Monsanto, Universal Healthcare, Mitt Romney, Bain and the Men Behind The Curtain


by Katherine Frisk:

I would like to ask you five questions: 

  1. How many of you have either actively or passively supported the March Against Monsanto and the fight for seed freedom and food security? 
  2. How many of you are concerned about the concept of “universal healthcare” no matter which country in the world you live? 
  3. How many of you remember who Mitt Romney is? 
  4. How many of you are familiar with a corporation called Bain Capital? 
  5. How many of you are familiar with the name John D. Halpern? 

Bohemien Grove – Moloch Owl

If you cannot answer the last two questions, then rest assured that most people can’t. Bain is a vehicle while Halpern is one of the many, and there are many, “men behind the curtain.” He is a member of ” the club”  that George Carlin referred to and which you, a “deplorable,” will never be part of.

Though in the final analysis, most people would not want to be part of this “club,” because they are the same crowd who frequent Bohemien Grove, hold “cremation of care” ceremonies in the middle of the night in front a giant owl that represents Moloch, the primary Canaanite “god” in the Valley of the Dead at Geheena, and have mock human burnt sacrifices, though some people do question the “mock” of it.

Note the progression of the above five questions.

The first two are essential to human survival and well-being. Food and health.

The third involves politics and the people who we vote into power.

The fourth is part of the many faceted, interlinked, monopolistic, corporate fascist structures that own and control the world’s economy. 

The last is one of the men, one of the hidden hands, that sits in the front seat of the vehicle that controls the politicians who make the laws and regulations that control our health regulations and health care and our food security. Often sweepingly referred to as “the elites,” or “the oligarchs.”

We will deal with each as separate issues but by the end of this article you will see the interconnectedness and will have a map, a reference point to work with that applies to so many aspects of our lives.

The same formula can be applied to almost anything that society has and will confront in the 21st century. Whether we are dealing with grassroots issues, political structures and politicians (very few are the likes of  Andrew Jackson, Charles August Lindbergh and John F. Kennedy,) banks and corporations or those illusive men with their hidden hands who sit behind the curtain where nobody can see them or even know that they exist.


Monsanto And Food Security

2013 World Wide March Against Monsanto

The three biggest concerns with Monsanto  since the global March that first captured the world’ s attention in 2013,  are as follows:

  1. The use of highly poisonous herbicides such as Round-up-ready that have been proved to cause cancer, organ failure and infertility.

In spite of denial by the company and counter propaganda, in October 2016  scientists and activists from all over the world gathered at the Monsanto Tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, aimed at exposing and holding Monsanto to account for atrocities against humanity and the environment.

       2. Global Internationally Controlled Corporate farming, which takes over small, medium and large fams and seed production, that were once owned and run by the people who are citizens in any given country, and have been for generations.

The most devastating effect that this has had on any population can been seen in India where the government stopped all subsidies to the farmers and handed over seed control to Monsanto. India’s farmers were forced to buy and plant Monsanto GMO seeds, thousands of whom could not afford the higher prices and in order to escape rising debt  and bankruptcy, committed suicide. In other words, the Indian Government took seed control out of the hands of the people of India and handed it to a global corporate, fascist entity.

A similar situation occurred in Ukraine with what Stratfor called “the most blatant coup in history in 2014. Long before the Maiden, Monsanto had been cutting deals with Ukrainian politicians for the ownership and control of farm land which is some the richest and most productive in Eastern Europe. But this would require a change in government policy that  previously did not allow the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture, a change that many elected politicians at the time were reluctant to make, along with land rights which also prevented non-Ukrainians from buying out Ukrainian farmland.  The Ukraine “color revolution” and the engineered coup was the result, soon to be followed by a civil war between Eastern Ukraine in the Donbass region who did not see the “newly elected government” in Kiev  installed by politicians  like Victoria Nuland, Joe Biden, John McCann and Lindsey Graham, as legitimate.

      3. Genetic manipulation and the patenting of seeds.  

Farmers all over the world have been either fooled by false research, manipulated, bribed or forced into using Monsanto seeds, specifically maize (corn) and soya. These seeds have two major traps for all farmers.

Firstly they are patented and if farmers do try to propagate their own seeds from their own crops, as they have done for centuries, they can be sued under copyright. laws, made bankrupt through endless litigation, forced to sell their land to cover their rising debts and often end up in jail.

This suits the international, global, corporate fascist GMO companies like Monsanto,  Beyer, DuPont Pioneer and John Deere, who are already waiting like vultures to grab the farmland at pennies on the dollar.

Politicians are not there to protect and defend their own farmers who voted for them and put them into office in the first place, because the government has already been infiltrated and is controlled by puppets of these corporations, politicians who have no doubt had their palms very well-greased and have often been given free shareholding in the corporations themselves.

