The Debate – Trump team’s ties to Russia

It’s been the story that refuses to go away. Trump’s alleged connections to Russia have become the main talking point about his presidency, so far. Michael Flynn, who resigned as nat’l security advisor, after his mis-statements on contacts with Russia, says he is willing to be interviewed in the investigation, albeit with a guarantee he will not be prosecuted, signaling he may have damning evidence. Russia, though, insists it did not seek to influence the US election & wants good relations with the US. To add to the confusion, Trump appointees such as Rex Tillerson & Nikki Haley regularly speak about Russia in very negative terms; are they putting up a front or has America not changed its Obama-era anti-Russia stance? That & more in this debate with me, Waqar Rizvi. Guests: – Columnist, Political Scientist and Radio Host, Wilmer Leon (WASHINGTON) – Political Analyst and Fmr. US Army Psychological Warfare Officer, Scott Bennett (SAN FRANCISCO)



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