Obama “Black House” vs. Trump “White House” War Goes Nuclear After Clinton Banker Suicided

Note The Trump Does Not Feature On the Cover

Note The Trump Card Does Not Feature On the Cover. Predictive programming gone wrong! 

Katherine Frisk note:

Socha Faal mostly accurate report and summary. Not surprisingly,  Deutsche Bank enters into the equation again. If the full criminality of this bank was investigated and exposed, with money laundering for Muslim Brotherhood – Sunni- Islamic State terrorism, drug cartels, gold price rigging and currency manipulation, the whole sorry mess that the world now finds itself in, in both Europe and the USA and the destruction in Libya, Syria and Ukraine that has plagued these countries,  would unravel at an alarming rate.

The Empresses Clinton and Merkel ,so proudly depicted as the bow of economic and political leadership on the front cover of The Economist as leaders of the Western world, will be found to have no clothes.

The Corporate Fascist – Nazi Bilderberg – wet dream, engineered through the CIA US Deep State and the EU, controlled by David Rockefeller, George Soros, Brzezinski and their Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, of a one world government, a…

 supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers..” being “..preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries,” is falling apart at the seams and their funding of terrorism, control over the drug cartels, human trafficking and pedophile rings where companies like Dyncorp are deeply embedded, is being exposed for all the world to see. So much for an intellectual ” elite.” More like a depraved and criminal, ” Eyes Wide Shut”  Mafia cartel. 

Clearly there is resistance to EU policy that ” the crowds do not decide their own fate,”  and that the “deplorables” as Clinton labelled them, should be prevented from holding referendums, because when they are, Brexit, Frexit, and Grexit will be the result.  A return to the dreaded ” national autodetermination”  that David Rockefeller, the Federal Reserve Bank, the IMF, BIS and Deutsche Bank have been destroying in the last 70 years. 

Clinton was not elected to the White House and all indications are that Merkel will not be in office in the near future. Worth noting is Marine Le Pen’s speech at the EU Parliament and her sentiments about Germany and Merkel in particular. Sentiments shared by most people throughout Europe who do not watch or read CIA-Nazi Fake News media, but inform themselves of the reality of the world that they live in through Independent media sources.

On the other side of the pond a battle is raging between Donald Trump and the Deep State, spear-headed by Obama, Soros, Brzezinski, Kissinger and Clinton, to either have him and his administration removed from office, force him to change his policies – most importantly carrying through the TPP and the TTIP agreements, or failing that, engineer an assassination or ” suicide.” That very little of this actually has anything to do with Russia or Putin goes over the heads of most people. And through it all, bankers are falling off the top of buildings yet again! 

from whatdoesitmean: 

clinton-tsts2Forces loyal to Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama have launched an all-out assault against President Donald Trump—and that coincides with the suiciding of a top New York City banker who was scheduled to meet yesterday with US Attorney General Jeff Sessions in front of a Grand Jury investigating Clinton-Obama money laundering crimes.

According to this report, operating from what SC intelligence experts describe as the “Black House”, former President Obama has assembled around him in Washington D.C. a “shadow government” in his walled compound a few blocks from President Trump’s “White House”—with the “Black House” being described as “the nerve center for the Obama-Clinton plan to mastermind the destruction of Trump”, and that Obama’s former top aide Valerie Jarrett just moved into, with his former Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday, also, foretelling Obama’s return to battle by his stating: “He’s coming, And he’s ready to roll.”

Most fearful to both Obama and Clinton, this report continues, is Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions accelerated seating of a Grand Jury to investigate a vast international money laundering scheme put into place in 2011 when both Obama and Clinton pushed through a free trade deal with Panama—and that was warned would explode the transfer of illegal funds the world over.

One of the largest beneficiaries of this vast Obama-Clinton money laundering scheme, this report details, was Germany’s Deutsche Bank—who, in fact, paid Hillary Clinton $485,000 in “speaking fees” for her part in this illegal operation—and when combined with other large international banking “speaking fees” awarded to her for this “deal”, showed her gaining an additional $2.9 million in wealth between 2013-2015.

In order to manage all of the illegal monies gained from this vast international money laundering “deal”, this report explains, Obama and Clinton established a hedge fund operation in Wales, England and New York City called Arrowgrass Capital Partners with the aid of two former Deutsche Bank traders named Henry Kenner and Nicholas Niell.

The “main/central” intermediary between this shadowy hedge fund and Obama-Clinton, this report continues, was Arrowgrass Capital Partners executive Kevin Bell—whom Hillary Clinton had ensconced in an historic New York City building called The Apthorp—and whose messages were “hand relayed” by his neighbor, the Oscar winning singer Jennifer Hudson—who is a close Hillary Clinton and Obama confidant and whose family has long known ties to the Chicago based black terror organization called the Gangster Disciples—and that Kevin Bell was reported to have suicided himself off of yesterday morning prior to his flying to Washington D.C. to meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

clinton-tsts7Barely 12 hours after Kevin Bell was suicided, this report further notes, the radical leftist MSNBC television news network began an unprecedented two-hour attack programme against President Trump and his “Russian connections” where “breaking news” was coincidentally released saying that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had met with Russia’s ambassador to the United States during Trump’s campaign for the presidency.

