If France Elects Rothschild’s Manservant President…

Half the EU is under dire austerity, and the other half has to be Germany for handouts. In France the fires of rebellion against globalism and loss of identity identify with Marine Le Pen. This is not so because she is some Nazi, it is so because she is a traditional patriot like De Gaulle. She is also the biggest threat to people like Rothschild that family has seen in half a century. So hacking everybody’s PCs and Facebook accounts is acceptable now that the game gets so close to the homes of the elites.

by Phil Butler, NEO:  

In a redux of “Hillary is bound to win”, Reuters and the mainstream are once again pulling out all the stops prophesying Marine Le Pen’s impending loss to Rothschild’s candidate, Emmanuel Macron (The Saker outlines). While the corporate media’s undying support for the globalists comes as no surprise, the fact the Rothschild is sending in the manservant reveals a desperation. Apparently, France is the key battlefield in the desperate battle for control of Europe.

My colleagues and I often joke about Jacob Rothschild’s man “Reginald”, a make-believe manservant who does all the dirty work for the world’s most powerful man. Whether, or not we choose to accept it or not, the Rothschild’s immeasurable wealth and influence is a reality. And the fact the family has not already been put on billboards as the beneficiaries of chaos is proof positive. Only the truly powerful can stay so far out of the limelight, even despite epic dealings underneath all around the world. It was Rothschild remember, who held in trust the Yukos oil shares for Putin’s worst enemy, Mikhael Khodorkovsky. But if the truth be know, the ousted Yukos oligarch was probably leveraging Russian assets for his bosses in the UK. Who can say for sure, but Vladimir Putin kicking Rothschild and George Soros out of Russia was not on account of petty dealings. Now France and the EU hang in the balance, and it looks like Reginald (or Drakula’s lunatic aid Renfield one) is being placed in Paris. Come to think of it, Macron does favor the Bram Stoker character that served his master so well. Seriously, if you compare the wild eyed stare of actor Alexander Granach in the film Nosferatu of 1922 with Macron’s grinning idiot poses, you’ll swear the financier is a reincarnated minion of the world’s most famous vampire. How anybody could even consider voting for this man falls into the realm of witch spells and hypnotic Dracula stares.

Returning to the partial reality, I am struck by the sheer magnitude of media arrayed against Marin Le Pen, and at how effective some of the propaganda is becoming. With no evidence to support claims she is a racist etc. Twitter and Facebook peeps share epithets about her as if they know her personally. The PR game against these contra-globalist candidates is immense, staggeringly expensive, and unrelenting. Just try and find a positive cartoon or image of Le Pen, and you’ll get sense of the media deck stacked against her. Europe is being terrorized almost daily, France is ground zero for Islamic lunatics and right next door Germany is creating a kind of Fourth Reich propaganda machine. Welcome to the nut house, but somehow Marine Le Pen as a counterbalance is a bad choice?

For those unfamiliar, Germany is now deploying tools to censor social media before the upcoming election process there. The so-called “Ministry of Truth” is working with Facebook to enable a system that (if I am correct) filter out any message the Germans do not want in their country. German media is already 99% controlled by the globalists at Bertelsmann, Axel Springer and within the government, and now Angela Merkel’s aids want to block any message in social media that is not “party line”. On top of all this, Merkel’s moves are completely legal inside Germany, so it’s going to happen. What’s most disturbing though, is the fact the Truth Ministry is not designed just for Germany. I believe Facebook is working with the Germans and testing the system on the French election process. A positive story I wrote this weekend was mysteriously blocked from sharing on Facebook by a never before seen (in my experience) “bot” from Facebook. The sceenshot you see above shows an “Unknown Facebook Bot” hitting a single article on my personal blog, an article everyone BUT me could share with followers.

