Hollywood Is Racist And Misogynist

by Katherine Frisk:

Moonlight won the Best Picture and Best supporting actor in the 2017 Oscars. What was it about?

A stereotypical community filled with crackheads, a homosexual wank on the beach and the African-American usual tour of a prison facility at one time in their lives. The female roles in this film also left a lot to be desired. The drug addict neglectful mother and a sex scene with a woman bent over a table, knocked up from behind with her face turned away from the camera,  accompanied by squishing sounds that objectified the female role in sexuality as nothing more than tension relief. All that was missing was an abortion clinic. Aren’t African-Americans getting rather tired of being depicted as the dregs of society?

Nominated but ignored was the film Hidden Figures. About three highly intelligent African-American women, who against all odds including  racism and sexism broke  many barriers to become part of the NASA space programme that rocketed the USA into the modern era. Intelligent, highly educated, ambitious, female African-Americans  who actually contributed to American society does not fit in with the current narcotics, sexually perverted, misogynist, LGBT, dumbed down education system with Common Core and the prison industrial complex.  Home Figures just might have given the  “Make America Great Again” Donald Trump Presidential election theme some traction!

But I guess all those at the Oscars who took every opportunity to take swipes at Donald Trump every time they opened their mouths did not give this any thought. They clearly preferred La La Land, an apt description of exactly where Hollywood has gone in the last sixteen years, topped off by the award for The White Helmets documentary, a fake and biased film about ISIL supporters in Aleppo who save nobody but the terrorists that have been destroying Syria for the last six years.

Not surprisingly, the Oscar award ceremony had the lowest viewership in years. Nobody respects their artistic discernment anymore or their out of tune politics that is on a par with Fake News! This from an organisation that rejected both Vanessa Redgrave and Marlin Brando for their support of the Palestinians against Zionist thug fascists and the Native Americans who have been marginalized and treated as less than American citizens not so long ago. The mind boggles at the double standards!





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