World War Three Updates: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq And Syria

I have finally decided to call it what it is. Almost every country in the world now currently has some sort of stake in the Middle East in one way or another.

Either they really are fighting terrorists, or they are pretending to fight terrorists but hitting Syrian military targets, or they are killing civilians along with the terrorists who are using them as human shields. 

Or they are funding, arming, training and fighting alongside terrorists.

The defenders are Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, the Kurds in Syria-Iran–Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Russia and China.

The protagonists either directly or indirectly are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Israel, Morocco,  Turkey, Ukraine, Germany, France, UK and the USA.

The Islamic terrorists themselves are the Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi factions under many different brand names. From Al Qaeda to Al Nusra and anything that they might think up next. Islamic extremists in turn come from over 100 different countries around the world, including Europe, Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

Those claiming to fight terrorism but over the past six years have been exposed for supporting them in one way or another are the CIA / USA, UK, Germany and France. Funding for the terrorists for training, arms acquisition, narcotics trafficking, human slavery and organ harvesting has been laundered through major banks such as Deutche Bank, HSBC, and many others who over recent years although they have been exposed, still managed to fly under the radar and pay pithy fines. 

So without further ado, here is the recent carnage. 


Syrian Army repels terrorists attack in Damascus suburb

Assad raps Washington policy on Damascus

Civilian Crossfire: Iraqi army pushes further into Mosul in anti-ISIS op

The Debate – Israel Supporting Terrorists

Deserted streets and debris in Mosul after Daesh retreat

MSM silent on civilian suffering during anti-ISIS op in Mosul

Artillery fire and airstrikes shake Damascus as Syrian troops launch counter-offensive

Russian and EU parliamentarians visit school in eastern Aleppo

33 killed in US airstrike on Syrian school

Fleeing death: RT follows terrifying journey of Mosul refugees amid anti-ISIS op by US-led coalition

Syrian Kurdish militias, Turkish military exchange cross-border fire

CrossTalk: Syria Escalation


Syrian army continues to push back Nusra Front terrorists

Coalition to investigate own airstrike that reportedly killed 30+ civilians in Syria


Syrian army brings reinforcement to northern Hama to drive back Daesh

‘Western media too careful while covering Mosul’ – Franco Frattini, fmr Italian FM


10 Egyptian soldiers killed in clashes with Daesh

‘Defeating ISIS No.1 US goal’: Tillerson at coalition summit coinciding with London attack



Syrian troops unleash firepower against Daesh

‘The worst is yet to come in Mosul exodus’ – UNHCR representative in Iraq


Amnesty International condemn US, UK for selling arms to Saudi


Turkey refuses to join US-led offensive on ISIS stronghold of Raqqa if Kurds involved


Ferocious clashes on Damascus outskirts, army repels terrorists

RAW: SAA consolidates ground in northern Hama after heavy clashes


Saudi Arabia steps up using cluster bombs in Yemen

Scores feared dead in ruined Mosul building hit by coalition airstrike – witnesses

Over 230 killed under rubble after ‘US-led raid’ in Mosul


‘Riyadh, Ankara, Doha behind intense fighting near Damascus’





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