I have all the screens and the details on the above mentioned “effort”, but the larger game is what is scary stuff. If the globalists can completely filter news and information, and at the micro-level, then Orwell’s famous world can come into being for real. A lot of people have made insinuations this is happening, but the capability to snuff out an idea is upon us. The Le Pen piece I wrote was not fake news, it was opinion based on factual research and professional geo-political analysis. Le Pen will be in almost exactly the same position French President Charles De Gaulle was after France and Germany signed the Élysée Treaty in 1962, should she be elected president. Without going into a history lesson, De Gaulle found himself constantly fighting the influence of former allies the United States and Britain within Europe – and the Germans were simply acting as vassals to those powers as they do today. For all his faulty, Charles De Gaulle was the ultimate French patriot. His argument against Germany’s Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (who was set in place by the allies) was to reduce American control. In the end De Gaulle lost out as Adenauer formed the CDU firmly up under America’s wings.

Today we see the long-lived effects West German policy exacts on the whole of Germany. And this country’s unparalleled control of EU policy is a failed and miserable mess. Half the EU is under dire austerity, and the other half has to be Germany for handouts. In France the fires of rebellion against globalism and loss of identity identify with Marine Le Pen. This is not so because she is some Nazi, it is so because she is a traditional patriot like De Gaulle. She is also the biggest threat to people like Rothschild that family has seen in half a century. So hacking everybody’s PCs and Facebook accounts is acceptable now that the game gets so close to the homes of the elites.

Marine Le Pen exhibits a great deal of courage. Sure, in the end she may be swayed like Donald Trump has surely been swayed, to mediate policies against this globalist order. Remember Angela Merkel in Washington March 17th, and on March 30 Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and President Trump announced a big policy reversal on Russia and on Syria! What do you imagine happened? While I still hold out hope Donald Trump will strategize around the European elites, the grip the New Democratic Order has on control mechanisms is immense. If I am right, and if this Truth Ministry gave the okay to test a geo-policy and social media expert’s accounts with the French elections – then I think we are assured of seeing Germany’s decision completely orchestrated. Remember, the WikiLeaks revelations about Hillary Clinton’s campaign follies were not devastating because of graft and malfeasance associated with the Clinton Foundation or donations, they were riveting because she and her party cheated in an election primary. Cheating, cheaters, lies under the guise of truth, you get it I know.

In summary, my story “Why Marine Le Pen Really Really Matters” was blocked and is under intense scrutiny by Linux users now for good reason. I suspect some Facebook coders are on my site evaluating how best to “tweak” the “truth system”, while at the same time French, British and even Japanese “experts” are trying to discover just who and what they are up against. We laughed earlier this morning, Eehoff and I, about my blog traffic never being more interesting, with hackers investigating other hackers and this mystery Facebook bot. Then again, as we quipped, the normal person would just write all of this off as a “glitch”, and Le Pen being the crucible of a new and modern European history as being a conspiracy theory. After all, how can France be the eternal battleground of Europe? Oh, that’s right, because it is.

And if you missed it:

Why Marine Le Pen Really Really Matters

When Americans put Donald Trump into the Oval Office, the world was shocked and relieved all at once. Regardless of Trump’s coming legacy, the fact the system still works will reverberate. In France, the people are speaking today. Today Marine Le Pen may send an even more hopeful and resounding message. The globalist failures before the people may have led to a revolution of values and policy. Here’s why Marine Le Pen matters more than any political candidate in recent European history.

For a multitude, Marine Le Pen is the feminine reincarnation France’s greatest leader of the 20th century, Charles de Gaulle. Interestingly, most of her supporters do not even recognize the striking similarities in between the former French president and their candidate. To more clearly see Le Pen in the context of France’s situation today, the reader needs to be acquainted with a German named Konrad Adenauer. The West German Chancellor who helped usher in something known as the Élysée Treaty in between France and Germany back in 1962, was also responsible for the current German monopoly on Europe policy. The Élysée Treaty, for those unfamiliar, was a deal De Gaulle signed with Adenauer in order to mitigate the US and British control of West Germany by the other powers. De Gaulle was rightly (as we see today) concerned over France’s WW II allies dominant position in Europe affairs. Even back then nationalism and patriotism were becoming sacrificial lambs on the altar of democracy. Today, Marine Le Pen is the conduit of France identity, just as De Gaulle was. Even though such comparisons bear incongruities, the certainty both De Gaulle and Le Pen were/are “for” France is unarguable.