Even more sinister than the patenting of seeds , are terminator seeds and tubers  (potatoes are one example) from which a farmer cannot propagate and are only of value for one crop after which the farmer is forced to buy more seed and tubers from the company at marked up prices , along with their herbicides which have been proved to be poisonous and dangerous to consumer’s health.

The prototype of Monsanto and other GMO entities such as Beyer, DuPont Pioneer, Syngenta and John Deere, is a basic model that can be applied across the board to all multi-national companies and their globalization creed.  They respect no borders, no boundaries, no elected governments  or health regulations, and they certainly do not respect the people in the countries in which they operate. It is not surprising to find that at one stage in Monsanto’s history, they employed the services of Bain & Co, who as we shall see further on, has a similar business model.


Universal Healthcare 

“The National Health Service (NHS) is the name of the public health services of England, Scotland and Wales, and is commonly used to refer to those of Northern Ireland. They were established together as one of the major social reforms following the Second World War on the founding principles of being comprehensive, universal and free at the point of delivery. Today, each provides a comprehensive range of health services, the vast majority of which are free for people ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom.”

The NHS is not “free.” The NHS is only possible due to UK taxpayers.  National heathcare has been possible  because of contributions paid by all residents in the UK itself. Without tax payers money, it would not exist.

If, in the future, which does not look far off,  healthcare and/or  many of the pharmaceutical products that the NHS provides , is “outsourced,”  and either in whole or in part, privatised and sold to mega-corporate entities, then “universal healthcare” contributions paid by UK tax payers could very well escalate to alarming degrees and put the already stressed public under even more  pressure.

Unlike a government service which is answerable to the voters and taxpayers who are paying for it and investing in their own country, multi-national private insurance and pharmaceutical companies exist for one reason and one reason only. To make as much profit as possible with mark ups of sometimes 1,000 % over and above cost price, in many cases even higher.

In 2013 two names turned up in the NHS. Bain Capital and Mitt Romney, a man who the previous year had run as the Republican candidate for the President of the USA.

 ‘Is there no limit to what this Government will privatise?’: UK plasma supplier sold to US private equity firm Bain Capital – Sell-off puts blood supply at risk, warns Lord Owen 

“The Government was tonight accused of gambling with the UK’s blood supply by selling the state-owned NHS plasma supplier to a US private equity firm.

The Department of Health overlooked several healthcare or pharmaceutical firms and at least one blood plasma specialist before choosing to sell an 80 per cent stake in Plasma Resources UK to Bain Capital, the company co-founded by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, in a £230m deal. The Government will retain a 20 per stake and a share of potential future profits.”


Mitt Romney

What woke me up to Bain and Mitt Romney? A documentary called, “When Mitt Romney Came To Town.”

It is a very good example of  a “consultancy”  firm infiltrating and taking over small , medium and large private enterprise in the USA. Asset stripping the country and exporting these companies under an umbrella of multi-national corporations like Raytheon, who in turn is associated with Bain, in order to take advantage of slave labour in Mexico and China where there are no labour unions or minimum wage requirements.

What Mittens and his associates left behind was pure devastation for middle class America, which by 2017 had still not recovered, and are now referred to by certain politicians as the “deplorables.”

People like Romney and his associates, have no sense of social responsibility and do not see any value in nation-state interests, but only see the world in terms of international, full spectrum, economic dominance where the interests of communities, societies and nations are swept aside.

It is people like Mitt Romney who support the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Trans Atlantic Investment Partnership where multi-national corporations are no longer subject to any government legislation, have their own law courts where they are both judge and jury, and where none of them ever pay tax in the countries in which they operate. Taxes as far as they are concerned, are for the “little people,” the “deplorables.” 

The second thing that woke me up to Bain and Mitt Romney was an article written by Gordon Duff on Veterans Today: Romney Leaks: Drugs, Blood Diamonds and a Cuban Mistress (Updated) 

Nigerian Women abducted by Boko Harem, forced to wear tents and sold into sex slavery

This was when I realized the link between the “CIA,” US politicians; arms sales to Boko Harem and Islamic State “terrorists,”  in other words the military industrial complex and companies like Raytheon who in turn are linked to Bain; Saudi, Qatari and UAE interests who intend taking over the whole of North Africa and their resources through sacreligiously using “Wahhabi extremist Allah Akbar religion” as a cover; and lastly Israeli trade in blood diamonds.

Please make a note of the fact that we have a “Christian,” Romney is a Mormon. “Muslims,” Boko Harem –  ISIL. And the “Jews,” Israelis and people like Sheldon Adelson.

