Jeff Rense And Jay Weidner – The Last Battle In The War On Pedophiles And Evil

Jay Weidner lays out the things you need to know as we enter the final battle to save our way of life. The spread of PedoGate and PizzaGate in the Alt Media…and mocked in the MSM…is the final showdown. Can we save our Government and the Republic itself or will depravity and Satanic evil take total control. This is an INTENSE conversation which hits all the critical points as we, an allegedly intelligent civilization, must decide which path to follow in these dark and deadly days. Don’t miss this riveting discussion!




7 thoughts on “Jeff Rense And Jay Weidner – The Last Battle In The War On Pedophiles And Evil

  1. I’ve said from the beginning…every person, MSM, Hollywood assholes, elites and politicians that are saying PizzaGate is fake news.. are all involved in it! They are all a bunch of sick fucks!


    • Happy to hear! I also sat with my mouth open when he made those statements. I think he is way off on women on a number of issues! I remember a conversation I had with one American who said that women’s lib has taken away jobs from men. I asked him, before the Industrial revolution what did women do? They cooked, they planted the vegetable gardens. They hand washed everything, they cleaned the house. They sewed all the clothes themselves. They knitted all the woolen garments. They made their own bread, butter, cakes, cookies. They were the midwives, they were the nurses in the family with medical remedies passed on down from mother to daughter for generations. They were the bookkeepers in the family. They home schooled their children. Today women now fill these professions in health care, education, accounting, fashion design. They do the same things but on a different level. None of these jobs were ever done by men in the first place. As for him saying that women are not patriotic, that is way off the mark. And maybe if men in general were not such sluts themselves, we would not have a problem with sex human trafficking where most of these women are fooled into it with the promise of well paying jobs so that they can help to support their families back home (patriotic), but are forced into prostitution and trapped into slavery with their passports taken away. These women are advertised as “brides,” in the prostitution industry in order to get around legal loopholes.


  2. First of all, God already won the war. By no means are you “saving your way of life” from Satan. Satan is completely controlled by the heavenlies. You simply have to make a choice to live purely. And stop worrying about lunatics getting away with things. They will be dealt with one way or another. And if you’re worried about the Constitution, stop voting for elite choice candidates and BOYCOTT the elections. I can’t believe Americans are so dumb. You will boycott Starbucks, but you play right along with corporate America. If you really want freedom, you will always have to fight for it.


    • And I don’t even know if Pizzagate is real. It sounds like a CIA operation. If the government ever cared about kids well…just look at history. Individuals..the regular people are the ones who save kids..usually from the government. One way or another. The same way we save each other from the government. It shouldn’t be that way, but let’s face it..the government usually shows up to take away, not to give back. So PLEASE stop expecting the government to out itself. It will not. The same way they would never take credit for drug trafficking or plotting wars.


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