ALERT: Trump’s Reverse False Flag! (Bix Weir) Updated 9th with Editor’s comment

Editor’s note: We would like to believe Bix Wier and his positive take on the situation. And yes at the beginning with the false accusations about the chemical attack in Idlib ( see Chemical Gas Attack In Syria – What Are The Facts? ) and the footage from the airbase in Homs, which shows no real damage, as things are evolving, Bix’s more positive view is fading fast.

So far as the situation evolves, it appears that the Syrian army successfully intercepted most of the missiles while the rest we deflected and did not do much damage. What is more, US troops are illegally in Syria in the first place in contravention of international law unlike Russia who was called in an invited to help Assad defeat ISIL terrorists in September 2015.

Now reports are coming in that US troops are crossing from Jordan into Syria. It appears that the whole situation has been instigated by Israel after Syria shot down one of their jets which had illegally entered Syrian airspace in defiance of International law and killed Syrian Army fighters. More reports indicate that over 150,000 US troops are about to enter Syria, again in contravention of International Law.

Taking the recent reshuffling of the Trump administration into account, all indications are that it is now pro Israel and will follow Zionist policies. The US will fight a war against Syria on behalf of Israel and secure the Golan Heights. The removal of Assad and the total destruction of Damascus is their objective, as well as the total destruction of Palmyra. A temple which stands as a constant reminder that absolutely no evidence of the fist temple in Jerusalem has ever been found. The only evidence for a temple in Jerusalem is the wall built by the Edomite Arab King Herod who married the Levite Priests daughter during the time of Jesus


Bix Weir’s morning news. You..Yes YOU! WAKE UP to Trump’s REVERSE False Flag!



2 thoughts on “ALERT: Trump’s Reverse False Flag! (Bix Weir) Updated 9th with Editor’s comment

  1. Sharp guy that Bix. 😉 Seeing that bigger picture and all. Never heard of Bix before, have no idea where his head and heart are at in general, but this scene, well, getting pretty darn close anyway… and I too have yet to find anyone (else) who comprehends a little truer perspective on all this. Nice Bix.

    A little something kinda along those lines:

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