Chemical Gas Attack In Syria – What Are The Facts?

by Katherine Frisk: 

Gas attack Syria 2013

One of the reasons I got involved in Independent Media was the Sarin Gas attacks in Syria in 2013.

Seeing footage plastered all over the world of the bodies of dead children wrapped up in plastic and lined up under the trees was devastating to watch.

In London and Washington Cameron and Obama chanted like the terrible twins, “Assad must go!”

In 2017 they are both gone and we now have May and Trump  yet again coming to hasty conclusions only a day after the chemical gas explosion occurred in rebel held  Idlib.

If these attacks are anything like the attacks that occurred in 2013, anyone would immediately put the brakes on before coming to hasty conclusions and possibly highly inaccurate and destructive decisions that could result in a situation more devastating than the ones that Libya and Yemen now find themselves  in.

What is never reported in western media, is that the gas attacks in 2013 were not carried out by Assad, but by the “rebels”themselves who had only the week before abducted women and children from surrounding villages and then gassed them to death in order to blame Assad.

If this false flag had succeeded the outcome would have been a UN Security Council resolution for a no fly zone and like Libya and Yemen, Syria would have undergone indiscriminate bombing raids on both the civilian and the military population as well as all infrastructure in Damascus and other cities and towns completely destroyed.

Thanks to the efforts of many people in Independent media, and especially the efforts of Sister Agnes Miriam who exposed the fact that the dead children had been abducted by ISIL,  a no fly zone was not imposed and Assad not only remained, but was later re-elected by his own people in an internationally observed election.

For a full breakdown on that story see:

The Truth About The Gas Attacks In Aleppo And Damascus And Why A No Fly Zone Failed And Syria Was Not Bombed Back Into The Stone Age By NATO  


In the lead up to this latest disaster, only last week it was reported that the US military indiscriminately bombed over 300 civilians in Mosul.

Trump did not appear on the White House lawn condemning the killing of women and children and…. “little babies” then.

These actions have been justified as “collateral damage,” because ISIL was using the civilian population as human shields and holding them captive in buildings.

CNN  did however report on the killing of the civilians due to US military actions. As one example of many:

“Irbil, Iraq (CNN)A coalition airstrike on an ISIS truck laden with explosives led to the deaths of dozens of civilians in Mosul, a senior Iraqi military officer said Sunday.

The US-led coalition has acknowledged hitting an explosives-laden vehicle in a March 17 strike; the coalition said separately that a review of its airstrikes indicated one strike occurred that day in the area where the casualties were reported.”

Only  days ago Kurt Nimo produced this excellent breakdown of civilian casualties in war which I highly recommend:

Mosul & the War on Civilians: Terrorizing And Reducing Countries to Failed States

With regard to Trump’s policy on Assad this week  Zero Hedge reported: 

“The six year Syrian proxy war to dethrone president Bashar al Assad quietly ended with a whimper yesterday when at a news conference in the Turkish capital, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson suggested the end of Bashar Assad’s presidency is no longer a prerequisite for a way out of the Syrian crisis, in a dramatic U-turn from Washington’s long-held policy.

“I think the longer term status of President Assad will be decided by the Syrian people,” said Tillerson at a joint conference with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevut Cavusoglu on Thursday, AFP reported. Later, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley echoed Tillerson, saying “Our priority is no longer to sit and focus on getting Assad out.”

War hawk John McCain who has had known associations with ISIL in Syria lashed out against Trump and Tillerson:

John McCain on the right in a meeting with ISIL

“…ultimately, the administration’s statements today could lead America’s true allies and partners in the fight against ISIS to fear the worst: a Faustian bargain with Assad and Putin sealed with an empty promise of counterterrorism cooperation. I hope President Trump will make clear that America will not follow this self-destructive and self-defeating path.”

He was not alone: Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham says if reports were accurate, “I fear it will be the biggest mistake since President Obama failed to act after drawing a red line against Assad’s use of chemical weapons.” He added that “This would be crushing news to the Syrian opposition and to our allies throughout the Middle East. I fear it is a grave mistake.”

With America’s two biggest neocons slamming Trump’s Syria reversal, it is safe to say that at least in this particular case, Trump made the right decision.


Or Trump attempted to make the right decision as did the EU.  Sophie Mangal recently wrote that this past  Monday:

“While speaking at a press-conference during the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting on April 3, 2017, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, stated that it is only the people of Syria have a right to determine the future of their country. Even Mogherini realizes and supports the idea of Syrian people themselves to create a constitutional commission, to  adopt their own new constitution and to discuss Syrian future as soon as possible.”

With headway being made in Astana and Geneva for the Syrian Peace talks another gas attack has occurred at an inconvenient or appropriate time, depending which side you are on. Again the “Assad must go!”chant is heard at the UN Security council by Niki Halley and by Donald Trump who this time did appear on the White House lawn and talked about the killing of women and children and … “little babies,” blaming the Assad Regime only a day after the attack.

As of this writing, Thursday 6th of April 2017, this is what we know.

Gordon Duff on Press TV

The report of a Syrian airforce chemical bomb attack on a building in Khan Sheikhoun was originally reported by the “White Helmets,” who are a propaganda branch of ISIL and who have long since been exposed and discredited by Eva Barlett at the UN. for their fake videos and disinformation.

The situation on the ground could well turn out not to be the result of actions on the part of the Syrian forces, but ISIL themselves as we saw with the chemical gas attack in 2013 used as disinformation and propaganda against Assad.

According to Veterans Today and specifically Gordon Duff, ISIL has been stocking up on tow missiles and chemical weapons which have been transported in convoys through Turkey  to  Hama and to the surrounding area of Raqqa for use by ISIL terrorists.

This should be key to the whole investigation but has not been mentioned at the UNSC. 

Duff throughout the last 6 years, has provided excellent intelligence on Syria and has visited the country himself recently along with other VT stalwarts, Jim Dean and Mike Harris, .

Raqqa is a stronghold of ISIL and a major military buildup is occurring in the area between Kurdish, Syrian and US forces for the liberation of that city.  The tow missiles and the chemical weapons transported through Turkey in convoys will no doubt be used on the coalition forces in the upcoming battle for Raqqa.

Please see Gordon Duff’s  recent interview with Press TV HERE at 15 minutes into the report:

Trump Speech on the White House lawn 5th April

As to the facts of how the chemical weapons exploded we have yet to see a full and comprehensive investigation.

According to the Russians the Syrian air force bombed a stockpile of chemical weapons in a warehouse in the Khan Sheikhoun attack.  If this is the case, then it is a comparable situation to the one in Mosul where US and coalition forces have killed over 300 civilians including women and children and …. little babies. Perhaps Donald Trump should factor this into the equation and Mosal should be included in his “red lines” and his “changed” attitude to Assad.

According to other reports, the stockpile was blown up by ISIL themselves, possibly to get media attention due to recent heavy losses and advances of the Syrian Army. So far it has been reported that 80 people were killed, and 200 wounded.

The report can be seen here:

Rebel warehouse with chem weapons hit by Syrian airstrike in Idlib – Russian MOD 

As well as a report from South Front:


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