Trump has Major Trip to Saudi Arabia Planned, will Discuss Massive Weapons Deal for Saudis

Bowing to pressure from the H.R. McMaster, Dina Powell, Gary Cohn coalition, President Donald Trump’s first overseas trip is scheduled to be in Saudi Arabia, multiple sources confirmed after Steve Holland of Reuters first reported rumors of the trip. This decision has split Trump’s base, which views the Saudis as the largest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

by Mike Cernovich, Global Research:  

During the visit Trump will discuss a proposed arms package for the Saudis, which would include a massive missile defense system as well as civilian nuclear technology. Behind the scenes McMaster will be seeking Saudi support for a ground war in Syria, which Mike Cernovich first reported in an article whose reporting was confirmed by Eli Lake of Bloomberg.

The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act will also be on the agenda. McMaster is lobbying Trump to give Saudi Arabia an exemption from JASTA. Under JASTA, the Saudis can be sued for the terrorism they sponsor. A pivot on JASTA would be in line with former President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

“Trump doesn’t want to go,” one person with knowledge of the trip said, “but Powell and Cohn are making him.”

When asked how Powell and Cohn could force President Trump do to anything, the source replied,

“It’s complicated. Basically McMaster, Powell, and Cohn are controlling foreign policy right now.”

Trump was visibly grossed out by the Saudis during an earlier visit. Saudi Arabia, which funds Islamic terrorism and refuses to accept refugees from war-torn neighbors, beheaded more people in 2015 than ISIS.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, who has ties to terrorists, once called President Trump a “disgrace to all America.”

Dina Powell has worked to get into the good graces of Bin Talal’s wife.

Goldman Sachs, where Cohn and Powell previously worked before taking high level positions in the Administration, stands to profit handsomely from a Saudi arms deal, as would former CIA director David Petraeus.

Mike Cernovich is the journalist who broke the Susan Rice unmasking story and exposed H.R. McMaster’s plan for a massive ground war in Syria. His books are here.



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