Le Pen Supports State Money French Election Sunday

This Sunday is election day in France – the first round of voting in the much-anticipated 2017 Presidential election. The first round will whittle the 11 candidates currently in the race down to just two. Then, 2 weeks later, a runoff election between the final two will determine the next president of France on May 7th. Yesterday evening, during the final televised debate between all 11 candidates, Paris suffered its latest terror attack.  A gunman with an AK-47 assault rifle opened fire on a police patrol parked on the Champs Elysees – Paris’s most famous avenue – instantly killing one officer, and seriously injuring two others. ISIS quickly took credit for the attack. The two leading Presidential candidates in the race, conservative member of the European Parliament, Marine Le Pen, and 39-year-old investment banker, Emmanuel Macron, both vowed to end campaigning one day early.

Interestingly, campaigning comes to an abrupt end at midnight the Friday night before Sunday’s election – giving French voters the weekend to make their decision, free of the media chatter surrounding a presidential campaign. Marine Le Pen, this morning called on the French government to immediately reinstate controls at the French borders. “My government … will implement this policy, so that the Republic will live, and France will live.” In stark contrast, Macron, who is leading Le Pen by a slight margin in some polls, argued against a quick government response: “We must not yield to fear today.” However, just as in Trump’s election, remember, polls can be easily manipulated. If he won, Macron would become the youngest president in French history. Macron is definitely the big banker’s candidate. He was an investment banker before he became France’s economy minister. He wants France to stay in both the European Union and it’s money, the Euro.  Le Pen, on the other hand is the French version of Donald Trump – plus something extra – if I’m reading the tea leaves right.  Le Pen wants out of the European Union, despite being a member of the European Parliament. She is an anti-invasion hawk and says she will try to rescue French culture from a burgeoning immigrant population.  She has pledged to get France out of the Euro, as well, and return to its historic sovereign money, the French Franc. Unlike Macron who has been well-funded by loans from the big French banks, Le Pen has not been able to get a single French bank to lend to her campaign. French banks have stonewalled her candidacy. So, why? What gives? This one little sentence in a piece by Reuters this week on the issues for each of the 11 candidates reveals why. One of Le Pen’s issues is to: “Re-establish French franc currency and make central bank answerable to French Treasury.” Most people will simply shrug their shoulders and ask, “So what?” Because most people think this is the way their national economic system functions – the central bank would be under control of the national Treasury Department and the Treasury would issue the money and maintain its value by controlling the quantity issued. But no!
For example, in the U.S. our central bank, the Federal Reserve System, is completely out of the control of the government – the Treasury Department, or the Congress – and Fed officials brag about their power.



14 thoughts on “Le Pen Supports State Money French Election Sunday

  1. What about Jean-Luc Mélenchon? Front National’ fearmongering about Islam has to much zionist ‘flavor’ for me. How many Trumps do we need…


    • How about the French get their country back? From the EU, from the corrupt banking system, which if you listened to this report you might fully understand and also from Islamic extremists who have caused enough damage and trouble in a country that has not only had the decency to host them but support them with social security checks and free medical care, unlike like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE who have not helped any refugees from any of the countries where they have supported, funded and armed Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi extremists who have destroyed countries like Libya and Syria. Instead they spend their money on bombing Yemen and golden escalators, chopping people’s heads off in open markets and stoning people to death, unlike the French who gave up on head chopping long ago, though they might consider returning the practice for terrorists in front of the Louvre!


  2. Yes, yes, the corrupt banking system,the EU, NATO, so why not Jean-Luc Mélenchon…? Why does it have to be an emotional reactionary right wing populist to get the country back? Why this misdirection towards (muslim)immigrants? They’re not the cause of France’ problems. It’s neo-liberal privatization. Capitalism is eating itself. Yes i know, it became(always was?) crony capitalism/corporatocracy/corporate fascism but it’s the constant urge for more profit that has infected humanity/the world. Sadly it’s easier for us to blame someone else instead of our own system. If Front National is going to win, expect more police state. But maybe that’s ok, as long as it’s for immigrants(Muslims)…
    But i notice you’re kind of emotional reactionary yourself. I say “fearmongering about Islam” and you start ranting about Islamic extremists and Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Kuwait,etc. Yes these(western backed!) ‘governments’ who sponsor terrorists are the scum of the earth but what does that have to do with Islam? Are these countries the representers of Islam? I don’t think so! The US and Israel are also sponsoring extremists and not(hardly)accepting any refugees. Should we now start blaming Christianity or Judaism? And France had nothing to do with the destruction of Libya….. The so called Islamic extremists are nothing more than a geo-political tool. Front National wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for this fearmongering about “islamic” terrorism. We could(should!) ask ourselves, Cui bono?


