Hollywood Icon Robert De Niro Rushes To Trump After CIA Kills Top Autism Expert

Robert De Niro, became so “enraged/inflamed” after the 23 January suspected Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) murder of top autism journalist and researcher Dan Olmsted, this Hollywood icon quickly rushed to President Donald Trump’s side—and then, yesterday, joined with Trump’s pick to head his new “vaccine safety” commission, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., to stunningly offer $100,000 to anyone who could prove vaccines were safe.

from whatdoesitmean

dan-screenshot_1According to this report (and as we previously reported on), barely a fortnight prior to his taking the oath of office, then President-elect Trump shocked the entire US mainstream media with a direct assault on the vaccine-autism link conspiracy by his appointment of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. [the son and nephew of the slain American leaders Senator Robert F. Kennedy Sr. and President John F. Kennedy] to become his Chairman of the Golden Vaccine Safety Task Force—and who (Kennedy) was already reviled by these elite propagandists after his publishing a manifesto titled MERCURY & VACCINES linking childhood vaccines with autism.

After being sworn into office, this report continues, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had scheduled a 24 January meeting at the White House where he intended to introduce President Trump to Dan Olmsted—who as a United Press International (UPI) investigative reporter exposed a massive cover-up of the US Army invented malaria drug Lariam that, literally, made its users “lose their minds” and turn them into murder lust killers.

Following Dan Olmsted’s exposing the massive US Army cover-up of their “murderous” malaria drug Lariam, this report details, this UPI investigative reporter then turned his skills towards the mysterious rise of a new 20th Century childhood disease called autism—and that in his first article about he wrote:

Where are the autistic Amish? Here in Lancaster County, heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, there should be well over 100 with some form of the disorder.

I have come here to find them, but so far my mission has failed, and the very few I have identified raise some very interesting questions about some widely held views on autism.

The mainstream scientific consensus says autism is a complex genetic disorder, one that has been around for millennia at roughly the same prevalence. That prevalence is now considered to be 1 in every 166 children born in the United States.

Applying that model to Lancaster County, there ought to be 130 Amish men, women and children here with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Well over 100, in rough terms.

Typically, half would harbor milder variants such as Asperger’s Disorder or the catch-all Pervasive Development Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified — PDD-NOS for short.

So let’s drop those from our calculation, even though “mild” is a relative term when it comes to autism.

That means upwards of 50 Amish people of all ages should be living in Lancaster County with full-syndrome autism, the “classic autism” first described in 1943 by child psychiatrist Leo Kanner at Johns Hopkins University.

The full-syndrome disorder is hard to miss, characterized by “markedly abnormal or impaired development in social interaction and communication and a markedly restricted repertoire of activities and interests,” according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Why bother looking for them among the Amish? Because they could hold clues to the cause of autism.”

Important to note about Dan Olmsted’s UPI research articles on autism, this report explains, is that they are some of the most feared in the United States—so much so that the former Emmy award winning CBS News journalist-producer, Sharyl Attkisson, whom Olmsted had worked with on a television programme about the US Army’s Lariam cover-up, has personally archived them—and when Attkisson herself asked officials from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) about the lack of autism in the unvaccinated Amish, they outrageously told her it was because these primitive religious farmers didn’t use electricity.

And so feared, in fact, are Dan Olmsted’s UPI research articles on autism, this report notes, Sharyl Attkisson had to archive them on a server the island kingdom of Tonga having them archived under the top-level country domain code of .to as all US search engines are programmed to delete them if found on .com or .org websites.

Not just were Dan Olmsted’s articles about autism feared either, this report continues, but, also, his very person—and as evidenced by just weeks prior to his own death, he began receiving anonymous warnings threatening his life if he dared to meet with President Trump—soon after followed by the mysterious death of his sister’s ex-husband—and that on the day prior to meeting Trump (as if he knew what was going to happen) he cryptically wrote his own death message ending it with these words:

“A P.S. for 2017: If you say what you think and stick to your guns and you are right, like my pediatrician and many of you who read AOA every week, sometimes even the president of the United States will come around to agreeing with you.”

Unfortunately, however, this report grimly records, the day prior to Dan Olmsted meeting with President Trump and being able to present his vaccine-autism link evidence, he was discovered dead in his Falls Church, Virginia, home—with officials declaring his death to be of “natural causes” without an autopsy, and then cremating his body within 7 hours—and not one single American mainstream media news organization bothering to even write about his remarkable career in the service of mankind and the thousands of lives he saved.