America’s and Britain’s puppet after World War II, Adenauer’s followers in the CDU today are reenacting the subterfuge and surrogate policies that caused De Gaulle to balk at America’s influence via the Élysée Treaty. The New Democratic Order that has dominated the western world the last 20 years is challenged by its natural adversary, populist nationalism, and the inherent identity crisis. Around the world, people are experiencing a cultural and idealistic meltdown, and Le Pen has appeared a the same kind of beacon Trump or Brexit did. Only France is a far more explosive moment for the globalists. Marine Le Pen is important because the EU will end in catastrophe – let me explain why.

The Élysée Treaty, which was one facet of the detente intended to create an American and globalist contract for domination through something known as the “Third Force”. These early treaties, especially the earlier ones like the creation of the European Economic Community in 1957, were not intended to create civic harmony and a unified European people, they were intended to tip the balance of power in the Cold War. This European “Third Force” was and is the alternative security policy we are witnessing with NATO expansion on the borders of Russia now.

It was Konrad Adenauer’s mission to help create this “Third Force” for the globalists. Adenauer passed away in 1967, not long after the effects of the Élysée Treaty began to come into effect. His mission and his legacy continue as seen through the policies and rhetoric of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her minions. Make no mistake, viewed from the standpoint of subversive policy success, the EU (Third Force) mission has been a resounding success as a counterbalance against both Russia and nationalism. This Élysée Treaty serves as a window into the New Democratic Order’s plans. Today we see the social structures of independent European nations subverted by the likes of George Soros and various NGOs in operation for decades now. Soros and Open Society Foundations offer no new and brilliant strategy for subversion though. Even back in the early 60’s, a so-called Élysée-Fond was established to promote Franco-German culture projects in third countries. Yes, the greater plan is nothing to do with freedom and democracy, it’s always been about “seeding ideas” and creating a cohesive force against Russia and the east.

I’ve not space here for the microscopic analysis of this “Third Force” or for bringing out the New Order into the limelight. There’s ample proof of their intentions in the names, faces, and disastrous policies coming out of Brussels. Examining the people that stand against Le Pen and resurgent nationalism we find the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) with 200 projects in more than 120 countries. And if you wonder what those projects are up to, go no further than Dr. Peter Tauber, Angela Merkel’s right-hand man, and Konrad-Adenaue board member. The reason Le Pen is so important today is in the contect of defeating a failed ideology and EU establishment.

I leave you with an article by Von Robin Alexander on Welt entitled; Wer nicht für Merkel ist, ist ein Arschloch” (“Who is not for Merkel, is an asshole”) hints at the hypocrisy and the desperation of the CDU and its globalist handlers. My abbreviated analysis on all this is that the EU is falling apart fast and Le Pen will be the strongest minister of change in the Europe that emerges. Britain just had “done with it” with Brussels “gangsterism”, and France is about to revert to populist activiesm for the good of Frenchmen. For further reading, look into Dr. Hans-Gert Poettering of the Konrad-Adenauer operation and see how the former President of the European Parliament also heads up the revision of history concerning the Soviet Union and Russia. That’s right, the other side of the Marine Le Pen coin is all about the “Reconciliation of European Histories Group” and such diatribe as this “Parliamentarium Museum Will Add Content Illustrating Soviet Aggression“.

Marine Le Pen is the biggest counterbalance in modern European history. Whether or not she follows through on one campaign promise, she represents a dissenting voice to the failures of EU asession – and a specter of disaster for the globalists bent on dominating our world. I leave you with a chilling reality left as a legacy of US Congressman Larry McDonald who was killed when a Korean Airlines fligtt was mysteriously shot down by the Soviets:

“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control…. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.”

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook




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