Kevin Barrett- The Debate – Hunger Striking Palestinians ( + Video Updates and background)

Fifty-one years after the first hunger strike was launched by prisoners of conscience in the apartheid era South Africa, Palestinian prisoners languishing in Israeli jails are in the midst of their own widespread hunger strike to bring attention to their mistreatment at the hands of the Israeli regime. The apartheid South Africa regime, to its credit, reacted within a week and addressed some of the prisoners’ demands, something which today’s Israeli regime refuses to even entertain as a possibility. Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas seems more obsessed with his waning political reputation, than of the prisoners’ wellbeing. In such a situation, what can we expect to come out of this more than 2-week long hunger strike?


Israel bans contact with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike

A senior member of Palestine’s Fatah movement says Tel Aviv has banned contact with 1500 Palestinian prisoners who went on hunger strike over a week ago. Fedwa Barghouti, the wife of the popular Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, says lawyers including herself and international organizations like the Red Cross are not allowed to visit the prisoners. She says the ban violates the most basic human rights. The Israeli Supreme Court had earlier ruled that the ban was illegal, but Barghouti says lawyers are still not allowed to visit the prisoners despite the ruling. Fedwa Barghouti’s husband is serving five life sentences for his role in the second Palestinian intifada. Marwan went on hunger strike on April 17 to protest harsh conditions in Israeli prisons. Palestinian leaders have warned that the death of one of the detainees is enough to trigger a new uprising and an outburst of widespread anger.


Health of some Palestinian inmates deteriorating seriously

Wednesday marks the tenth day of a mass hunger strike by Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails.
The Palestinian Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs says the health conditions of a number of the detainees have been seriously deteriorated. They’ve been transferred to hospitals and prison clinics. More than one-thousand-500 Palestinian prisoners have joined the hunger strike campaign, led by senior Fatah official Marwan Barghouti. They’re protesting torture, ill treatment and medical negligence of prisoners by Israeli authorities. Barghouti’s wife says Israel prevents lawyers and international organizations like the Red Cross from visiting the inmates. She says the move is against a ruling by Israel’s Supreme Court that declared the ban illegal.


Israeli troops clash with Palestinians rallying in support of hunger strikers

Israelis hold barbecue to goad Palestinian hunger strikers


Palestinians rally in solidarity with hunger strikers

Palestinians across the West Bank have organized a general action in support of an ongoing mass hunger strike in Israeli prisons. All shops in major Palestinian cities were shut and scores of Palestinians hit the streets to express solidarity with the strikers.


Palestine Hunger Strike

Hundreds of Palestinians prisoners are on a hunger strike to protest their conditions in Israeli jails. Many believe the mainstream media in the west is intentionally ignoring their plight.


Families of Palestinian prisoners hold one-day hunger strike

Relatives and family members of hunger striking Palestinian prisoners have held a one-day hunger strike in a show of solidarity. Over 1600 prisoners in Israeli jails have launched an open-ended hunger strike to protest their detention and poor prison conditions. Solidarity campaigns in support of the prisoners are growing by the day.





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