This report concludes with a Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) addendum “suggesting/alluding” that Dan Olmstead’s death is directly linked to the CIA due to this spy agencies links to giant pharmaceutical companies that he was investigating prior to his death in order to prove that autism was just the “tip of the iceberg” of a mass conspiracy to control peoples minds, and bodies, with drugs in order to keep them docile, or like the Lariam drug did, make them murderous.



12 thoughts on “Hollywood Icon Robert De Niro Rushes To Trump After CIA Kills Top Autism Expert

  1. Hi. Friend and colleage of Dan, here.

    This is a fake story. Dan was not getting death threats. Dan was not set to meet with Donald Trump. Dan was not murdered by the CIA.

    Dan was an amazing writer who uncovered an amazing amout of information on vaccine risk and autism, and he is dearly missed. He deserves to be treated with dignity and not become internet fodder or the target of conspiracies.

    I hope that you will remove this story and discourage it’s spread. Dan deserved better than this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Ginger, thank you for you comment and the information and your tribute to Dan. Most appreciated.

      I will not remove the story for two reasons.

      Firstly because when I post these articles, all my readers know to double check the facts. Some are accurate and some are not. It also gives people, like you the opportunity to share what they know is accurate and what is not, as you have done.

      It also highlights issues that are not properly covered in mainstream media. And are ignored and given little attention. In this case vaccines and autism. The attraction to this particular article, and I will add sadly , was the combination of Robert De Niro, Trump and CIA. The real issue is Vaccines and Autism. Kennedy and De Niro held a Press conference, which I think is very important. And would be grateful if you shared it . You can see it here:

      Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. And Robert De Niro, National Press Club Conference, 2/15/17 [Original Version]



      • Editor,

        I work with Mr. Kennedy on these issues and was in DC last week for the briefings. While I applaud that you are covering the vaccine autism issue, which i have been advocating on for more than a decade, spreading disinformation on those working on this issue, hampers the work. It also hurts Dan’s friends, family and colleagues to have to deal with these false hoods.

        I won’t be sharing your links because they are not accurate, and I am now having to spend time online addressing every shared instance of these stories to ask people to stop circulating them.

        Dan was a straight up a brilliant writer and did not care what the establishment thought of him or his writing. He followed the story right off of their map and co-authored three books and published thousands of stories on our issue that broke new ground. He an Blaxill probably broke more new ground than anyone on the vaccine safety scandal. THAT should be his legacy, not a fake story that he became a victim of the industry. He wasn’t a victim of the industry.

        The claim is made all the more absurd, because his writing partner, Mark Blaxill has met with the President, and his administration, so there was really no reason to kill Dan, as his other half/co-author is already connected with the new administration. Blaxill was also in DC with us last week.

        Hope you will reconsider your choice. Dan deserves better.


      • Was the Russian Ambassador’s death natural? 4 high profile Russian ambassadors have died in the last four months. Was the death of Michael Hastings an accident? Andrew Breitbart was another, who called out Podesta for child abuse. The USA is known to assassinate anyone who gets in their way on anything. With every death of anyone who is doing meaningful work in this world, speculation will always be there as to whether their death was natural or not. As many of these deaths are never properly investigated, and cover ups are ongoing, a question hangs around Dan as well. This does not detract from him or his work or the very serious problem of the dangers of Vaccines and their link to autism. And quite frankly nobody knows what to believe anymore, especially with a media that has lied and constantly lies from JFK to the 2016 Presidential elections.


      • I could absolutely prove beyond a doubt, that Flu/Pneumonia vaccines are NOT safe and that they DO cause flu/pneumonia in mass numbers of elders in a facility and even death. Kennedy, despite my emailing him repeatedly, he refuses to reply. I laid out the entire facts to Kennedy Jr. and ALL records for ~110-120 elders could be pulled for these FACTS. One year, not one elder got those 2 vaccines. NO ONE DIED! NO ONE GOT SICK. Need to pull the records for 2 yrs before, then the one year not vaxxed, and 2 years after to see the entire forest of the lies about the vaccines being safe.


  2. I have no idea about those other deaths. I do know about Dan’s death. There is no speculation from his family, friends, colleagues or any government agencies about how he died. This is something that someone made up.

