A Travel Ban, Sanctions, Oil Boycott, Frozen Banks Accounts And Draining the CIA Swap will Solve The International Problem Of Terrorism

Katherine Frisk : 

 As Firas Samuri has pointed out in his article:  The U.S. Actions in Syria and Iraq Lead to the death of Civilians something western the media has failed to report, there are large numbers of civilian deaths and casualties as a consequence of US military actions in both these countries.

If anything they are assisting the enemy by targeting the populations and fobbing it off as “collateral damage,” rather than supporting the victims of ISIL international terrorism. 

At the same time the media keeps flooding the news with stories about Assad barrel bombing his own people, an accusation for which we have yet to see conclusive evidence or eye-witness accounts.

The Sarin Gas attack for which he is still blamed, was not done by the Syrian government, but by terrorists who abducted women and children and then killed them in order to blame Assad and get approval for a no-fly zone. If this false flag accusation had succeeded,  Syria would have been bombed backed into the stone age in the same manner that NATO bombed and destroyed the now failed state of Libya. Instead the west awards Al-Nusra with an Oscar for their propaganda documentary on the White Helmets.

Also ignored while the US takes centre stage in these terrorist wars in Libya, Yemen, Syria and Iraq is the money behind them, the major players who are funding this destruction in the Middle East. Namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE. These countries have been laundering money through European banks such as HSBC and Deutche Bank to pay for all terrorist activities who have been trained and armed in CIA Black sites around the world. As reported by the Syrian authorities, the majority of these “rebels,”as the media prefers to call them, are not Syrian, they come from over 100 different countries and nationalities.

In an interview with Julian Assange last year, he pointed out that Hillary Clinton had received major funding from Saudi Arabia,  and that the bottom line is that the US and their mercenary armies hired from a vast resource not only in the USA but many other countries,  are acting on behalf of their paymasters, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE in the Middle East.

Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul are now attempting to get legislation passed in Congress through the “Stop Arming Terrorist Act” to prevent the US from arming and training terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIL.

This is a difficult obstacle to overcome considering that Al-Qaeda was started by the Muslim Brotherhood, Nazi Bilderberg Group member Zbigniew Brzezinski and the CIA in Afghanistan in order to get the Russians out and the benefits that both the CIA and Al-Qaeda have reaped as a result are substantial.

Namely the largest Opium producing region protected by the US military in the world and a highly lucrative industry that has contributed to the funding of all terrorist activities in the Middle East and elsewhere.  The perpetrators have used European banks to launder their ill-gotten gains. This to the detriment of thousand of lives and families in Afghanistan, Europe and the USA that have been destroyed due to Heroin drug addiction.

Until the spotlight is put on the countries who have been behind the wars with their massive amounts of money thanks to OPEC, the petro dollar and the narcotics industry, and through their Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalist cells with headquarters in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE, and franchise groups scattered in thousands of  international locations affiliated with the CIA in Black Site training facilities, as well as funding other mercenary private contractors who are making lucrative amounts of money through death and destruction… nothing will change.

The solution is simple. An international travel ban, all out sanctions, a boycott on buying their oil and lastly all bank accounts held outside of their own countries should be frozen.

In conjunction with these boycotts and sanctions a major international operation to shut down all Herion being exported from Afghanistan should be imposed with the country ring fenced and heavily patrolled at all border points and a no fly zone imposed on all their airports, military included, where Herion is flown out through NATO bases.

Unlike other countries in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait are ruled by monarchies and are fascist, dictatorship  police states with no religious tolerance, no equal rights, the subjugation of women who are considered worth less than a camel and gross human rights abuses. And yet, the “Democratic West” not only rallies around to support them at every opportunity but supports millions of refugees from the Middle East who intend to go on a “religious quest,” raping of European women as one of their talents, supported by like Nazi Bilderberg memeber  George Soros, to convert Europe and the USA into Islamic State Sharia law principalities after their own image. .

While millions in other Muslim countries have suffered the horrors of war behind which is this Sunni, Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi Nation, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud travels to a fawning Asia who falls at his feet in submission, in a disgusting display of wealth and opulence with 1,500 people, two Mercedes Benzes, 459 tonnes of luggage, a golden escalator and the words “God Bless You” painted on his private jet!  No doubt his private toilet in the Mosque is also made from gold and he thanks Allah every day for the midas wealth his family has received from oil, the petro dollar, narcotics production and his buddies in the CIA who would sell their soul to the devil at the right price.

If Donald Trump is really going to drain the swamp, then he needs to do what John F Kennedy failed to accomplish. Namely splinter the CIA into a thousands pieces and scatter it to the winds.

Perhaps then the world will finally be able to put an end to the CIA and their Saudi Muslim Brotherhood criminal gangs along with the terrorist “threat” that the international community has been subjected to since 9/11. 



3 thoughts on “A Travel Ban, Sanctions, Oil Boycott, Frozen Banks Accounts And Draining the CIA Swap will Solve The International Problem Of Terrorism

  1. Yes, agree those things would do it- would slow down the world enough for people to think about things. Ask questions of ‘our leaders.’ But, that would be going against the system and isn’t allowed. Assuming Trump is inclined, he’ll have to hit the bullseye at a full gallop. Not sure if it’s going very well. Got another email from Militia Management. Sound stressed. Would imagine someone has already aligned the miltias w/ local police departments, sheriffs. If not, our side is retarded.

    Always enjoy, thanks.


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