US Intends to Involve Jordan into the Syrian Crisis

Despite the awareness of its failure in the Middle East, Washington continues to try to escalate the Syrian conflict in order to aggravate the situation in the region. This time, Jordan became a puppet of the US ‘great game ‘. This country has insisted on a political settlement of the conflict throughout the Syrian crisis. According to Al-Hayat and Global Research, the US-led coalition could prepare an American-British-Jordanian large-scale military operation at the Syrian-Jordanian border. According to a source, the operation would involve militants trained in camps in Jordan and the US-led coalition’s forces.

by Anna Jaunger , for The International Reporter:  

It should be mentioned that these reports were preceded by an interview of Abdullah II of Jordan to The Washington Post, which was published on April 5 after his meeting with US President Donald Trump at the White House. The king alluded to Jordan’s readiness to deal with threats to the kingdom’s northern borders, saying that “non-state actors from outside coming toward their border were not going to be tolerated.”

Disputes over the planned operation are still going on. On the one hand, the US serious concern about the success of the Syrian army and the strengthening of the positions of the legitimate authorities compel the US administration to proceed to aggressive actions. In this regard, under the pretext of fighting ISIL, Washington and London intend to use Jordan to escalate the situation in southern Syria. In addition, according to many experts, the planned operation is aimed at the further strengthening of the US influence in Syria and slowing down the process of political settlement of the conflict.

Meanwhile, there is another point of view. During the Syrian crisis, Jordan has been pushing for a political solution to Syria’s six-year-old conflict. Perhaps, this was proven by the presence of the representative of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at the Syrian talks in Kazakhstan as an observer. Obviously, the administration of the White House extremely worries about such a position of Jordan. In this regard, Washington is interested in drawing Jordan into its ‘game’, which in its turn will lead to a direct deterioration of relations between the neighboring countries.

If Washington still manages to realize its next plan and carry out an intervention in southern Syria, Syrian President Bashar Assad will be forced to re-deploy the forces. Thus, the Syrian Army will be them unable to effectively carry out its tasks in Syria’s Idlib and Hama.

Now, everything depends on Jordan. Perhaps, its decision will be able to determine the further development of the situation in Syria and throughout the Middle East region.



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