    • Cui bono? Oil sheiks in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait who fund terrorism and always have through money laundering and while the people of Libya have had their country destroyed and BLACK Africans , real Africans, are persecuted and sold on slave markets by Muslims BTW, and their women and children are rounded up and sold for sex slavery, by Muslims BTW, and the same atrocities have been committed by Muslims by the way in Syria against Muslims, both Sunni and Shia, as well as Christians and Yazidis alike, Muslim oil barons who have done nothing for any of the refugees, ride on GOLD escalators and fly all over the world like they are some kind of “god,”descending to earth where they expect other countries to pay homage to them. These same Muslims in the Middle East are religious bigots who are intolerant of any other religion, sexists who consider women worth less than a camel, and before Europeans ever entered the”slave trade,”have been enslaving Africans for thousands of years. These same people with this kind of mentality are now entering Europe where they get social security checks and scream blue murder any time anyone complains about the increase in crime and the ever increasing rape statistics. As for Capitalism and corporatism and blaming the West for everything, which no doubt they are just as guilty, how about putting Muslim bankers in the OPEC countries under the same scrutiny. You will find that they are far from saints. So ask yourself, Cui bono?


  3. So it’s Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait who control things? There ‘power’ has nothing
    to do with the petro dollar… Let’s just focus on cleaning ‘our’ own house.
    And yes, Muslims do evil things!, so do Christians, Jews and persons of every other creed.
    It’s not about religion, it’s not about blaming the West for everything. It’s about the haves controlling/exploiting the have nots. Be it global or national.
    Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon could find each other on many things. The biggest thing that really divides them is the immigration(Muslim) rhetoric. So amidst a State of Emergency after another hyped up attack, 22% of the people vote Front National and 20% vote La France insoumise, while 24% vote En Marche! and take the win.
    So cui bono?

    Divide and conquer, looks like Gladio(B) hasn’t lost it’s potency…


    • I think that you will find that Muslims who have already long been living in Europe and have European citizenship feel much the same way about the influx of refugees who amongst many of them have Islamic extremists who are threatening their lives as well. The same goes for the US. Illegal immigration is not a race issue, the influx of people from South America is also taking jobs away from Hispanic and African Americans. As for the petro dollar and the OPEC countries, if not for the petro dollar these oil sheiks would not be riding on golden escalators and living the disgustingly wealthy lives that they live if not for the petro dollar. They would be living in tents and riding camels and they as much as the western oil corporations are fully aware that the world does not need Middle Eastern oil and has not done so for over 50 years. It is only the petro dollar and the dollar as the international reserve currency that has kept their monopoly on oil production and price control. Russia has more oil, Angola has more oil and is the major provider to China. South American countries have more oil. The days of Middle East hegemony and in turn the petro dollar and the dollar as the reserve currency are over and they know it. So instead of allowing them to divide and conquer as you propose, maybe you should see all the criminals for who they are, and they include Muslims in the OPEC countries who have a major interest in the wars in Libya and Syria and the ISIL extremists who they support and fund, not for the religious reasons that they claim, but for resource control.


