Your favorite YouTube channels could be about to disappear.




4 thoughts on “MY LAST EVER VIDEO?

  1. Disqus edits the comments of private websites now. Removed 3 of my comments from an article on the Matrix at WakingTimes. What can one say on the Matrix that’ll get one censored on a website called WakingTimes?

    Youtube took down Michael Tsarion’s videos. Says so on his homepage. The Bards used ‘riddles’ to get their messages across. Doubt that approach would work at all anymore. Few years ago, someone replied to my comment, “No one understands what your comments are saying.’ It was basic stuff, but stuff before the 20th century. Generational brainwashing – hard to get through it.

    Timely article here. It’s happening. Very possible that eventually knowledge will only exist in the minds of those that memorized it. Today’s conspiracy theorist is tomorrow’s neighborhood Priest-King.


    • Someone will start a new search engine and a new you tube service. If they are deleting all these people then it means that they must feel truly threatened. If anything I am surprised it took them this long….. but then theyobviously did not think it was worth much of the threat in the first place until Brexit and Trump won. Terrible when the peasants just walk off the plantation like that!

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      • Yeah, how dare us for trying to be free. People should also know about ‘Disqus’ on InfoWars. ‘Someone’ wrote an algorithm that enables me to type 1 letter of a comment, then the keyboard won’t work. Specific info is also censored by Disqus on Breitbart too. Daily Mail also has my number, though a different system. WND actually went into my Disqus account and deleted specific comments going back a year. I’m banned altogether on the Hollywood Reporter. Have a dozen ‘usernames’ and these dudes know all of ’em. No biggy – actually enjoy jabbing them. Thanks for responding and have a good one.

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