“God “ and religion has got nothing to do with it! Throw into this mix corrupt African politicians, investors, arms traders and human traffickers who are benefiting from slave labour all over Africa and profiting  at the expense of their own people, and racism has got nothing to do with it either.

Zimbabwe is one example where Mugabe and his ZANU PF have been using their own people as slaves and trading blood diamonds with Israel, while Israeli companies in turn ensured that the Zimbabwe elections were rigged and Mugabe and his ZANU PF stayed in power. Mugabe by the way, is a Jesuit and was educated by Jesuits in Zimbabwe…. file that for later. And if you want to know more about the Jesuits in Africa, ask Ethiopia. Jesuits, like ISIL,  are the religious “colonizing arm” of “the club. “

Here is a quote from Duff’s article. At the time in 2012, it was a full frontal slap in the face to reality. I have learnt a lot since then.

Zimbabwe- Mining For Blood Diamonds


There is an African end of this story.  A CIA agent named “Tony,” working South Africa, part of a team of agents there, all Mormons, contacted a professional associates of mine.  (an intelligence agency director)

South Africa is my “turf” also.

“Tony” as he called himself was working with a US law firm and was tasked with investing $120 billion in drug profits, maybe from Afghanistan, in South Africa.  He told our representatives he was looking for mining properties worth more than $200 million each.

“Tony” met, not just with us, but with dozens of other groups in South Africa.  Tony is, what we call in the spy business, “burned.” Tony’s group works with UNITA, a terrorist organization, sometimes supported by North Korea, Israel, the US and China.  The former Angolan revolutionary organization is now “for hire,” and “terrorism on demand” with a reach that covers a dozen nations.

Their task, as South African intelligence indicates, is to buy up South Africa and take over the rest of Southern Africa through running terrorist groups out of the DRC or Democratic Republic of the Congo.  On their list is Kenya and other nations. 

Their method of operation is to finance themselves with blood diamonds, sent through agents to Tel Aviv, money to be handled by Bain Capital/Romney, then to China where arms are purchased and shipped to terrorists in Africa, “Al Qaeda, Boko Harum and UNITA.

The details of the deal were set up a month ago.  Currently, UNITA is having difficulty coming up with their end, the $1.2 billion a year in diamonds they promised.

On the Israeli end, Romney, while traveling there with Las Vegas casino boss, Sheldon Adelson, met with diamond traders at what was supposed to be a/an (illegal) fundraiser. 

It was something else, putting together one link in the diamonds, terrorism, money, narcotics trade which, working with Bain, the Bush family, Mormon groups in the CIA and the Mossad, meant to take over all of Africa. 

Mitt Romney is he same man who was running as a Republican candidate for President in 2012.

As many of my readers are aware, I am South African. I certainly did not appreciate this line:

Their task, as South African intelligence indicates, is to buy up South Africa and take over the rest of Southern Africa through running terrorist groups out of the DRC or Democratic Republic of the Congo.  On their list is Kenya and other nations. ” 

It was not the terrorists in this extract that bothered me so much, they have become part and parcel of Africa’s landscape, like crocodiles, poisonous snakes and Rhino horn poachers. Shoot dead on sight!

It was the “buy up South Africa”  that did it!  Let me put it this way. I am not a fan of Romney, Bain or any of the other people mentioned in this article, and I very much doubt if I will ever be. And if you ask me, the latest spewing coming out of the ANC and Julius Malema about “white land grabs”  in South Africa –  Zimbabwe Style, is most probably greased with Bain, Israeli, Gulf State and Monsanto money. And if they do not get that right, they will instigate black on white violence in the country, through yet another “color revolution,” (funding both sides of course) until it looks like Syria, Libya and Ukraine look today. Then swoop in and take over all the resources for peanuts from a decimated population.


 Bain Capital

CIA mercenary armies and intelligence operatives  are often blamed as the cause of many of the conflicts around the world.

But the “CIA” has become an all-encompassing term used for any and all covert operations that have been funded by “special interests” who pay private mercenary companies to act nationally and internationally for the benefit of  “elite oligarchs” and billionaires, banks and corporations.

Today there are many other “secret services” that are based on the same CIA  model, entities who work on an international level for the highest bidder, with no government oversight or legislation passed in any congress or parliament.

The “men behind the curtain”  who pay for this carnage, come from all nationalities, races, and religions, though they would have you believe otherwise. Racial and religious acrimony between different groups of people, are merely two tools at their disposal used to cause social and political chaos in order that they can achieve their overall objectives of asset acquisition and total power and control of different populations. Often genociding one group for the benefit of another.

