Would France’s Pesidential Election Allow It to Rediscover the Forgotten Sense of National Pride

It’s curious that Makron’s allegations that Russia is trying to steal the presidential race have been answered by both the French Le Monde and WikiLeaks, that back in 2012 the CIA heavily influenced the French presidential election campaign, and it continues doing so now not only in France but in other European countries. That’s why it is highly unlikely that the Russophobic remarks made by Makron will improve the chances of a candidate directly supported by the Rothschilds.

by Jean rier, NEO:  

marine-le-pen-capture-decran-2016-10-03-a-11-26-35Ever since the sitting French President François Hollande announced he had no intention of running for office ever again due to the failed policies of this so-called Monsieur Malbrough, the French political scene has been dominated by all sorts of supposedly aspiring politicians and various scandals being fabricated and provoked by behind-the-scenes interests.

According to various analysts, an ever increasing number of French voters are taking the side of the leader of the National Front.  Marine Le Pen happily ridicules their haplessness and vows to make France fearless and fearsome – just like her.

It should be noted that US President Donald Trump employed the same tactics in his struggle for the White House. But where Mr. Trump was chaotic, Marine Le Pen is an articulate and wily debater who makes mincemeat of flailing interviewers overwhelmed by her rapid fire of alternative facts. Experts argue that this makes her strangely seductive even to voters uncomfortable with her fear-mongering and scapegoating of immigrants. Therefore, every other poll shows the narrowing gap between this determined politician and any of her likely rivals on the final presidential ballot.

Today, the French electorate is showing clear signs of its dull fatigue produced by the traditional practices observed over the last decade, and want decisive change to take place. This, along with the toothless aspiration to please Washington that local socialists have been pursing lately, forgetting about the national pride, makes the support enjoyed by the leader of the National Front always universal, which leads to the further polarization of French politics.

The ruling French political elites are desperately searching for a champion they could put in the way of Marine Le Pen in the final bid to stop her before she becomes the next head of the Fifth Republic. The campaign against the leader of the National Front is being headed by the representatives of the sitting government, with PM Bernard Cazeneuve at its helm.

Yet, French voters remain cynical about those in power now-a-days in Paris. Last summer, a survey by Harris Interactive for the French office of Transparency International found that 54% of the French believe their country’s elite to be corrupt, for the most part. That share goes up to about three-quarters for local and European legislators, the president, and the national government.

The final round of the French presidential election is just two months away, and the struggle is going to be much dirtier than the backstabbing craze we’ve witnessed last year in the United States. It’s curious that all three front-runners – independent center-left politician Emmanuel Macron, center-right candidate Francois Fillon and nationalist populist Marine Le Pen – have faced accusations of financial wrongdoing already…

So far, Fillon has suffered the most from these revelations, probably because of the virtuous image he had tried to cultivate before the payments to his family came to light. Yet, for the local elites it seemed that Fillon was the champion they had been looking for, until it became apparent that he was no match for the leader of the National Front.

Emmanuel Macron has shot himself in the foot by calling France’s colonization of Algeria “a crime against humanity, a real barbarity.” Not even French politicians on the radical left typically go that far in their remarks, which forced Macron, who had been the go-to favorite among local media sources to spend days on the defensive,

Everyone knows that Macron is a puppet of the French financial elites, who are clearly convinced that they can pull his strings if ever he occupies Elysee Palace one day. But in spite of this support, as well as the readiness of his wife to provide protection for him, Macron fails to obtain the support of the better part of the population, since he has no clear vision for a nation that craves for the national self-respect to be brought back to the forefront of French politics.

In a bid to improve his odds to ever get elected, Macron has gone as far as to claim that mysterious “Russian hacker” are rooting against him, even though he borrowed this idea from Washington. Yet, this desperate trick was unintentionally torpedoed by his press secretary Laurence Haïm, who pointed out that Makron’s site En Marche! Has suffered over 4,000 hacker attacks in a month that were launched by “some people in Ukraine.”

It’s curious that Makron’s allegations that Russia is trying to steal the presidential race have been answered by both the French Le Monde and WikiLeaks, that back in 2012 the CIA heavily influenced the French presidential election campaign, and it continues doing so now not only in France but in other European countries.

That’s why it is highly unlikely that the Russophobic remarks made by Makron will improve the chances of a candidate directly supported by the Rothschilds.

As it’s been noted by Francois Fillon, the French government allows a quasi civil war situation to dominate the French political agenda, so none of the candidates have a chance to run a comprehensive pre-election campaign.

