The Kubrick Question

In 1969 I was in boarding school. We all got up in the middle of the night, with our blankets and pillows and huddled around the radio to listen to the “historic fantasy” called “The Moon Landing. “Since then nothing has changed. The United States of America has been a continuous flow of one fantasy after another. One war after another. One lie after another culminating in the brain washing, propaganda fake news media controlled by a handful of corporations and directed by the CIA that we see today.

Real journalism, honest, accurate and fair reporting no longer exists or investigation pieces and critical opinion pieces with an open mind to all ideas and possibilities.  Instead it is on a slippery slope of feudal, corporate fascism, and David Rockefeller’s dream of a One World Government of human slavery and corruption. And the best way they have managed to achieve this is through the talents of Hollywood.

In 2017 culminating in an Oscar award for the Al Nusra terrorists in Syria who sold themselves to the public as “The White Helmets.” Fantasy and political reality has become so interwoven together that few people these days can tell the difference.  Al Gore won an Oscar for his fantasy “An Inconvenient Truth,” sold off as a documentary, while Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut,” a documentary, was sold off as a fantasy. “Wag The Dog”on the other hand was as close to the reality of Hollywood as anyone had come, and reveals much of what Hollywood churns out on a yearly basis. 





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