20 top EU banks routed €25bn through tax havens – Oxfam

A report by Oxfam suggests Europe’s largest banks have registered over a quarter of their profits in offshore tax havens last year. The continent’s top 20 lenders avoided paying tax on an estimated €25 billion, the study finds.

Really? I quote from a recent article posted here: Trump Has And Will Revert To The Program 

” The same can be said for the Black Nobility of Europe and the very wealthy who over the years have moved to mainly South American countries, a favourite of the Nazis and the Dutch royal family, as well as the Portuguese, Spanish and Italians.

It is my opinion that the ” austerity measures” instigated by the IMF, World Bank and BIS and well as other major banking institutions in Europe have been designed to suck out the last remaining wealth of Europe before a war starts with Russia and China and the mainly socialist countries on this continent experience a complete economic collapse. In the end what will remain of Europe? A wasteland that will only be fit for tents and camels and not much else.” 



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