Thoughts On North Korea

by Katherine Frisk: 

This was originally an email to a friend and my thoughts and speculations as to what might really be going on in North Korea. His reply to me was:

Yikes. You are better putting that in an article than dedicating it to me, I feel so guilty. Perhaps what nobody cares to admit is that North Korea is the template for what the elite wants to do to the masses.

Why he should feel “guilty” I have no idea, I was just having a yakky day and the fingers hit the keys relentlessly! So my friend I have taken your advice, and yes, this is still dedicated to you…. a good friend, we have walked a way now and have learnt a lot from each other:) Here it is with some minor adjustments plus pics.

HIM: I don’t see how they can pull out of the N Korea operation without a war or someone forced out of office. There was a report yesterday that NK was aiming its ICBM towards Russia. Well if that is true they were trying to provoke WW3.

My yakky response: Well I think it is all BS, really, we hear this every time there is a new President in office… I remember it with Obama. I have watched a few documentaries on North Korea. (see a list below) The conclusions I have come to are the following… give or take either way…

1. The North Koreans are terrified. I think this is a combination of things.

a) They are starving, really. They are all so thin.

b) They have been so brainwashed that the US is going to invade them and either barrel bomb them like they did the last time in the Korean war when over 2 million died in barrel bombing alone…. or the US will nuke them like Japan…

c) If any of them puts one foot out of line for even the smallest thing, they are put into prisons which are basically slave labour camps and I think this is the slave labour that Kim has been using in construction, amongst other things…. similar to the Chinese and all those empty cities that they built…. though I do think those are in preparation for the Silk Road as and when it develops….

2. Since the Soviet Union fell they have not had the support from Russia, and like Russia they basically went completely bankrupt and suffered serious starvation by the 1990s. But unlike Russia and to a certain extent China, they have not softened the communist system in any way at all…. so there is no investment or any private enterprise….. very little to no change and the death of the older Kim has not helped.(Maybe he was bumped off ?)  I think he would have adjusted… the younger one looks like an idiot controlled by the North Korean Mafia…. they have turned him into a little mascot demi god along with his father…. I strongly suspect that some of this slave labour instead of being used for agriculture is being used for narcotics….. but none of the profits are staying in the country but being put in banks by these mafia outside of the country….. I also suspect that they are heavy into organ harvesting…. and most probably pedophilia and human trafficking…. some of the reasons why if anyone goes to visit North Korea, they are given a “tour” which is completely organized and monitored every step of the way…. they do not want you to see anything…..

3. I doubt if they have nuclear weapons and I think all these failed missiles are a joke…. I am sure that the US criminals , Europeans , Middle East, South American, Asian and Russian are all most probably in on it along with the Rothschilds who love slavery and the Bushes….. I also think any time there are any kind of serious moves towards unification between the north and the south…. or any real threat to exposing what is really going on there, the mafia both there and outside the country start this song and dance routine…. I also think that they would rather blow the place up, both parties, than see the gross human rights abuses that have been going on there exposed for all the world to see…. and the truth will come out and make Afghanistan and their opium look like a walk in the park….. I also think that there is a lot of genetic human experimentation going on there and mind control…. makes Hitler and Mengele look like amateurs…

4. But the country itself is bankrupt… they get international “aid”for food….. and they have debts to pay back… so what do they do? They send their “slave labour” to other countries where they are basically kept in labour camps for over ten years, 7 days a week with no visits home…. they use this revenue to pay off their debt and for international aid….

I feel so desperately sorry for the people…. when they finish school they have to do 10 years military training and service…. all of them. Something I also noticed in the documentaries, other than the “leaders,” or should we call them mafia bosses….. there are no old people. Average age of the oldest looks 45 – 50 to me. Which also suggests something even more sinister.

These are my impressions and I could not help but think of that movie …. Cloud Atlas…. and specifically the links to slavery, leaking nuclear power stations which they all are doing all over the USA but nobody talks about this, during Obama’s term he even lowered the limit for exposure so that none of them would be illegal, call it slow kill and population reduction with increases in cancer …

…. and clones and slavery in… Korea….. Cloud Atlas  puts a whole lot of stuff together…. supposedly from different times in history…… but in fact these same themes are still running now simultaneously in present time…..

USA is really not that much different to Korea , think of the private prisons also used for slave labour…. paid for with tax payers money and outsourced to corporations…. the “war on drugs,” sometimes life for possession of marijuana, specifically African Americans…. keeps the supply going to meet the demand…. with 3d printing and computer technology…. they will not need them in the future. For every 1,000 people employed ten years ago, they now only need one, two at the most….

The brainwashing is the same except a different variety….. the CIA narcotics trafficking from South America and Afghanistan…. MKultra mind control…. still goes on, spying, vaccines, ID chipping…..POTUS becomes a demi-god and gets to live in the White House for one, maybe two terms in office. But like the North Korean Mafia he is still owned, controlled and dictated to by the banks, corporations and the military industrial complex.

I do not think that they will n-bomb North Korea…. not after all those slaves have basically rebuilt it. And if anytime soon north Korea changes, you can be sure that there was and is a drastic population reduction along with the introduction of computer technology and 3d printing. They needed all these people in the industrial age, hence the population explosion, but they do not need them anymore… they are culling….. China took the one child policy, if you do the math, by the end of this century their population will be reduced to maybe 500 million if that.

Japan is losing 1/3 thanks to Fukushima….. Russia is down to 150 million…… the Middle East has been nuclear depleted to hell and gone, Aids has and is still wiping out millions in Africa…….. all that remains is India, and I think they will take care of that with a war between India and Pakistan over Kashmir…..

Now they are trying to mix up the gene pool in Europe to get enforced genetic diversity….. as they have done in the USA and everywhere else to ensure continuation of the species and less interbreeding….. which creates morons….

ok I shut up now…

10 Days in North Korea. Inside the most isolated country in the world 

North Korean Labor Camps – VICE NEWS – Part 1 of 7 



6 thoughts on “Thoughts On North Korea

  1. “I doubt if they have nuclear weapons”

    Very bold and in-line with new thinking.

    Can actually apply your thought to any nation w/ nukes… We have to back-up a long ways and take total control of the ‘narrative.’ We have to be the Ones asking the questions now.

    IMHO, NK is one of the PTB’s ‘rogue states.’ Held in their back pocket as an available ’emergency exit strategy’ when things feel particularly ‘hot.’


    • I came to the same conclusion….in the same way they controlled Saddam Hussein until he went walk about, in the same way they control ISIL….


  2. Interesting thoughts. North Korea is the gateway drug to a planned pending invasion of China. I think NK has some nukes or the US would’ve Saddam’s them by now. The western power structure is so purposefully void of decent ideas on how to save the petro dollar, the empire and fiend off automation, that all they think about is war and massive depopulation. They will not survive the destroyed world they’re making either. They keep pushing and the hand of God keeps holding it back. China and Russia can do the New Silk Road and play a waiting game but doubt America gives them the chance.


    • Not only have China and Russia had enough of them, they have betrayed their own people, which is a very dangerous position to be in. Their own people are disgusted by their leaders… and their own people will bring them down. No matter what China and Russia do or do not do. The die is set.


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