    Dan Olmsted was not murdered.


    • Dan Olmstead may or may not have been murdered. However, whether this report is accurate or not consider the following, and this is a short list:

      The damage done to thousands if not millions of children, not only in the USA but around the world due to Vaccines that have been declared as safe, but due to their high content of mercury have caused autism amongst many other serious side effects that has not been accurately reported and the general public has not been informed.

      The dangers of Genetically modified foods and poisonous herbicides that have caused cancers, organ damage and shorter life spans, along with the outright criminality of patenting all, and I include livestock, food resources.

      The damage that geo-engineering, weather modification and weather warfare has done to the planet, and the exact contribution that this has made to so called “Climate Change,”and that the general public all over the world is now expected to foot the bill to support these “industries” through Carbon tax and no doubt in the process line their pockets at the expense of everyone else.

      The truth about the JFK assassination and Martin Luther King and that the real people who were responsible have never been brought to book.

      The truth about the Moon Landing.

      A full exposure of CIA involvement in covert operations creating political instability in South America and the Middle East and their involvement in Narcotics. Cocaine and Heroin.

      The lie of WDMs which has resulted in millions of deaths in Iraq.

      The truth about 911 and you can start with building 7 which was clearly a demolition. This has also led to millions of deaths in the Middle East.

      The truth that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA agent who died shortly before or after 911 . That he was not killed in 2011 which just happened to be announced on the same day that Prince William and Kate got married and was a very convenient public relations exercise by the US to bring the attention of Americans back to “USA! USA! USA! “and not the royal wedding. Pointing out that this was immature, spiteful and childish goes over most people’s heads.

      The truth about Benghazi and that the US was selling and shipping weapons from Libya to Turkey for the next diabolical destruction of yet another country now that they had contributed to Libya being completely destroyed and becoming a failed state.

      The Sarin gas attack in Syria which was not done by Assad on his own people but by the “rebels”who had been supplied with these weapons who had abducted women and children from surrounding villages and then gassed them to death in an attempt to blame Assad and have him removed form power.

      The US involvement in the funding, training, arming and support of ISIL in their terror activities in Iraq and Syria. And what is more boradcast their atrocities world wide through the Internet.

      The coup in Ukraine which was engineered by Victoria Nuland and Joe Biden that has resulted in a devastating civil war in that country. Over a million people have suffered, their lives destroyed and as I recall almost half a million have died to far. And here is another ‘public relations exercise.” While over 1 million people fled from Eastern Ukraine into Russia because their homes and their livelihood was being destroyed by Grad Rocket shelling by the Kiev government, the US did a Hollywood style “news story”claiming that thousands from South America were flooding through their borders. I have yet to see any real documented evidence of this from 2014. However there is very real and provable evidence for the over 1 million that fled into Russia from Eastern Ukraine. Reminds me of the day William and Kate got married. Another rather immature, childish and spiteful public relations exercise.

      The danger of Vaccines and Autism is one part of this overall story that now spans almost 50 years, of lies, deceit, death and destruction. And through it all many people have died in one way or another attempting to expose these lies and bring back some truth, honesty and justice to the world. If Dan was or was not murdered, his contribution is as important as all the others who have dedicated their lives to exposing the truth.

      That is why I am doing what I do. And if this particular story is not 100% accurate, ( and all my readers already know that they need to double check the facts on the Socha Fall news letters, but then the same can be said of all Western News Media, because the chances are that it is 75% truth and 25% lies,) quite frankly to me the real point of the story is to get traction and expose that fact that Vaccines are dangerous and something needs to be done about it, as well as the criminality of the pharmaceutical companies, who it is clear appear to care more about profits than real health care and appear to be part of an international exercise of genocide.


      • Senate HB15090 AIDS tainted vaccines given to >110,000 people by the WHO under the DoD. http://www.apfn.org/apfn/aids.pdf Do I TRUST any vaccine, especially after my own experiences with getting the flu vaccine 2 years in a row and nearly dying myself? Heck no. This has been a big cover up and I am angry and I did something to find out the truth. I have so many documents AND 120 elders did NOT get the vaccines and NO ONE DIED on my watch that one year. I’m not afraid of dying or being “murdered” over finding out the truth on my own either. I will continue to shout, until someone listens, or I die. Either way, I’m NOT afraid and I am NOT going to go away, EVER!


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