South Africans Unite Against The Guptas

by Katherine Frisk: 

Perhaps all South Africans, of every race and religion should thank the Gupta family who is intent on colonizing South Africa along with their Globalist neo-con cronies.

Foremost in their plans are land grabs using outdated rhetoric and inaccurate historical data to take away all white owned business and property ownership along with putting a spanner in between the BRICS alliance as is being attempted in India by no less than Dick Cheny, one of the master minds behind 9/11, in his recent address at the Global Business summit in India, New Delhi.

They both have the same agenda. The “New Age” Global colonization, offshore banking that ensures that they never pay taxes in the host country that they suck off of like a parasite and a uni-polar wet dream of a One World Government controlled by a handful of corporate fascists the likes of which came out of the nightmares of David Rockefeller.

In other words, the destruction of multi-polar Nation Sate Democracies where leaders are elected by the people of that nation and not appointed by the banks and corporations as they are in the USA and the European Union.

The  M&G first reported on the growing unease over the relationship between the Gupta brothers – Atul, Ajay and Rajesh – with President Jacob Zuma back in 2010, when the Guptas monopolised Zuma’s time during a state visit to India. This was shortly before the”Arab Spring”was about to rock the Middle East and the ensuing devastating wars that have taken over Libya, Iraq ans Syria with ISIL terrorirsts.

Behind Gupta who is the driving force behind Jacob Zuma are the same people who have funded, trained and armed ISIL terrorists who have destroyed Libya and Syria in the interests of oil and a Sharia Wahhabi Islamic Caliphate. As most people have since become aware, ISIL terrorism in the Middle East has been funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, the CIA mercenaries behind which are people like Dick Cheny, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and … the UAE. None of whom have any interest in the BRICS backed gold banking system which is a direct threat to their petro dollar hegemony.

SAVE SOUTH AFRICA had this to say:

“The Cabinet reshuffle announced by President Jacob Zuma on behalf of the Gupta family is an outrage – an insult to the suffering of millions of South Africans over many decades. It is a brazen attempt to undermine the gains of the liberation struggle by taking power away from the people and handing it over to a clique based in Dubai. It is a Gupta coup and final confirmation – for those who needed it – that our President, our government and our country have been captured by compradors intent on destroying our democracy.”

I would add, as they have destroyed Libya, Iraq and Syria in the last six years. The piece continues further down:

“…the Guptas have anointed their proxies to loot National Treasury at their behest. It is clear that they intend to make their first order of business the approval of a banking licence for the Gupta proxies” Hamza Farooqui and Salim Essa”  at Habib Bank.”

RICHARD POPLAK gave his opinion: 

“The Zuma presidency has ended. The Zuma dictatorship has begun. His surprise not-surprise Cabinet reshuffle, which ousted Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas from the Finance Ministry, has already tanked the rand. But it’s going to get much, much worse. And so this enormous act of disrespect was also a declaration of war, and on Friday, South Africans wake up to a worse version of their old country. The time has come to fight for a new one.”

In contrast to the anti-white racist rhetoric coming out of Jacob Zuma’s leadership recently, no doubt in the interests of the Guptas and the UAE Habib Bank, Professor Jonathan Jansen’s viral message on Facebook sums up how the majority of South Africans feel, how the majority of all South Africans who support the inheritance that they were given by the original ANC leadership, Oliver Thambo and Nelson Mandela, to unite in diversity still remains fundamental to the manner in which they want to see the country run.  And that means all diversity, not only one diversity to the exclusion of others when shortly after Ahmed Kathrada’s funeral he wrote:

Photo: Several hundred gathered outside Parliament in Cape Town on Friday to protest President Jacob Zuma’s late night cabinet reshuffle that saw Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his Deputy Mcebisi Jonas sacked. (Photo by Diana Neille/DM Chronicles)

“Show me another country where the Anglican Archbishop prays at a Muslim funeral; where a white man chairs the proceedings to remember a leader from a black liberation movement; where a sitting president of a developing country is told to step down in a letter from the deceased stalwart of his own party; where the widow of the black man being buried is a white woman who gave her life to the struggle for freedom; and where Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and other faiths come together in a broad swathe of South African humanity to remember a man who fought for all of us.

“Where on and off the stage no one racial or ethnic or religious group dominated the event.

“For a moment, just a moment, it felt good to hope again…”

Jansen said “in one man’s dignified funeral, a moving reminder of who we are and what we can still be. RIP Uncle Kathy.”

In another message, after midnight SA time, Jansen addressed Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa saying: “Dear Cyril, What you do or fail to do in the next 48 hours will determine your legacy for the rest of your life; this is it.”

We are as another stalwart against injustice, Archbishop Desmond Tutu claimed, a rainbow nation. And a rainbow nation we will remain. What it has taken South Africa over three hundred years to aspire to, Gupta has succeeded to achieve in a few short years.

Unite All South Africans. 





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