Fierce Battle Erupts In Kremlin Over If To Charge Obama With War Crimes

Fascists – rigged elections

[Katherine Frisk note: If I fully understand this,  what we have are the”communist” (socialist) Trotskyite on the left, basically Democrats and the fascist Nazis on the right, basically Republicans, setting Americans against each other.

Two major tools are to use racism and religion in one form or another.

Both groups who do not support real American values or the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights, or real Capitalism in any way, with checks and balances against monopolies and where tax revenue is used for the benefit of the people who pay those taxes, in education, health care, a SANE police force with an IQ above 120, roads, bridges, dams, water, electricity supply and cheap and affordable public transport.

Instead Americans are being divided into two camps, similar to Europe before and during WW2. The fascists on the right, the communists on the left. However if history has taught us anything, both camps are controlled by the same banks and corporations. The Federal Reserve funded Lenin and Trotsky, they also funded Hitler. The also funded Japan and their wars against Russia and China. AND they supported communist China.  David Rockefeller

“Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded, not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering a high morale and community propose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.”

– David Rockefeller, New York Times, 1973

Not much different to Syria today, where they “fight” ISIL and at the same time fund, arm, train and fight alongside them for the purposes of “regime change.”


The objective of the facists is to privatize everything into the hands of the banks, corporations and the billionaires and where tax revenue becomes BIG business as we see in the private prison  complex, universal healthcare, food stamps etc.

Or….  everything is owned by the “communist” government which in any case is also owned and controlled by the same corrupt banks, corporations, and billionaires.  Elections are always rigged and leaders are actors, “cults of personality” or give people the false impression that they actually have any say in the governance of the lives.

Bottom line, neither is much different to North Korea when you get down to it, and both sides are owned and controlled by a small group of elite at the very top who do not care about nationality, race, or religion, because they are from all groups, and only care about power, wealth and control of the “deplorables”as Clinton put it, in a slave state with a two tier society of the very wealthy and the bread line poor, and the total destruction of the middle class which has been a central building block of western society in the 20th century and will be totally deconstructed in the 21st.

Either way, private ownership of anything, be that property or business of any kind with healthy competition with  checks and balances against monopolies and price based on supply and demand , is replaced by a central controlling body, a monopoly of one form or another, price dictated by contracts with no competition ( the TPP and the TTIP are forerunners,) a police state (include ID chipping, cashless banking, enforced vaccines, brainwashing, propaganda and justice for some but certainly not justice for those who engineer the system) , the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and along with it any freedom of speech and opinion, which we are fast seeing imposed on the Internet with controls put in by Google, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. … this is only the beginning…. ]


from whatdoesitmean:

Details a sharp and angry exchange between SC members Valentina Matviyenko (Chairwoman of the Council of Federation) and Sergei Lavrov (Foreign Minister of Russia) relating to if former United States President Barack Obama should be charged by the Prosecutor General’s Office for war crimes committed in Ukraine—and that Matviyenko says the precedent for doing so was established this past week by the Federation requesting that the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) issue an international arrest warrant for former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, shortly after taking office, “associates” of President Donald Trump delivered to the Security Council previously classified documents confirming that the Obama administration “secretly and flagrantly” colluded with Arseniy Yatsenyuk to violently overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine in order to install a Neo-Nazi government—and that the world’s largest private intelligence agency Stratfor (the “Shadow CIA”) called “the most blatant coup in history”.

Upon receiving these secret classified US documents, this report continues, the Prosecutor General’s Office was able to obtain an in-absentia arrest for former Prime Minister Yatsenyuk allowing him to be put on an international wanted list on 21 February 2017.

With Prime Minister Yatsenyuk being the first former foreign head of state to be so charged in the modern era under Federation law, this report details, SC member Matviyenko argued that since the evidence shows former President Obama’s complicity in this international crime too, he should, likewise be charged.

