Male and female recruits at elite German military base were made to strip naked and perform sadistic sex acts while other soldiers filmed them, explosive report reveals

  • Abuse has been branded ‘common practice’ at the base in Pfullendorf
  • Seven soldiers have been dismissed, with more under investigation 
  • Defence Secretary Ursula von der Leyen branded abuse ‘repulsive and despicable’
  • Secret investigation was carried out by military chiefs 

[Editor’s note: During and after WW2, the Nazi SS used to project film of those suffering in the concentration death camps while at the same time sadistically sexually abusing men, women and children. This forms part of the Satanic Death Cults, like Skull and Bones and many others. These practices have spread to all parts of the world where the Nazis were given safe haven. South America, the USA and the Nationalist Apartheid South African Regime. In Pretoria during the Apartheid years, the police were reticent to raid wild parties in the city, because more often than not what they would find was homosexual male prostitution and child sex abuse involving not only diplomats, but people involved in the top positions of the South African government, Judiciary and the military. Today #PizzaGate and #Pedogate have become a world wide epidemic corrupting governments, the judiciaries and the military in many countries around the world. Exposing such behavior in the German military in 2017 is a little too late.] 

from The Mail Online:  

german-military-3cb247dd00000578-4176740-image-a-109_1485884868809Military recruits in Germany were forced to carry out demeaning sex acts, including inserting tampons in their anuses, during ‘completely senseless’ drills, it has emerged.

The abuse has been described as ‘common practice’ at the elite base in the southwestern town of Pfullendorf, and seven soldiers have been dismissed, with more under investigation.

A whistleblower said she had been forced into violent sexual rituals, including stripping naked and being filmed during a medical course.

An explosive report by Das Spiegel said a secret investigation was being carried out by military chiefs.

It was launched after a female recruit reported in October last year that she had been forced to endure violent sexual rituals, which also saw officers tied up for hours and hosed with water.

The German army has released a statement revealing that a ‘significant’ number of incidents had occured, and these are being taken ‘very seriously’.

It added that the exercises were ‘shameful’ and ignored ‘the standards of respect to human dignity and sexual self-determination’.

Defense Ministry spokesman Jens Flosdorff said prosecutors are investigating whether to bring criminal charges.

Flosdorff said the allegations centered around three separate abuse cases, some going back to 2014.

Flosdorff told reporters in Berlin that the allegations were ‘outrageous and repulsive, and certainly no advertisement’ for the German armed forces.

He said lawmakers would be briefed on preliminary investigation results and the military’s chief of staff planned to visit the base.

Germany has almost 178,000 active soldiers.

The military said in a statement the incidents were particularly troubling given earlier reports of maltreatment of women in another unit at the training centre.

It said the latest incidents revealed ‘grave deficits in leadership’ at the facility and promised serious consequences.

‘Discharge proceedings have been initiated against seven soldiers and seven additional soldiers will be moved to different postings,’ a spokesman for the German defence ministry said.

Hans-Peter Bartels, who fields complaints from soldiers for parliament, told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper the incidents reflected lingering ‘macho behaviour that should not be tolerated’.

Bartels’ told lawmakers in his annual report this week that the number of reported sexual assaults in the military rose 52 percent to 131 in 2016, but the actual number was likely higher.

‘What happened at the training centre is repulsive and despicable,’ Defence Secretary Ursula von der Leyen told broadcaster ARD. She promised a thorough investigation.

Rainer Arnold, defence speaker for the Social Democratic parliamentary fraction, called for a special session of the Bundestag’s defence committee to examine the issue.

‘This is a case where things were tolerated and nothing was said,’ Arnold told the Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper.


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