Important to note about this MSNBC “breaking news”, this report continues, was that it actually wasn’t a secret that then US Senator Jeff Sessions, as the head of the US Senates Armed Services Committee, met with Russia’s ambassador to the United States as during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, he gave a speech for the Heritage Foundation that was attended by 50 ambassadors from all around the world.

Even further to note, this report continues, is the “Black House” directed US mainstream propaganda media failing to note any truthful facts about Sessions—including his office’s statement saying: “Last year, the senator had over 25 conversations with foreign ambassadors as a senior member of the Armed Services Committee, including the British, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Indian, Chinese, Canadian, Australian, German and Russian ambassadors. He was asked during the hearing about communications between Russia and the Trump campaign–not about meetings he took as a senator and a member of the Armed Services Committee.

bush-hitler-tsts9Joining this “Black House” assault upon Attorney General Sessions, this report details, are former Bush regime officials, including Bush’s former ethics lawyer, Richard Painter, who is calling for Sessions to be jailed for lying to the US Congress—and that in exchange for these shameful actions against Trump, the radical leftist US media is now morally and reprehensibly rehabilitating former President Bush’s reputation—“The man who launched a blatantly illegal war based on an outrageous lie – and which destabilized not just the Middle East but the entire world, is now being lauded in Western liberal circles for his tacit criticism of Donald Trump’s attacks on the press and for calling for ‘answers‘ on the new President’s alleged ties with Russia.”

At the same time the Obama-Clinton “Black House” is attacking Trump’s attorney general, this report further states, the propaganda US media is, also, failing to inform the American people that the supposed “Russian dossier” that started this whole “Trump-Russian” charade is being destroyed daily in US Courts—and that the radical leftist BuzzFeed news site that first “leaked” this information has been forced to retract the major focus of.

To the greatest fear, however, of the Obama-Clinton “Black House”, this report continues, is that the American people are beginning to see through the “wall of lies” being built around President Trump by the radical left propaganda media—and as evidenced by Trump’s “knock it outta the park” speech before the US Congress on Tuesday that was viewed by over 58 million people (25% more than watched Obama last year) and that 78% of them viewed positively.

With the Obama-Clinton “Black House” having to admit that President Trump is “kicking their ass” as this war wages on, this report concludes, these radical leftists, however, are not stopping their attacks—the most outrageously shameful of them being the top volunteer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Dan Grilo, calling the sobbing widow of a US Navy SEAL being honored by Trump, and as seen by tens-of-millions of Americans, “an idiot”.





One thought on “Obama “Black House” vs. Trump “White House” War Goes Nuclear After Clinton Banker Suicided

  1. “the crowds do not decide their own fate”


    Too many ‘cooks in the kitchen’ and management becomes inefficient. Create a ‘system of chaos’ to prevent ‘membership.’ The art of the Hegelian Dialectic. The Skull & Bones ‘322.’ Control both narratives. If control is threatened, increase the chaos. War, the ultimate chaos & the ‘Elites’ ticket to freedom.

    Keynesian Economics – the ‘J’ Y Haplogroups ‘dark art’ to counter the Cro-Magnon (‘I’ Y-Haplo) ‘Austrian School.’ The ‘joker face’ Neanderthal-dominant bloodlines w/ allies – the R1A Ashkenazi – especially (Fed guys, Ayatollah, Netanyahu). The ‘Khazar’ branch of R1A Ashkenazi. Banished to Scythia by the Assyrians. DNA project says the Khazars are mostly R1a, J and Q;’ however, even some Cro-Magnon I2s were members. Neanderthal Economists ‘conquered the Wor (EL) D…’ Have substantial Neanderthal-DNA, so not a problem in itself. I2 and J2 are supposed to be the two royal Semitic bloodlines (K was ‘alive’ at the time too; an IJK bloodline split – Abraham was a IJ. Isaac was ‘I.’ Still trying to find the Y-Haplo for the Assyrians. Would imagine – heavy ‘J.’ Tudor = I, Plantagenet = J. (both have each others’ Y-Haplo as well – just lesser amounts, so Cro-Magnon vs Neanderthal dominant).

    So, most is theater? Radicalizes Trump’s team, while at the same time – infuriates the ‘useful idiots’ that don’t know they’re on the designated ‘losing side.’ Only took one good ‘Trump’ speech for ‘commie’ Van Jones to praise and say he’s president. Fully expected. Elites made the ‘dirty world’ w/ the full intention of being ‘the good guys’ that eventually ‘clean it up.’ While ‘they clean,’ can get ‘other things’ done….

    Trump’s probably a Semite, likely the Y Haplo I2 kind. Tribe Wotan via Denmark into the world circa 850 AD after a long hiatus. You guys are triangulating. Very good. Sorry if I wrote anything stupid.


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