Behind “corporations” is yet another hidden hand, and this hand takes the form of consulting companies who absorb the company that has foolishly  employed them as consultants in the first place, bringing them into line with the policies of the NWO, unipolar, corporate fascist system of economic full spectrum dominance. It is similar to being forced to pay the local mafia Don and play by his rules in order to stay in business, and give anyone who he happens to bring around to your office a top position in your company and a fat paycheck to go with it.

The CEOs and executives of the company are then replaced by the consultant’s own people who are drawn from a pool of graduates from the top universities who in turn during their years at university have been co-opted by “CIA” agents in secret societies like Yale’s  Skull And Bones, who in turn are part of the system of control in the banks, corporations and the consulting firms. Goldman Sachs for example, works as a “consultant” to the Vatican as well as being intricately connected to the EU bank and is now very much part of the Trump administration. As with the Marines and the Jesuits, once a “Goldman, always a Goldman,” no matter which field any individual might move onto in the future. Some become Prime Ministers.

This is one of the ways that the ever illusive NWO and creeping globalization has taken over lucrative small, medium and large privately owned businesses without having to buy them out,  but by infiltration and co-opting them into some of the biggest monopolies that the world has ever seen. Another term for this hidden hand is “The Deep State,” and the “Deep State”  has a hand in almost every country on the planet.

Countries where they do not have full spectrum economic dominance are easy to spot. You can identify them by any one of the following: Currency crisis; protests and demonstrations for any number of reasons be they valid or invented; political upheaval and intra-party conflicts ; economic collapse; sanctions imposed on that country for any real or invented reason; a “colour revolution” leading to a an engineered civil war or a war against the country under the guise of fake evidence of human rights abuses or a false flag event set up to blame that country for contravening international law.

The city of Aleppo is a very good example of an industrial centre  that had over 65,000 small, medium and large companies that were owned by the Syrian people. Not nationalised and owned by the state of Syria. Or controlled by a small handful of Syrian corporations or “consultants.” But by the Syrian people of Aleppo themselves.

Their hard work and dedication contributed to the overall economic stability and wealth of the country as a whole. As a result a large portion of the Syria’s tax revenue came from Aleppo, used by the government to provide a high standard of free and affordable education and health care for all the people of Syria, without putting the country or their own people into debt with compulsory overpriced “universal healthcare.” This is NOT social welfare. It is not “free.”  It is paid for with tax revenue.

It is certainly not  Obama Care which has been sold as “social welfare,”  it is a mega-corporate insurance scam, much like the private prison system, robbing tax payers blind. Proposed “universal healthcare” in the US will work in a similar way as private prisons. As Duane wrote in  Free Market Shooter blog, 

“Prisoners are their only “customer”, if you want to call them a customer at all; the “customers” are provided by the government, who pays private prison companies for their incarceration. What else makes private prisons so profitable? This should also be obvious – having as many facilities and customers as possible. They have every incentive to encourage laws that keep as many incarcerated as possible, as it increases their “customer” base. Moreover, they then sell the “labor” from prisoners to companies who source prison labor at bargain basement prices, increasing their margins even further.”

In the case of  “universal healthcare,” the mega-corporate insurance companies are joined at the hip to a conglomerate of hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Tax payer’s money is not only paying to keep their corporations in business, but at profit margins that are marked up by sometimes as much as 1,000 % if not more. If there is any “social welfare ” to speak of, it is welfare for these companies.

This is not to the benefit of the taxpayer who never sees any real returns on their investment , or those in need of healthcare, but to the benefit  of “the men behind the curtain” who become immensely wealthy as a result.

Food stamps in the USA work on the same principle. Again this is not socialism. The printing of the stamps is “outsourced” to the banks who are paid handsomely with tax payers money, a similar scam to the Federal Reserve Bank and their usury dollar printing presses backed by nothing but fresh air. Tax revenue in the US has become big business for banks and corporations, a system that they have and want to export all over the world through their multi-national corporations and banking system.

Tax revenue should be an investment made by the US tax payer in their own country, where they see a return on their investment and the money is used for their benefit.

In Syria on the other hand, high standards of free and affordable healthcare was achieved by tax payer’s money actually being used for the benefit of the people who paid those taxes, as the NHS in the UK once was, until it got infiltrated by people like Mitt Romney and Bain.

Aleppo was, if anything, a role model for real capitalism, an economy by, for and of the people of Syria, and became a target for monopolist corporate fascist entities outside of the country.

Aleppo was once an economic hub of the Middle East prior to the engineered “Arab Spring” attempt to overthrow the Assad government. What followed was the invasion of that city by bought and paid for ISIL terrorists sold to the world as “Syrian” rebels, even though the majority of them were not even Syrian.