Arguing against Matviyenko, however, this report says, is Foreign Minister Lavrov—whose position is that any international criminal charges made by the Federation against former President Obama would be an “incitement” to the United States and its Western allies, so much so, in fact, it would most certainly lead to war.

Countering Lavrov’s argument, however, this report notes, Matviyenko warns that war is now nearly inevitable between the Federation and the West anyway, but by charging President Obama with war crimes, could very well force the Western media to “expose/reveal” to their citizens the full horrors the United States has not only inflicted upon Ukraine, but is now preparing to do in America too.

Central to Matviyenko’s argument, this report says, is her detailing how the United States is now facing a growing “Trotskyite” movement against President Trump whose “shadowy forces” are now openly calling for revolution and violently attacking all who oppose them in street battles throughout America.

Trotskyite’s, this report explains, are devotees to the Marxist revolutionary and theorist Leon Trotsky who as a Soviet politician engineered the transfer of all political power to the communists after the 1917 Russian Revolution—and whose forces in America today operate under the name “Antifa” (which stands for “anti-fascist action”) and is a network of loosely affiliated far-left anarchist and communist groups that orchestrate violent protests and attacks on populists loyal to President Trump, conservatives, and anyone else its members deem to be “fascists” or “Nazis”—which is, basically, everyone but them.

Former President Obama, who told his first intimate girlfriend that he had thought about and considered becoming a homosexual, this report says Matviyenko further argues, has no Christian morality within him thus making this American leader the “natural/common” military commander for these Antifa-Trotskyite’s urging open warfare against President Trump.

To Matviyenko’s greatest fears, though, this report says, is that the Obama-Yatsenyuk coup in Ukraine was but a “master-plan/blueprint” whose ultimate goal is the takeover of the United States through Marxist revolutionary “means and measures”—and at its worse outcome, could very well see the United States becoming a national-socialist (Nazi) state.

Aided by their Trotskyite street fighters during the 1920’s, this report explains, Matviyenko stated to Lavrov that by 1925, the Social Democratic Party and the Communist Party of Germany had captured 52.2 percent of the popular vote—and that nearly echoes the 2016 US presidential election when the leftist communist Hillary Clinton won the popular vote with 48.2 percent.

Like in 1925 Germany too, this report says Matviyenko argues, though the leftist communists may be more popular in America today, the “tools and expediencies” of the state lie in the hands of its populist nationalist leader President Trump who received the minor popular vote—thus setting the stage for Trumpian forces, like they did under Germany’s national socialist leader Adolf Hitler, to face down these Antifa-Trotskyite forces by openly confronting and then destroying them.

With these Antifa-Trotskyite forces now appearing in even the smallest towns and villages of America to confront their fascist enemies, this report continues, Matviyenko warns that are rapidly becoming America’s most dangerous anti-freedom group and have begun assaulting private citizens in the streets with deadly weapons, used tear gas and explosives to shut down political opponents, and are now vandalizing public property.

Entertainment For The “Little People” To Keep Them Busy And To Justify The Installation Of A Police State. 


Most interesting about this report (and perhaps chilling too) is it concluding that the arguments made by both Matviyenko and Lavrov have been placed in the category of “further advisement/investigation” for the full Security Council—meaning that the Federation is now actively considering the charging of former President Obama with war crimes.



8 thoughts on “Fierce Battle Erupts In Kremlin Over If To Charge Obama With War Crimes

  1. Katherine, I certainly appreciate your insight in the troubles the world is experiencing. The more people become aware of the orchestrated wars and regime change manipulation of the satanists, the sooner we will be on the path of recovery to a peaceful and prosperous world!


    • Thanks. Half the battle is for everyone to understand what they are dealing with I think…. this is my take on it.


