Zarif: Iran saved Jews 3 times in history

The Iranian foreign minister has rejected as bigoted lies the Israeli prime minister’s claim that an ancient Iranian empire sought the elimination of Jewish people. In a twitter post, Mohammad Javad Zarif said the Iranian nation had saved Jewish people three times throughout the history. Zarif also said Benjamin Netanyahu is falsifying the history and the Torah. The top Iranian diplomat further condemned Netanyahu for distorting the realities of the present time. The reaction came after Netanyahu said modern-day Iran was following its ancestors in seeking to destroy Israel. He also described the Islamic Republic as the root cause of the Syrian crisis, accusing Tehran of using the war-ravaged country as a platform against Tel Aviv. This while Iran has been supporting Damascus in the fight on Daesh and other terror groups.




One thought on “Zarif: Iran saved Jews 3 times in history

  1. Jews tend to overreact defensively when they feel threatened. The problem is they feel threatened any time they are not in complete control of a situation. Let’s seek peaceful resolutions and peaceful means to de-escalate tensions.


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