Balakleya munitions depot disaster Ukraine – Was It Sabotage?

by Katherine Frisk: 

I have to wonder if there is any connection between the ex Russian politician Denis Voronenkov who was under investigation for fraud and then fled to Kiev in Ukraine; the assassinations of Givi and Motorola – much-loved war heroes of Donetsk who protected the city from an invasion by the Kiev Nazi junta; the coal blockade meant to cut off revenue in the East but has resulted in the Donbass nationalizing their resources and instead of shipping the coal west is now selling it to Russia and declaring complete economic and political independence from Kiev; and the very costly fireworks explosion at a munitions depot in Balakleya. No doubt all these events are interconnected in one way or another. 

While the news around the world is full of the first and last stories and finger-pointing at Russia, not unusual these days for anything and everything that could possibly go wrong, what is very noticeable by its absence in these same news outlets is the complete blackout on any news coming out of the Donbass region of Donetsk and Lugansk other than in Independent media.

For those who need to catch up on this situation two recent articles are very informative. The first by  Eric Zuesse from Washington’s Blog who gives a comprehensive background to the whole disaster that has been Ukraine with a lot of links back to source material since 2014:

What America’s Coup in Ukraine Did 

And the second by Brandon Turbeville from Activist Post:

Donbass, East Ukraine On Its Way To Becoming Own Country By Default

Unreported in any media whatsoever is the constant grad rocket shelling of the people of the Donbass which in spite of all Minsk agreements has terrorized the population with thousands of deaths and destruction of their infrastructure and has continued unabated for over three years now. as Poroshenko made very clear in 2014.

“We will have jobs. They have no jobs….. Our children will go to school…their children are sitting in the basement. In this way we will win the war.”

Here are recent reports on the grad rocket shelling only this month and there have been hundreds of similar Independent reports in the last three years that have never been reported on in the main stream media:

Ukraine artillery attack on Kommunarovka hits Kindergarten & 15 homes last night



(ENG SUBS) Direct hit to Donetsk apt. building by Ukraine artillery

(ENG SUBS)Ukraine attacks Donetsk suburb,Spartak, with artillery.

Drone Journalism (#18) Ukrainian Shelling Hits Staromikhailovka

Graham in Donbass (#2) First Drone Footage of Lugansk Airport

These are only a few examples of the devastation that has been caused to the region when in early 2014 over a million refugees fled to Russia for safety. Those who have stayed are determined to claim their independence from Kiev and establish their own borders between Ukraine and the Donbass region.

Was the munitions depot fireworks display sabotage?

Most probably.  After over three years of constant harassment and bombardment, thousands killed, homes and infrastructure destroyed, the coal blockade in a misguided attempt to cutoff all their revenue and the cowardly assassinations of the brave men of Donetsk,  one way to curtail all this destruction would be to destroy the source. And whoever it was, they certainly did a good job of it! Here is some recent footage:








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