It’s highly likely that the candidates will be showered with more mud in the remaining time before the vote. But it’s imperative these dirty PR tricks don’t prevent the French people from electing a candidate that will stay true to the immortal spirit of de Gaulle who was capable of pursuing independent policies in the best interests of the people that showed their support to him.

Jean Périer is an independent researcher and analyst and a renowned expert on the Near and Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”  


4 thoughts on “Would France’s Pesidential Election Allow It to Rediscover the Forgotten Sense of National Pride

  1. I would have thought that Brexit and Trump being elected were totally impossible. I am tempted to say the same about France now. Surely the establishment intelligence services can pull some stunts to prevent this from happening?


    • I followed the Brexit vote on the day. None of them thought they were going to win. But… they went out and voted anyway. Key point was at approx. 10.am they did a huge drive to tell people not to vote in pencil, but to take a black pen. They even circulated a video of Farage asking him what he used to vote. He looked confused and pulled out his black pen. Some people even went to far as to take nail polish and paint over their mark so it could not be erased, black pen or not. One man actually laminated his ballot. They also made sure that there were observers at every poll station. So in spite of the fact that they never expected to win… they went all out and did it anyway. They knew that they were up against the impossible.

      With Trump, I think the ground work had already been laid before by Ron Paul. Like him or not, his campaign attracted thousands who were looking for something better than they have had since Bush 1. The America that they find themselves in today is a far cry from the America that they believe and want themselves to be. While Bernie Sanders was in the running, the Democrats still had a good lead. Then Bernie was cheated. Now you had disgusted Americans on both sides of the isle. This was a huge mistake. That Clinton and her base thought that they could get away with it, as they have got away with so many other things, murder included, was a serious miscalculation on their part, Rothschild backing or no Rothschild backing. What the media was not showing anyone by early January 2016, was that Trump like Ron Paul before him, was attracting thousands to his rallies. Clinton was as embarrassing as Romney had been four years before. The turnout for her rallies was so bad, that she suddenly become “ill.” The thing is, these people have got away with it for so long now that they have forgotten that when the people finally get fed up, they will move mountains. No matter what the intelligence service does. And in these days with the internet and very fast communication, nobody has to rely on bought and paid for newspapers, radio shows or TV. It is quite revolutionary. In the last four years it has become a groundswell of free speech and consensus. Not only at national level in individual countries, but on an international level. Because these days people from one side of the globe take a very keen interest in what is going on on the other side of the globe. They are fully aware that we are all in the same boat and decisions made in one country can and do have a major impact on decisions made in other countries.

      The EU shot itself in the foot with the austerity measures, this while the banks were being exposed for fraud and serious criminal offences which have basically been, both in the EU and the USA, outright theft of taxpayers money. The IMF and the BIS have played a major role in this with their toxic loans and the awareness has spread to other countries, especially “emerging markets,” who have realized that they too have been robbed blind. Greece was the beginning and the end of the EU. The world looked on with total disgust when their referendum was completely ignored and they were forced to stay in the EU and keep paying out criminal bankers. And the cherry on the top was after the Brexit vote when the EU showed their cards and said that “the crowds do not decide their own fate.” Really? Well then what on earth are they voting for in the first place? And what ever happened to no taxation without representation amongst other things. But then these EU parliamentarians are not voted in anyway, they are appointed by the banks and the corporations. Then they did it again and said that there should be no referendums and these should be banned. Again intelligence services or no intelligence services, the level of delusion of these people is beyond comprehension.

      As for stunts, in the last 10 years Europeans and people around the world have educated themselves, again thanks to the internet, about the Bilderberg group, and Operation Gladio and false flags. It is not so easy to pull off as it was once before.

      Will Le Pen succeed? Time will tell. But what is very clear, is that she not only has the French in her court, she has millions around the world who also support her and for the same reasons. They too have been on the receiving end of blatant theft and criminality, and they too have seen their middle class diminished to alarming standards compounded by immigrants who flood an already stressed employment base where salaries have not kept up with the rate of inflation for over 15 years now.

      No matter what the media might or might not say about her. Since 2008 the “establishment” has revealed itself for what it is. Nobody is fooled anymore. And they are tired of working their whole lives only to see everything that they have worked for stolen from under their feet and their taxes disappear into deep pools that are never for the benefit of the people who pay them, but for “outsourced industries” of all kinds who cream off huge profits and never give back to the societies in which they operate. Tax revenue is BIG business. Ask the military industrial complex, the private prison industry and the so called “social”food stamp programme. Eventually there is nothing left to steal… which is where we have almost got to.

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