These invaders were funded, armed and trained by over 100 “special interests” in over 40 different countries, including the all-illusive and all-encompassing “CIA” from 2011 onwards. Every movable piece of industrial equipment was asset stripped along with all their merchandise and shipped across the border into Turkey. Then all their shops and factories were blown up by ISIL. By 2016 when the city was finally freed by the Syrian Arab Army, Aleppo and the industrial centre lay in ruins.

It is the old strategy of war where you infiltrate and become the enemy that you want to overthrow then change the system from within, be that the CEOs and top management of a company; grassroots movements like March Against Monsanto;” an economic protest  like “Occupy Wall Street;” a political movement like the “Arab Spring” which was infiltrated and taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt funded by Gulf State billionaires; a political party; a government or even a whole country, steering it and bringing into a unipolar system of top down control.

The Jesuit Order has been practicing this system for centuries and in the USA since the founding of Georgetown University in 1789, has sent out their agents, both covert and overt in order to accomplish their mission statement in the Jesuit Oath.  You can bet that there are Jesuits in every single Christian denomination, every  mosque and synagogue, and in every single “new age ” group. Joe Biden, Vice President under the Obama administration is a Jesuit. Vice President  Mike Pence under the Trump administration is a Jesuit.

So now we have Jesuits, Zionist  Goldman Sachs, “consultants” to the Vatican who have been appointed to top positions in the White House and all that is missing is a Saudi Prince and we will be back to the Bush Administration and another 9/11 inside job involving all three, this time aimed at Iran.

Which brings me back to Bain Capital as one example of many in this incestuous web of corruption, deceit and pure greed that has spread like a virus into all our systems.  Though in this case, the takeover was far more subtle than the above example I have given of Aleppo. But it does highlight how the hidden hand of “consultants” infiltrate and then take over any company that is not subject to the “Mafia Don” and the “club’s “ policies on an international scale of full spectrum economic dominance and corporate fascism, wiping out in its path any real free market economies based competitive pricing and supply and demand ( not fixed contracts)  and small, medium and large companies of the people in any country, by the people and for the people as we saw in Aleppo before it was destroyed.

Bain Capital

In 1987 Nancy J. Perry with Susan Caminiti wrote an article in Fortune titled: Bain: A consulting firm too hot to handle? (Fortune, 1987) .

It should have sounded a warning around the world to anyone and everyone involved in any type of industry and commerce. But it didn’t  and no doubt very few people paid attention to it or even read it even though back in the day, the MSM had not yet become the “fake news” corporate controlled body that it is now, with suppression of free speech and real investigative journalism.

But that was long before people like Gary Web, 9/11 Truth, Aaron Swartz, Michael Hastings and so many others have been silenced. Here are some select extracts. Bold emphasis is mine in order to highlight all the themes we have been following throughout this article.

“Bain & Co., which counts former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney as an alumnus (and former CEO). Romney co-founded the spin-off investment firm Bain Capital in 1984. The following story takes a close look at some of the benefits and pitfalls of the consulting firm’s famously aggressive business approach.,,,, 

On a January morning four years ago, 30 sleek, immaculately turned-out executives sat tensely at a ring of tables in a large conference room at the Hyatt Rickeys Hotel in Palo Alto. They had flown in from all over the world for a regular partners’ meeting of Bain & Co., a Boston-based management consulting firm. Their attention was riveted not on a discussion of the firm’s revenues but on a speakerphone placed on a table in the center of the room.

Rising out of the ether was the voice of John Theroux, Bain’s managing partner in London. He was describing a palace coup in progress at Guinness PLC, one of Bain’s largest clients. Ernest Saunders, the Guinness managing director who had hired Bain, was trying to unseat Deputy Chairman Anthony Purssell, the man who had brought Saunders in to head the company. Because it was in the Bain firm’s interest to have its man indisputably in charge, Theroux was seeking advice on how to help Saunders consolidate his position.

For the next two hours the partners were canvassed for ideas on how to place Purssell in such an untenable situation that he would have to quit. Ultimately a strategy was devised. ”It was quite cold-blooded,” recalls a partner who attended. Within the month Purssell was out, and Saunders was alone at the top.

The creator of ”relationship consulting,” Bain has built its business on the close ties that it develops with chief executives. Among the comparatively few people who know its work, the firm has become noted for the enormous power it wields with clients, for the cloak-and-dagger mystique that surrounds it, and for the shrewd, suave people it employs. Starting salaries in excess of $60,000 lure the sharpest, most presentable MBAs from Harvard and Stanford.

