coming you may ask?
We are it!
And to quote those swine back at themselves
..you are either with God’s army or against it. 

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