  2. I enjoyed a lot of the information, but it goes off the rails a bit too. Obama IS a war criminal, as is the neocon cabal who’s dirty work he furthered (along with their DEM enablers, as rabid as they, i.e. Hillary). Whether he pondered his sexual team is moot. All past presidents are war criminals. America was founded and furthered on war crimes. Hillary is in no way a “leftist”, or “communist”. Even Soviet Russia was not “communist”. It was Bolshevism. The power structure definitely wants that in America. It’s being pushed by the original Kazarians who formed Soviet Bolshevism, aided by the same banks/Rockefeller types who funded China and Soviets. James Burnham was a high official Trot, instrumental in both founding the neocons and wrecking the ‘left’ . George Orwell used Burnham’s vision of the future for 1984, which seems almost quaint compared to where the US is now. There is very little true ‘left’ left in America. It has been purposefully shattered from every direction. Antifa is not “left” but using the fascist/Trots tactics of screaming out their opposition and using big twisted words to label, infight, denigrate and corrupt anything but themselves. So far US street incidents are very small compared to street battles of the past in Europe. The neocons are installing their version of “Corporatism Bolshevism” in America and don’t mind if the big banks, think tanks and foundations all dance in the open now as nothing has stopped them. Bolshevism/Trot and extreme rightwing can agree to the wrecking tactics to further both their interests. They bring chaos to further war for world conquest and if they don’t get their way they’ll just unleash general chaos. Both directions furthered by their jihadi wing of fascist world conquest.


    • Well, I don’t think they are going to get it right and I will tell you why. The American people have been underestimated. They are not as fat, stupid and uneducated as people think. Who are their heroes? You get a pretty good idea of who and what a nation is by looking at who they admire. Or who they don’t. They don’t admire anyone in Washington or anyone on Wall Street. They don’t admire anyone involved in 9/11 ( the real story) or anyone who has promoted the wars in the last 17 years. So now you have got that out of the way. In the last two presidential elections they have voted for rank outsiders. Watch the crowds at any Ron Paul rally, watch the crowds at any Trump rally, even though Ron Paul was forced to drop out and the jury is still out as to whether Trump really is a total turncoat or not… Who are their heroes? JFK, King, Gary Web, Aaron Russo, Aaron Swartz, Snowden, Michael Hastings to name a few. They also watched what has gone on in the Middle East with the Arab Spring, and the Ukraine with the Maiden. They know how the game works. I doubt if the US street incidents as you put it, will ever reach the same as Europe. Americans are not that dumb and they do not have the peasant revolutionary mindset that Europeans have had in the last 200 years. Americans by comparison have been a self supported, self empowered, fairly well educated middle class over the last two hundred years. It is what made America great and what the rest of the world aspired to. It became the backbone of what is considered western society. Orwell was British, not American. Trotsky was Russian. Both came from societies with an upper class monarchy and a very lower class peasant population. Along with a 19th- early 20th century mentality. Americans in their history do not have this framework. Certainly not since 1776. It is not in their genes. Whereas it is still in the genes of Europeans, certain parts of the Middle East ( not Syria or Iran) and India with the caste system. For all the evils of communism, Russians have wiped it out of their mind set and if anything today are developing into a very strong well educated and entrepreneurial middle class. They also have a good balance with socialist structures where their tax revenue is actually used for the benefit of the people who pay it, in health care, education, security, water, electricity, transport etc. The US has self serving banks and corporations sucking out tax money for their own benefit and then on top of that making huge profits for the same services. Which is bleeding the tax paying middle class dry. Americans know this. They are also gun owners… if there is going to be any chaos, I think you will see an internalized version of 1776.


      • Awesome comments editor, and hope it’s true, but fear only a small group of Americans actually see the true facts of Sept 11 and how they have had their nation raped by their leaders and the banks, but sadly the vast majority seem fine with their bread and circuses. They might have wanted “change” again, but Obama played them for 8 years, which too many fail to see even now, and don’t know why people fell for Trump, because no faux billionaire cares about anyone but himself. He has 180’d so fast as to have even his own head spinning. Trump is just open Israeli Mafia control, because they got away with Sept 11 and all the regime changes (but got hung on Syria) and no longer have to hide behind a curtain. I think what they have planned for the US is a storm of ‘right’ vs ‘left’ (or wrong vs what’s left) and if they can’t get that it’s full blown islamic jihad, like they’re doing in Europe, until they can get the huge violent incidents they need to gather up the guns and get the US in line with the rest of their chaotic World Order and implement the full blown police state. Or they automate things to the point they don’t need many of us anymore at all, except a pollyglot of easily controlled slaves of various nationalities. I’d like to think the American ‘can do’, ‘don’t tread on me’ attitude prevails, but too many Americans are primed to act out the “Purge” movies. As footage of the LA riots show, pull the cops out for a few hours and it will be a third world nation quickly. Good luck out there.