The brainchild of one man, William W. Bain Jr., 49, Bain & Co. has created a new type of management consultant, the quasi-insider, privy to his client’s secrets, who works directly with the CEO. to help put into effect the consulting firm’s recommendations. As the Guinness affair was to show, it’s a concept that can be pushed too far.

And it has been pushed too far since 1987. This model has now become the basic framework internationally for full spectrum economic dominance in line with globalization which has destroyed the livelihood of millions and created massive unemployment internationally.  Guinness is not the only company in the world that has been infiltrated and basically taken over by these “hidden hands,” countries who once had small, medium and large private enterprises of the people of those countries, by the people of those countries and for the people of those countries, where tax revenue was invested in their own government and used for their benefit, have been vanishing over the last 27 years.

Taxes were not siphoned off into the pockets of some international monopolistic giant under the guise of “outsourcing to mega-corporations and banks – social benefits , food stamps, private prisons, health insurance or GMO seeds,” who never pay taxes themselves and instead are registered in offshore post boxes on little islands in the middle of nowhere. This is not a free market system. It is certainly not capitalism. If anything it is a feudal system of slavery controlled by members of “the club,” up to and including privately owned toll gates, much like the ones in the feudal system controlled by the nobility. If anything, it is time Robin Hood came to town. But back to Bain.

Notoriously secretive about itself and its work for clients, Bain has over the years been labeled the ‘‘KGB of Consulting,” (you could equally as well say the“CIA“) .. “or a ”Moonie commune” run by the ”Reverend” Bain. Bain consultants seem possessed by a mission to increase the ”total economic value” of their clients. Like religious zealots, they single-mindedly dedicate themselves to improving their customer’s competitive position. Business is a holy war that the client must win and the competition must lose……  

… revenue” comes “from consulting for overseas clients, now the fastest-growing part of Bain’s business.… . Bain & Co. also has offices in London, Munich, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo…. 

To hook the big boys, Bain consultants sell not a 50-pound report but tangible results. To that end, Bainies stick around to implement their recommendations. This also helps the firm achieve another of its objectives — to grow its billings from a client every year. With Bainies swarming all over them, it becomes difficult for clients to disengage themselves from the firm.Says one: ”They anchor themselves in the stomach of the business.”…

In 1984 the firm set up Bain Capital, a limited partnership run by W. Mitt Romney, .. The partnership invests in start-up companies and buyouts of small to medium-size firms…The firm also plans to acquire ownership in larger private companies. Grumbles James Kennedy, publisher of Consultants News: ‘‘What they are doing flies in the face of everything we know about ethics in management consulting.” …..  

What James Kennedy failed to note, is that it was John D. Rockefeller  in the late 19th century – early 20th century who did not believe in competition,  but monopolies and was a precursor to Bain,  while his grandson David Rockefeller took it to a whole new level and went international. David was one of the founders of globalization while his father John D Rockefeller Jr. read Karl Marx and was an admirer. Along with other members of the Federal Reserve Bank, they funded Lenin and Trotsky and later Adolf Hitler. These men have never been capitalists in any real sense of the word and have never supported an educated, self empowered and economically sound middle class. They do not want the middle class to be job creators, they want the middle class to be dependent on  them in one way or another for their  survival.  Only a two tier system of the deplorable masses and a small elite. They are monopolists, whether it takes communism, fascism or corporate fascism to achieve it.

Says John Halpern, one of the firm’s founders: ”We’ve become more and more explicit in our description of the conditions under which we’ll work for a client.”…. In addition to the requisite sense of partnership with the CEO, he says, there now must also be a ”collaborative relationship with the organization.” Indeed, Bain offers a free acquaintanceship period to see if consultant and client can work together.

By now I am sure you get the picture of Bain, Mitt Romney,  the corporate fascist system and their mission to globalize full-scale economic dominance, at the same time destroying small, medium and large-scale private business in all countries, “of, by and for the people”  and undermining nation states and their independence.

But let’s take a closer look at the families themselves, the “elite club” members and how they think and function in their private lives.

Franklin Scandal

It is not that much different to their economic policies, in fact their economic policies are an extension of their lack of morals, values and ethics on the home front.

We have the Franklin Scandal, young boys shipped into the White House during the Reagan and George Bush senior administrations. Bill Clinton and his continuous extra marital affairs as well as being one of the many names listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s little book of contact numbers for all the “club” members who joined him on the Lolita Express, with group sex and pedophile parties… and then there are the names, still not all arrested or fully  exposed in top positions in UK and EU politics, banking and commerce, connected to necrophiliac Jimmy Saville who provided them with children from orphanages to abuse. . and often murder.

Again, if we look at the people involved, they cross racial, religious and national border lines. These “club” members cannot be defined within any of those parameters, many names on Epstein’s list for example, include South American drug lords, Gulf State princes, Asian billionaires and African arms dealers.

