‘Clinton And ISIS funded by same money’ – Assange interview w/John Pilger (Courtesy Darthmouth Films)

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco and Bahrain are funders of ISIL (ISIS) . They are also major donors to the Clinton Foundation with vested interests in Fake News, propaganda, Mainstream, Western Media.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria,Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan and now Yemen have all since 9/11, been subject to destructive wars and “regime change” terrorists controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Wahhabi sect, Al Qaeda and all its other various labels including Al Nusra who recently won an Oscar for their “White Helmets” propaganda videos. Iran in turn, has been subject to crippling sanctions.

The Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco and Bahrain are deeply invested in the petro dollar holding other oil-producing countries to ransom through OPEC price fixing. They have benefited from these wars and sanctions against other oil-producing countries like Iran. They have relied on the US military industrial complex , the CIA  and banks such as Deutsche Bank to arm, train and money launder funds for these operations. The largest ever arms deal  in the world, 80 billion dollars was finalized under the Obama Administration to Saudi Arabia.

None of these Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco and Bahrain, have offered sanctuary to refugees fleeing from death and destruction in other Muslim countries, or support and assistance to Palestinians, unlike Syria and Lebanon who have opened their doors to them since the end of WW2.  Instead, Europe and the USA have absorbed the brunt of refugees, many of whom are disguised as civilians but are in fact Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi trained terrorists who cause political upheaval, bombing attacks and rape European women.

While demonstrations across Europe, Canada and the USA  against people like Le Pen, Trump and Farage who want to limit Muslim immigration and are labeled racist and xenophobic, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain, under Trump have been excluded from travel restrictions when in fact they should be at the top of the list.

For all the blame rightfully  placed on the USA, UK, France and Germany for the destructive wars in the Middle East, perhaps it is time that the world turned their attention to those Muslim countries and their extremist fundamentalist Islamic view under ruling monarchs and not democratic societies with equality, justice, religious tolerance or strong human rights records, who have benefited the most from these wars and are hell bent on converting the whole world to Muslim Brotherhood,  Wahhabi Islam and imposing Sharia law on democratic societies.

It is time that these Muslim countries carried the responsibility for the destruction that they have been invested in, in other Muslim countries, and were no longer allowed to hide behind the skirts of Americans who have done their dirty work for them. Including Saudi Arabia’s  involvement in 9/11 and their vested interest in Herion production in Afghanistan. Perhaps it is time that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco and Bahrain were made to pay war reparations to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Syria and Yemen and to fund the repatriation of refugees back to their home countries and subsidize the rebuilding of the infrastructure in those countries.




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