Professor Stephen Cohen – the last voice of reason in a world gone mad?

Professor Stephen Cohen is, in my opinion, the best Russia specialist in the USA.  He is also a wise, decent, honest and courageous man.  A friend send me this video of him this morning (he begins at 1:38) and I can only agree with him.  We are, once again, looking at the very real possibility, or even probability, of a hot war between Russia and the USA.  As I write these words I ask myself whether I am exaggerating or not, and I come to the extremely depressing conclusion that no, I am not.  Things are really that bad.

Kartherine Frisk note: What everyone is ignoring, and what nobody is paying attention to is that chemical weapons and tow missiles have been transported in convoys through the border between Turkey and Northern Syria to the regions surrounding Raqqa, which is the last major bastion of ISIL. On the 6th of April in Chemical Gas Attack In Syria – What Are The Facts? I wrote:

“ISIL has been stocking up on tow missiles and chemical weapons which have been transported in convoys through Turkey  to  Hama and to the surrounding area of Raqqa for use by ISIL terrorists.

This should be key to the whole investigation but has not been mentioned at the UNSC. …. Raqqa is a stronghold of ISIL and a major military buildup is occurring in the area between Kurdish, Syrian and US forces for the liberation of that city.  The tow missiles and the chemical weapons transported through Turkey in convoys will no doubt be used on the coalition forces in the upcoming battle for Raqqa.

Please keep this in mind as you listen to the inane arguments put forward by Col Cedric Leighton, specifically his statement “the Sarin gas had to come from somewhere,” and the hosts on the CNN panel compared to Cohan who if anything, was restrained in putting forward the reality that is Syria today. That tow missiles and chemical weapons in the hands of ISIL in northern Syria are not only a danger to the civilians in the region, but the US forces themselves, fighting alongside the Kurds, seems to escape everyone’s attention. And yet, Assad is blamed because the Syrian air force unwittingly bombed a warehouse in the hands of ISIL stocked with chemical weapons. Am I missing something here? Or is the game plan for the US forces in Northern Syria along with the Kurds to turn on the Syrian army themselves, who have been fighting ISIL?

from The Saker:  

Professor Cohen seems to have some hopes left for todays  Tillerson visit to Moscow.  I sure hope that he is right.  The future of mankind might depend on the outcome of this visit and, alas, I have to say that I am not hopeful at all.  My best hope is that somebody in the Kremlin can convince Tillerson that Russia will fight.  That is all I personally can hope for even though I realize that even if Lavrov and/or Putin convince Tillerson, Tillerson might not be able to convince the crazies in DC.  God help us all!

The Saker



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