As one commentator correctly put it, the film Eyes wide shut is a documentary, “ and I would like to add, 50 shades of Grey”  is a sadomasochist sex manual to educate the ignorant “deplorables.”

For thousands of years the king, the nobility or the “lord” of the manor, had the right to break the virginity of all the women in his kingdom. In other words, the firstborn child of any woman under his jurisdiction was in all likelihood his son or daughter. This bound the population to the king in allegiance, regarded in more ways than one as their “father,” a patriarchal system of absolute authority, “the king can do no wrong”  and has a “divine right to rule,” that over five thousand years has dominated almost every society on earth at one time or another.

In today’s society these” illegitimate” children who are the result of sexual relations outside of the “patriarch’s”  own marriage vows, are often cultivated, given the best education and later seemingly suddenly rise like “stars” in the ranks of politics and commerce and appear to come from out of nowhere. But in reality are tied by blood to their illegitimate paternal blood lines who use them as a cover to achieve their own goals from behind the curtain. Many prime ministers, presidents, politicians and CEOs of banks and corporations come from these ranks and they cross the boundaries of nationality, race and religion. The feudal system is not dead, it has only changed its colours like a chameleon.

Pedophilia, sexual, emotional and physical abuse and programming of these children binds them to an order of hierarchy of unquestioning obedience to the patriarchal authority in power. Sadomasochism is part and parcel of “normalcy” in these circles and has created a psychopathic, incestuous world leadership and control mechanism which the average person not only knows nothing about, but does not understand. The ultimate “initiation” is to sacrifice babies on the altar, often their own, in order to become a fully fledged member of the” hidden hand ” community. Shades of Bohemien Grove, Moloch, Geheena,  a burnt offering of human sacrifice and often symbolized by a ram’s horns. Where is Melchizedek when you need him?

The ten commandments, love your neighbour as yourself, do unto others… and equal justice for all is outside of their framework of reference. Winner takes all and survival of the fittest can best sum up their mindset. If lying, cheating, stealing, giving a false testimony or killing is what it takes, then that is what they will do to achieve their own ends.

In “elite” and “oligarch” circles the strategy of war, “infiltrate and takeover,” is also played out on a genealogical  level. Blood and blood lines become essential to asset stripping of one family line in “the club” by another. They play just as viciously amongst themselves, if not more so, as they do outside of their own circles.

The “firstborn” son, which to many today sounds like a very old-fashioned concept, has been the cornerstone of transference of wealth and power for generations. In order for one bloodline to take over another, incest has more often than not been the mechanism that was and often is still used.  A father or a brother would impregnate their own daughter or sister, as the case may be, and this woman would then marry into another family of wealth, power and influence claiming that the child is the “firstborn son” of her husband.  The patriarch was quite happy to marry off his daughter, or sister, but he made certain that the offspring of this union would be tied to him forever and literally written in blood.

This child would have been brought up in a very close relationship with his maternal “grandfather” or maternal “uncle,” and at some point in his childhood would be told the truth about his paternity and sworn to a blood oath, binding him forever by blood lines to the infiltrating family in order to take over the wealth, power and influence of the family that had been infiltrated. It can and does work equally as well the other way around. One day you might see the name “Trump”replaced with the name “Kushner” on those towers.

Today with DNA testing and what is more, the patenting of a family’s DNA, tracing blood lines has entered the realm of science and is no longer only reliant on the adoption of a family name. In fact, that actual name becomes irrelevant in light of genetically inherited blood lines. It is the inherited DNA that has the right to assets going forward into the next generation, the wealth, power and influence inherited biologically from the former generation. Unless the deceased has left a will saying otherwise, in which case you can be sure that family members will contest it.  Like genetically modified produce that is patented by corporations, in the 21st century genetic DNA now becomes a legal issue, the ramifications of which will fill the coffers of any attorney involved in contested cases of DNA paternity, rights of inheritance and patents.

Not only that, but the children and grandchildren of men who have donated sperm and women who have donated ovaries, might discover that due to the documents that previous generations unwittingly signed, their own family DNA has been patented by a pharmaceutical company that they knew nothing about and they could find themselves being sued for copyright when they want to have children of their own.

The same game plan being applied by GMO companies like Monsanto and Beyer  to seeds, plants and animal produce, is being applied to human collateral. Slavery and slave ownership has taken on a very scientific bent. A human being by the very composition of their DNA at conception can be owned by a “corporate brand.”  In other words, “branded,” like merchandise to be bought and sold on any market.

