Trump Has And Will Revert To The Program

by Katherine Frisk:

Trump, Mattis, Pence.

In spite of the will of the American people who voted him into power in the hope that he would restore peace in the Middle East and enter into a détente with Russia, Donald Trump has and will revert to the program irrespective of his campaign promises that gave not only the USA, but the rest of the International community a glimmer of hope and some sanity.

Whether this was his original intention or whether this was forced on him by the likes of Kissinger, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group  and NATO, remains to be seen and will no doubt only become apparent many years from now, if ever.

The pieces on the jigsaw puzzle were already being put into place when WW3 began in 2011 with the Arab Spring. The objective was to use Daesh ISIL terrorists to weaken and bring down Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia and Libya, and further more import these operatives into Europe.

Already explored on a number of occasions here, are the underground bases in Germany where Islamic Sunni Wahhabi terrorists have been brainwashed and trained specifically to kill Shia Muslims and Christians. They have and will be used not only in the Middle East but on the next important front. Russia, through Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, Chechnya and Afghanistan.

Russia surrounded by US Nuclear Bases

Since the 2014 Kiev Maiden Coup the US has now gained a foothold in Ukraine as well as the major NATO military buildup along all Russia’s borders.

Islamic terrorists will be used as a ground force to enter Russia and western China to achieve the same ends as it has achieve in Libya, Iraq and Syria.

The US is now establishing a large presence in eastern Syria under the auspices of fighting ISIL along with the Kurds which will give it easy access to attacking Iran and Lebanon, while Israel is supporting Sunni ISIL in south-western Syria on the border of the Golan Heights.

In effect Damascus will now be surrounded. Hence the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem. The US has also long-established itself in Iraq and Afghanistan thereby surrounding Iran.

Further east Pakistan has also become a hotbed of Sunni-Wahhabi-Muslim brotherhood cells, along with constant acrimony against India. Both nuclear powers. A war between these two countries which in all likelihood is on the cards, will leave both as a wasteland for centuries to come. I heard a prediction many, many, years ago that a nuclear war will be set off from Pakistan. Time will tell…

US Warships surrounded disputed Chinese waters.

Further East Japan has been building up its military arsenal, and along with US bases in Australia are preparing for an onslaught against China and against Russia from her eastern seaboard.

The South China Sea could well be the spark that lights this fire along with the tension between north and south Korea used as an excuse for an all out war in all Asian countries.

The result will be devastating to all concerned. By the end of which, the now over 2 billion populations of Asia will be reduced to the 100s of thousands on all sides, if that.

In Europe over and above the ” refugee crises,” which includes Islamic fighters embedded for the coming onslaught to the east, the Soros Foundation colour revolutions in eastern European countries designed to achieve the same aims and goals as has been achieved in Ukraine, have finally woken up and are bucking against the system. Should they decide to carry this through to the obvious end, it would mean that these countries will have no choice but to align with Russia. The only alternative will be to align with NATO.  There is no third option.


As for the Middle East,  Israel and their Sunni-Wahhabi-Muslim Brotherhood funders and supporters, which include along with the USA, UK, Germany and France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey and Morocco, please read:

Damascus, the Anti-Christ and Armageddon

My warnings have fallen on deaf ears for three years now. But then again I am in good company. Jeremiah and Isaiah had the same problem. Also keep in mind that it was Isaiah who called the Iranian Cyrus the Great the Messiah, who saved the 12 tribes of Israel, a very different group of people to the Babylonian, Talmudic, Khazar Zionists today who have their finger in the pie in both the Middle East and Europe.


Nazi Bush and the Pope

Apparently there was a leak last year that Queen Elizabeth was silenced when she wanted to warn her people of a terrible war that was coming, the likes of which has never been seen.

As things play out in 2017, this rumour is taking on more of a fact leak than a conspiracy theory. Keep in mind that the nobility of the United Kingdom and the very wealthy long ago moved their assets out of the UK to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other commonwealth countries.

The same can be said for the Black Nobility of Europe and the very wealthy who over the years have moved to mainly South American countries, a favourite of the Nazis and the Dutch royal family, as well as the Portuguese, Spanish and Italians.

It is my opinion that the ” austerity measures” instigated by the IMF, World Bank and BIS and well as other major banking institutions in Europe have been designed to suck out the last remaining wealth of Europe before a war starts with Russia and China and the mainly socialist countries on this continent experience a complete economic collapse. In the end what will remain of Europe? A wasteland that will only be fit for tents and camels and not much else.

I also heard a rumour some years ago that everything that you see in the Vatican today including the library, are all replicas and not the originals. Everything has been moved to South America. My guess is Argentina.

What of the USA?

Those who are not co-opted to die in a war fighting alongside Sunni-Wahhabi Islamic State, Israel and NATO and since 2008 have progressively been relieved of their wealth, their jobs, their homes and do not have any other options but social security, or underground fully equipped bunkers and all the gadgets that go with it, will find themselves undergoing forced vaccinations and ID chipping then herded into FEMA camps, used as slave labour and no doubt will suffer a similar fate as those who in WW2 were rounded up into concentration camps. Good luck with that.



