Over Grow the System – For Seed Freedom, Food Freedom and Earth Dem

Over Grow the System is a Global uprising at grass roots level, to protect our Seeds and Freedom. We plan to Over Grow the System with knowledge, solutions, tools, truth and inspiration. Together we will be providing solutions to the hijacking of our seeds and polluting of our food, lands, people and ecosystems. We are sharing knowledge, permaculture solutions, agroecological farming methods, sustainability, seed saving & storing and we encourage the growing and eating of clean wholesome food.

by Rushka Johnson, The International Reporter: 

We are highlighting the unjust Seed Laws and the Poison Cartel Monopoly on farms in our beautiful South Africa.
Each location across the globe will be holding various events specific to their struggle and South African locations will be doing the same, including:
Talks, hands on workshops, Slow Food Youth World Disco Soup Day (promoting awareness on food waste and hands on involvement of the youth), Food is our Medicine, wholesome food markets, permaculture demos and solutions, what are GMO’s and the effects of the herbicides used with them and indigenous food exhibitions.
Awareness on our Seed Savers rights and the Mega Mergers (Bayer & Monsanto being the biggest), currently taking place and the implications of these on our people and future in South Africa.
The African Centre for Biodiversity and Biowatch South Africa’s research papers on the various issues that we face, specific to South Africa, will be distributed at the events.
Port Elizabeth – Art on Target – 10am – 6pm – contact Rushka Johnson – 074 6491 810 – rushkag@gmail.com – Free Entry – All speakers, organizers and workshop providers presenting, are very kindly volunteering their time and energy to uplift the community.
The day will consist of hands on Workshops, Slow Food Youth network, natural remedies, worm farms, wholesome delicious foods, stalls, live music and more. The entire family will enjoy being enriched and inspired.
Talks throughout the day will include, Dr Margo De Kooker, on the health impacts of GMOs, Sharon Jessop from Your Health in Your Hands. Emma Hay on natural remedies, Soga Organics, on their journey to becoming organic, Serenity care, Stef Muller, on making your own creams to take home, Krag Lohry, how to make a worm tower and Permaculture South Africa, Andrew Mugford, showing hands on propagation techniques.
As well as Live Music by Damian Williams and delicious wholesome foods by Messers Ethiopian Kitchen, Chia foods, Death by Coffee and Chai foods.
Not forgetting the Stalls with homemade recycled goods, seedlings, seeds – including the Green Queen.
Ending with the Slow Food Youth Port Elizabeth, official launch and the Global event – Disco Soup, where the youth make and eat delicious soup together, relax, chill and for those who want to, dance to the lekker beats. (Creating awareness on food waste and community based sharing and eating together)
Organizer, Rushka Johnson – “What does it mean to over grow the system and why does it matter to fight for our right to save and swap seeds? We will never stop fighting from the ground up for our environment and people. ”
Entrance to the event is free with a small fee for participants of the workshops. Bookings for these are between 9.30am and 10am, at the venue. Limited space. Viewings allowed.
Various other locations in South Africa will be taking part in this grass roots movement as well, including:
Johannesburg – Matt Purkis – 082 453 4541 – matt@ecosynergydesigns.co.za
Durban – Marian Hill – 28 April – Delwyn Pillay – 071 621 8305 – greendelwyn@gmail.com –
Bloemfontein – Chris Godfrey – Chrisgodfrey3@gmail.com
Nqamakwe – Nosiintu Mcimile – 078 6414 245 – nosintumcimeli@gmail.com
Nqanduli – Gram Jackson – 071 789 1438 – masterg.jackson275@gmail.com

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