💥 World War 3 News Alert – Global Conflicts Spiraling Out of Control

[Editor’s note: Keep in mind the as yet unconfirmed underground bases in Germany for the express purpose of training Islamic Extremists, (funded trained, armed and supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Israle, Jordan, Turkey and the USA ) where one of their major targets across North Africa and Egypt has been Orthodox Christians, also in Iraq and Syria, while the reports of Islamic extremists shipped into Ukraine to fight the pro Russian population in Eastern Ukraine takes on another dimension.

As we have seen in recent years, Putin has re-established the Orthodox Christian church in Russia, has refurbished all the churches while many new churches have also been built. Today in both Russia and Eastern Ukraine, Orthodox Christianity after being banned for almost 80 years under the Soviet Union has returned to its over 1, 000 year tradition of Orthodox Christianity when Prince Vladimir converted in Crimea in A.D. 988. Coupled with major NATO military buildup on Russia’s borders, it would also appear that Islamic extremists will be used in a ground war against Russia and like across North Africa and the Middle East, again Christians will be a main target of persecution. ]  

Several major news item. Information on global conflicts that are spiraling out of control.


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