General of the Russian Army Sergei Shoigu

What of Russia?

They will survive as they always have done for over 1,000 years from repeated onslaughts by the West.

From the time of the Great Schism and the sacking of Constantinople in the 13th century, the Teutonic Knights and the Roman Catholic Inquisition, Napoleon, WW1, the Rockefeller/Rothschild Wall Street Funded Bolshevik Revolution, WW2 , through to the asset stripping of their country after the Soviet Union fell..

Russians are fully prepared spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and militarily. They always have been. They have God on their side.

Which is more than I can say for the Satanic West, Saudi-Sunni backed Islamic state terrorists and Zionist Babylonian Talumdic Khazars.

Russia now has a gold backed currency and is rapidly disengaging from a debt based, usury, compounding interest, Dollar backed, monetary system.

And as we have seen, Putin has prepared his nation very well and the man pulls no punches.

Instead of raping the economy and impoverishing his own people, he has reduced their national debt and heavily invested in Russia becoming food independent with no Genetically Modified Products. Instead of turning to corporate farming he has subsidized small and medium scale private farming and has even given way land instead of taking away.

Health care and education if not free altogether, is affordable and of a high standard. There are no toll roads or the outsourcing of rivers and dams to private corporations like Nestle.  Tax payers money is actually used for the benefit of the people who pay those taxes, not sucked off into corporate-fascist, globalist, private banks and corporations.

I doubt very much if Putin has built FEMA camps over the last 20 years, but has rather invested in underground facilities for the whole Russian population. And he has upgraded all Russia’s defense systems to the point where many of them out perform anything that anyone else has to offer. “ Eye watering”  as one US general referred to it at one point during the civil war in Ukraine.

Perhaps Trump, Mattis, Pence and their NATO, Islamic State and Zionist backers might want to reconsider that red reset button? As well as every single American, because they are the only ones who can put a stop to this madness.

The question is:  Are they up to it? Are their leaders?





8 thoughts on “Trump Has And Will Revert To The Program

  1. Hasn’t anyone else understood the almost prophetic vision that president Trump has? In addition to being like Tricky Dick Nixon in his abilities to not only prove pundits and media wrong along with comeback fact it was the late Mr. Nixon whom parallels the Donald in so many ways from the greatest comeback to forever Changing the political landscape winning a long seemingly lost unpopular war and honoring the silent majority offering the theological virtues of faith hope and charity a detent oh yes he can real hope and change if the aforementioned fails to corroborate my points ask the other 16 individuals of my former political party GOP or maybe I’m just a damn fool from the American deep south in general and in particular a proud of these two men of peace deep in the heart of the LoneStar state Hook em horns and making America great again all the live long day


  2. Katrina, Jys is uitstaande. Extremely well written article. Alas, I think that Satan’s stranglehold on the West will take more than just “The Donald” to undo.


  3. So, why do fortune tellers have to ask you your name? All of these predictions are great reading but have little to show in the actual results as the future unfolds.

    The FUTURE is so dynamic that no one can predict what will happen. The interaction of all of the events have a consequential changes along the path and none of us can foresee the future.

    The only thing we can rely on is “PEOPLE’S GREED!” Hence, the level of corruption in Government today!


    • Let’s hope that people’s greed extends to their own survival rate. And that they will adopt a dynamic future instead of being like boiling frogs carried along by a series of events whose outcome is obvious to everyone except themselves.


  4. Great article and you’ve presented as the information as it truly appears. Tried to respond yesterday morning. It was too difficult and gave up.

    None in the mainstream ever reported on a few things during the election. It was enough to show who was going to win. So, definitely – ‘a plan.’ Have written that much of the left’s outrage is fake and helps boost support for the election process + more.

    Federal Reserve was a 100-years system. Designed that way, then there’s a ‘reset.’ System already died, thus all the new immigrants to fill social security #s. Had programs through the last decades to makes sure the existing population didn’t produce children – so, population replacement all along. They can’t tell us that though – you know, losing our neighborhoods to new peoples because the banksters and presidents wanted ‘palaces’ all around the world. Would imagine they created ‘safeguards’ for the last days of Banking system. Something that ‘trumps’ the peoples’ ‘new awareness’ and enables ‘them’ to ‘finish.’ Something that herds the awakening sheeple. That’s supposed to be the unwilling Trump…

    Not a bad thing though. Their ‘desire’ to ‘get us on board’ is their weakness; it’s their ‘shields down.’ Would even guess that they know Trump hates them. Doesn’t matter to ’em since they control all the strings. Can’t mess w/ the economic system w/out many dying and Trump knows. Has to be a new world paradigm first. People have to be able to explain why they want a new paradigm. In other words, be really smart. It’s up to the people. You’re doing good waking ’em.

    A well-worded cute little pink Teddy Bear is all we need now. The smart Druid-type girl, that’s Katherine, armed with her writings. Rest of us are in the dungeon.


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