      • You seem to keep thinking that i don’t hold Saudi Arabia or some other muslim OPEC countries responsible for extremism or wars. I do hold them responsible(and they should be opposed), and i’m certainly not advocating that Muslims or refugees are some kind of saints but we know that ‘western’ intelligence agencies are complicit in this terrorism, we know NATO has a history of influencing European public opinion with terrorism, we know that the Corporate Media is working hard at creating fear and linking terrorism to refugees/Islam.
        So why would i be voting for an anti-immigration/xenophobic/authoritarian party in France(Europe)? To me that’s exactly the manipulation. A lot of people will vote neo-liberal(they hope most) because either people are ignorant or people fear the rise of ‘fascism'(anything but Le Pen…) and a lot will vote FN because of (misdirection of origin of/manufactured/exaggerated)problems/fear of terrorism. Maybe the EU will fall apart(US/UK/Israeli interests?) but if FN get’s to power or if the neo-liberals will win, either way it’s not going to be good for workers(‘extreme’ right=corporate power), the police/surveillance state will expand and the MIC will increase. While the ‘extreme’ left who wants to address big capital are sidelined, as always!
        Middle Eastern refugee influx/extremism, is created by ‘our’ wars for geo-political/economic/Israeli interests.
        South American/Mexican (economic)refugees/immigrants are created by the never ending ‘meddling’ of the US(and there capitalist buddies). Destroying/poisoning the environment, suppressing any sovereignty,
        funding drug cartels/para-military, installing puppet governments/dictators, block social reform, multinationals taking away THERE jobs. And then complain that they come north…?
        And the taking away of western jobs has more to do with multinationals moving there manufacturing to Asia.
        About the petro dollar, yes that’s what i mean. They(Saudi Arabia etc.) get there power(influence) from it. But it’s the US who dominates this relationship. Everything they do is with US’ approval. They’re not pulling the strings(maybe some in the region). So why point a finger at them while the biggest bastards are at home? It’s like 9/11, yes SA was involved but dit they bring down building 7…
        We could end a lot of suffering if we just addressed big capital wanting to rule/exploit everything. We don’t need the rhetoric about immigrants/refugees. They’re just a symptom and used as a tool for manipulation.

        I’m not saying there are no problems with refugees or even Islam but In fighting a monster we must be carefull not to become a monster!


    • One other point. With regard to Le pen, the issue here is not Muslims or even racism, the issue is Nation State sovereignty, and the right of people, many of whom live in France and have French citizenship although they are of North African or Middle Eastern origin, to have the right to determine their own future as opposed to being dictated to by the EU where the EU parliamentarians are not appointed by the voting public, but by the banks and corporations who determine policy not for the benefit of the people but for the benefit of the corporations and the banks, and keep in mind that Middle Eastern oiligarchs are also major shareholders in banks and corporations in Europe. The “race”card is a red herring to these factors, and has people out in the streets demonstrating and rioting and causing social and political upheaval which keeps the “little minds ” busy and off the real issue. It was Junker as I recall who said “The crowds do not decide their own fate,” and referendums have been ignored repeatedly by the EU and the major banks, never more so than with Grexit which has basically ensured the total destruction of Greece as a nation, after 3,000 years of a great civilization which has played a major role in the foundations of western thought and development. To the point that they have been made so bankrupt that now they are being forced to sell off their national treasures and it is doubtful that if by the end of this century such a thing as Greece will even exist, which will be a great loss to the world.


  4. Yes, but the question was, why Le Pen and not Jean-Luc Mélenchon?

    And i will say this, while i believe that the left(social democrats/liberals are not left!) would make life better. In the end, if we don’t have some revolution of consciousness, through pressure(big capital/monetary system/blackmail/manipulation/etc.) all parties will sell us out.


    • I think that all countries in the EU should aim for a similar political system to Switzerland. By comparison the rest of Europe is taking on a third world status ruled by a bunch of dictatorial oligarchs in Brussels. The Swizz retain their Nation State sovereignty and still enter into b-lateral agreements with Europe without giving up their independence, that is what France should also be aiming for, what all countries in Europe should be aiming for. Le Pen is proposing the closest thing to what people want and what is closer to the Swiss model. And there must b real capitalism with checks and balances against monopolies with French companies being considered the top priority before international ones, and this especially pertains to farming and GMO products and the nefarious, subversive and corporate fascist criminal TTIP agreements, Le Pen is a start in the right direction. And most important the sense of French identity and the preservation of French culture. And it is because of the latter that I think Le Pen gets more support.


      • Don’t agree on Le Pen but one thing is for certain, if they’re not going to listen to ‘peoples’ concerns(be they manipulated or not) it’s not going to end well.
        On capitalism, I think the problem with capitalism is that it concentrates money and checks and balances won’t help because they’re just going to erode those checks and balances(over time).
        It brought us corporate-fascism, are we now going back and do it all over again?
        The biggest thing that they divide us with is that of employer and employee. I believe, if we really want to have (more direct)democracy then we should democratise the economy. Cooperations. Empowers the individual and keeps business interests with ‘the people'(localy).
        On the Swiss system, i’m Swiss myself and i agree that the Swiss model is highly preverable to a more centralised state or the supranational oligarchical rule from Brussels(or Washington),
        if only for the fact that i can vote at least ones a month and feel (more)included. Does require effort, democrasy is not easy!
        Don’t think that there’s ever going to be a referendum on the BIS though….


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