Perhaps He is Not As Crazy As You Think: Erdogan calls Merkel a ‘terrorist supporter,’ says Turkey will go to ECHR over Netherlands rally row

Turkey will challenge the Netherlands in the European Court of Human Rights over its refusal to allow Turkish officials to enter the country and deliver campaign speeches, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned.

[Editor’s note: IF Germany and the CIA have been training ISIL extremists in underground bases specifically through the CIA centre in Frankfort, and laundering money from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Morocco to fund them through Deutche Bank amongst others, then Erdogan is not far off in his rhetoric.

As regards his Nazi statements, the Teutonic Knights who Hitler emulated and who slaughtered Apostolic Orthodox Christians (Multi-polar world) in the Byzantine Empire n the 12th century in the name of the Pope (Unipolar world-Satan’s seat) while their counter-part Sunni extremists slaughtered Orthodox Christians across the Middle East and North Africa,  and later the Germans were “observers “during the Turk slaughter of the Orthodox Christian Armenians in WW1 while the Nazis during WW2 were in an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood and slaughtered Orthodox Christians in the Balkans with the help of the Jesuits, both wars funded by Wall Street bankers, then Erdogan’s turnaround and alliance with Russia, an Apostolic Orthodox Christian country, makes sense in the current situation, taking the historical background into account.

One wonders if since Putin invited Erdogan to the opening of the Mosque in Moscow recently, will Erdogan return the favour, and give back the Haggia Sophia in Constantinople (Istanbul) , to the Orthodox Christian Church in the near future? If so, I doubt if Goldman Sachs Zionist Bankers advisors to the Vatican (Caiaphas,) The Pope and the Jesuits ( Pontius Pilate) or the Muslim Brotherhood (Herod,) would be at all amused! No doubt Jesuit Mike Pence will promote all out war along with NATO, against Russia, the current protector of all Apostolic Orthodox Christians around the world and have been for the last 500 years. Except for a brief interlude during the Jewish Bolshevik Russian Soviet period, also funded by Zionist Bankers like Rothschild and Rockefeller,  where almost 60 million Apostolic Orthodox Russians were slaughtered and their churches destroyed.

Also see: Turkey Says “Migrant Deal Has Ended”, May Unleash Millions Of Refugees and  Clinton And ISIS funded by same money’ – Assange interview w/John Pilger (Courtesy Darthmouth Films) ]




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