SYRIA: Terrorist Attacks on Civilians in Damascus, Alleged Chemical Attacks in Idlib – Tom Duggan Reporting Live

English journalist, Tom Duggan,based in Damascus, speaks out about the recent, alleged, Chemical Weapon attack in Idlib and the series of NATO and Gulf state terrorist attacks, targeting civilians in Damascus, that go unreported by NATO aligned media outlets in the west. The dehumanization of Syrian lives continues unabated, while the evidence produced by Al Qaeda civil defence, the White Helmets is accepted as gospel without query or investigation. Watch ~

21st Century Wire



3 thoughts on “SYRIA: Terrorist Attacks on Civilians in Damascus, Alleged Chemical Attacks in Idlib – Tom Duggan Reporting Live

  1. Tom Duggan is sitting in Damascus and is entirely dependent on Syrian Government sources for information. How does he know. ? The Guardian journalists and others visited the site of the bombing and are of the opinion that the Syrian Government dropped nerve gas. Perhaps Tom Duggan should get out more before he slanders his colleagues,


    • The Guardian as with all western MSM is on board with the false story both in 2013 and in 2017 that Assad used chemicals weapons when in both cases it has been the rebels. In a toss up between Tom Duggan who actually lives in Syria, and reports from on the ground where he is not dependent on the Syrian government but on his own experiences on a daily basis, whereas the Guardian, the BBC, CNN or anyone else for that matter who I have never seen reporting from on the ground and who have many unproved “opinions”on a lot of things without any evidence whatsoever, I will take Tom’s word over theirs. What he says is corroborated by Vanessa Beely and Eva Barlett who have done on the ground reporting over the last couple of years, as well as Tulsi Gabbard and Dennis Kucinich who have been to Syria on a fact finding mission, and the editors of Veterans Today, Jim Dean, Gordon Duff and Mike Harris who have also actually been to Syria. Jim Dean has been twice. The first time he was part of the International monitors who oversaw the election of Assad as President. Tom Duggan is only one reporter of many and what he says is backed up by many others, the few I have mentioned above being some examples. Perhaps you should get out more before you make a total fool of yourself.


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