Pakistan former army chief to lead Saudi alliance (Video)

[Katherine Frisk Note:

If Saudi Arabia, Qatar. Kuwait, UAE and  Morocco have been funding, arming, training and supporting ISIL terrorism in Libya, the Sinai and Syria, along with CIA mercenary armies and weapons supplied by the US military industrial complex, in collusion with Turkey where ISIL terrorists from over 100 different countries around the world, most of whom are NOT Syrian, have used Turkey as a transit point for trained terrorist operatives and weapons into Syria over the last six years, then we have to ask:

“What kind of an alliance exactly, has Pakistan’s former army chief and Pakistan made with Saudi Arabia and with whom? The Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi sect and their many AL Qaeda franchises? “

Perhaps Pakistan has now made a pact with the devil. The same can be said for the so-called ISIL extremists in Somalia whom the US is claiming to fight in the interests of the vast oil and gas resources of that country for the benefit of Saudi Arabia and their US investors.

You could call it colonialism under the guise of religious extremism, where the so-called enemy is in fact the same group as those who claim to oppose them, as we have seen in Libya and Syria. The result for Somalia will be the same as Libya, total chaos and destruction of all their infrastructure and a takeover of all their resources with the population subjected to extremist Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi ideology in order to keep them subservient, subjugated and incapable of Nation State independence. The same goes for Yemen and the subjugation of that country to Saudi hegemony. After all, they have to maintain all those gold escalators! 

Ethiopia is also on the list. An Orthodox Christian country and invasion from Somalia into that country along with the same genocide and destruction of their churches as we have seen happen to Orthodox Christians in Libya, Egypt and Syria. 

This alliance will also further support for Saudi Arabia with Pakistan against Shia Islamic Iran and could later spin into outright Nuclear war with India and the further attempted conversion of that country to extremist Sunni Islam. ] 


In a controversial move, the Pakistani government has formally allowed former army chief to lead the so-called Saudi-led military alliance. General Raheel Sharif has already departed for Saudi Arabia to take up his new role despite strong criticism from the country’s opposition parties.







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