      • I believe the French nobility also sat with the same sanctimonious sense of safety and security….. until they got their heads chopped off. Not only are Americans awake, but you would be surprised how many other people all over the planet have been watching this circus and are not only disgusted by the events in the last six years, but are also no longer fooled. Not only by the Banks and their corruption (IMF at the forefront, we have all taken notes from John Perkins,) not by the EU who declaed that “the crowds do not decide their fate”, not by the politicians who are clearly bought and paid for performers, not by the CFR, Bilderberg Trilateral Commission etc, D.C. Wall Street or the corporate media anymore. And I am talking at grass roots level. To the point that 9/11 truth is old hat. Everyone knows this. Everyone knows about Soros “color revolutions”and how they work. They know about Gladio. And they all see through their own media now…. which is just as corrupt and manipulated. And they now understand why their own politicians are just as idiotic. So let me put it this way. There is globalization… but it is not the globalization that was planned by Rockefeller, Rothschild, Vatican thugs. It is a glabalization that is multi polar not uni polar. The Internet has done it… 🙂 Here is one example and one voice of many, and at the UN no less… He makes Halley look like a complete fraud and an idiot, as well as her predecessor Samantha Power. Nobody is standing for this crap anymore. I think he spoke for the whole world. Brave man.


  3. I pray the good prevail. God bless the people waking up and fighting this demonic world government agenda. I was always inspired by the Industrial Workers Of The World (IWW) and their ideas of ‘one world’ being run by people from their neighborhoods, schools and businesses on up, ruling from the bottom up democracy, in a world where nations can’t attack each other because that would be a crime against fellow workers. Fairness spreading instead of fear and mass deaths. Like truly religious folks, with “dangerous ideas” to the state and onerous world government, these people were murdered, persecuted and villified horribly. In their day (early 1900s) there was no war on Christianity and Mohamadan Jihad was not raging as badly. (Mohamadans don’t like the more accurate term as it properly shows the murderous words and deeds of their slaughtering, slave holding, child marrying “prophet” who preaches subjegation and rape of women, and violent world conquest against women, gays and non-believers. A backwards Dark Ages belief system the USA does not mind using to its ultimate satanic purposes. Good luck to everyone fighting the multi-headed beast. Frankly, the world can’t take much more of the present system whether we rise up or not, but clearly having a spine is the better choice.


    • Well something is going to give, I suspect already has …..because all trust and any good faith has gone. I think that Syria has been the “sacrificial lamb, ” so too speak…. the tipping point, where they overplayed their hand and got exposed on all fronts. I cannot count how many people, both vocal and silent felt a sense of relief when the Russian’s started bombing in September 2015. The sight of all those burnt out oil tankers lined up for miles and miles along the road was a vision in itself. And then came the G20 in November where Putin had a list of all the major donars in 40 different countries to ISIL. What I would not give to see that list… because if it was published, all of the people on it would be dead men walking…. I suspect that they are already in one way or another. So there is some hope in the world. I was watching a report on the anniversary of the Trade Centre Massacre in Odessa in 2015 the other day. They were bemoaning the fact that no proper investigation had been done. I strongly suspect that it has… the thing with that massacre is that it was filmed in detail from many different cell phones, I was watching live on Ruptly, and all those responsible were identified. I have seen detailed research on it freely available in you tube. I do not think an investigation is possible anymore… the guilty parties are no longer around to stand trail….


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