On This Easter Let’s Remember that Jesus Was A Palestinian

Jesus Was A Palestinian is a critical analysis of the Bible set against the historical, archaeological and the political background of the Hebrew people both past and present, in the ever changing landscape of the Middle East.

Katherine Frisk explores the influence that the Egyptian, Babylonian and Persian Empires had on a people buffered between East and West. How their literature and religious beliefs were incorporated into the Biblical texts and the influence this had on the diversity of opinion within the promised land. Two thousand years ago Palestine was beset by turmoil that tore the country apart. The acrimony between the Sadducees, Pharisees, Herodian Kings and the Roman Empire on the one hand and the Galileans, Samaritans and the Essenes on the other, divided a nation along political, religious and tribal lines.

The dawn of the 21st Century is a mirror image of the past where the original twelve tribes of Israel who were scattered have yet again been gathered into a boiling pot of human suffering. What was relevant two thousand years ago is relevant today.


3 thoughts on “On This Easter Let’s Remember that Jesus Was A Palestinian

  1. Jesus was a Jew. Palestine was the name the Roman invaders gave to the land that the Jews called Judea, a component area of the land of Israel.


    • Jesus came from Galilee, he lived in Nazareth in what once was the Kingdom of Israel. He did not live in Judea which once was the Kingdom of Judea. Today what once was the Kingdom of Israel is now the West Bank which includes Nabulus where Joshua dedicated the people to God and established Israel as 12 tribes not one. As Joshua did before him Jesus gathered 12 disciples around him, symbolic of 12 tribes not one. The land was called Palestine by the Romans and like the Palestinians today, who are the descendants of the Hebrews of the Northern Kingdom, the Essenes, the Samaritans, the early Christians and later the Muslim converts, he was persecuted by the Jews in Judea. After he rose from the dead, he again left for the north, to Mount Carmel. He was a Palestinian and taught around the Sea of Galilee. A Christian living in any country in the world is by definition known by nationality in the country in which they live. The same goes for everyone else.


    • I forgot to add, the disciple that betrayed Jesus was one disciple, not eleven. Judas, who is symbolic of the tribe of Judah, Judea. Go back in history and it was Judah who sold Joseph into slavery, a better bargain he thought than his original intention to kill him…. another 30 pieces of silver. And it was the Kingdom of Judea who sided with the Assyrians and did not come to the defense of the Northern Kingdom and the Ten Tribes. Another betrayal. Nothing ever changes…. does it?


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