Whole populations could literally discover that they are legally, by virtue of their DNA, owned lock, stock and barrel by somebody like Bain Capital or any one of their affiliates. Add in the infiltration and takeover of  systems like the NHS  and blood banks by companies like Bain Capital, DNA collection takes on a whole new meaning. By virtue of your DNA you could be labeled either a corporate  asset or a liability in which case you will be denied healthcare should your DNA show a propensity for certain illnesses and diseases at a future point in time. In other words, humanity as a whole, becomes regarded as merely cattle, to be bred, traded or slaughtered.


The Men Behind The Curtain

Let me present Bill Bain and the altar behind which he sat. If you study his desk, you will get a good measure of the man.

Bill Bain. In the centre there is an owl, symbol of Moloch, to the right of it a pyramid without the cap and to the right of that what looks like horns, one can only speculate whose horns they are. 

This is the man who started Bain & Co.What I find interesting in the article Bain: A consulting firm too hot to handle? (Fortune, 1987) from which I have already quoted above, is that Mitt Romney was already being primed to run for president and  Bill Bain, although appearing to be the front man, had already taken a back seat.

“Unlike the consultants who work for him, Bain does not put in long days, and weekends are devoted to his second wife, Colleen, 37, their two sons, 11 and 8, and a 2-month-old daughter. Bain also has a 28-year-old son from a previous marriage. ‘‘I spend a lot of time at home,” he admits. ”But I think a lot about the business.” “

So what are we left with? An army of consultants gleaned from the best universities who belong to secret societies like Yale’s Skull and Bones for one, and Mitt Romney, who has been very much in the limelight and open to public scrutiny.  Clearly there are more “hidden hands” than meets the eye. Remember this paragraph?

“...30 sleek, immaculately turned-out executives sat tensely at a ring of tables in a large conference room at the Hyatt Rickeys Hotel in Palo Alto. They had flown in from all over the world for a regular partners’ meeting of Bain & Co., a Boston-based management consulting firm. “

Who are the 30 and which countries do they come from? We are not given all the names or all the information. But it does sound very similar to another secret meeting held at Jekyll Island in November 1910 when Nelson Aldrich, A. Piatt Andrew, Henry Davison, Arthur Shelton, Frank Vanderlip and Paul Warburg laid the foundations for the usury Federal Reserve Bank which went on to control the US economy. The Fed had their fingers in the pie of Japan and the wars with both Russia and China, WW1, the Russian Bolshevik Revolution and WW2 after which the economies of the world have been controlled by the dollar which became the international reserve currency.

Judging from the way Bain Capital functions internationally, ensconcing themselves into “the stomach” of corporations and companies around the world like a “tape worm,” with an army of consultants, then you have to wonder how many other people have and are being groomed for an influential  position in politics, the military or in the economy by the “secretive club” behind Bain & Co all over the world … other than the obvious front man Mitt Romney?

One other name is briefly mentioned towards the end of Nancy J. Perry and Susan Caminiti”s article on Bain & Co. One John D. Halpern, a founder of Bain & Co, no different from either Aldrich, Piatt, Davison, Shelton, Vanderlip or Warburg 77 years before Nancy and Susan’s article was published.

Keep in mind that we are looking at 30 people from around the world in 1987, and Halpern was only one of them at this meeting. There is very little information available about him on the Internet, but then there never is with those who manipulate the system that we are looking at, of full-scale, globalized economic dominance with many other companies that have spawned themselves along the lines of Bain & Co, as the “CIA” model has spawned many other covert mercenary intelligence groups. This is what I can tell you:

Mr. John D. Halpern serves as a Partner of Halpern, Denny & Co. Mr. Halpern co-founded Halpern, Denny & Co. He is also a Partner at Boston Common Press. Prior to this, Mr. Halpern was for a period of 15 years, the Director of North American Client Development and Strategy, Founder, and Vice Chairman of Bain & Company, where he personally advised the Chief Executives of many Fortune 100 companies. During this period, Bain & Company grew at a 30 percent annual rate of more than $200 million in consulting revenue and developed a unique reputation for a practical, hands-on approach to business transformation. At Bain & Company, Mr. Halpern was the second largest shareholder and served as the Vice Chairman until 1990. Prior to the formation of Bain & Company, Mr. Halpern was a Consultant at Boston Consulting Group. He is a Member of the Board of Directors of Heartlab, Tealuxe, Johnny Rockets Group, and All Seasons Services, Inc. He served as Director of IRX Therapeutics Inc. Mr. Halpern was previously a Member of the Board of Directors of Barneys New York. He received an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School and is a graduate of Yale University, magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. 

And there is this, emphasis mine:

Halpern, Denny & Co. is a private equity and venture capital firm specializing in management buyouts and later stage expansion financings in middle markets. It prefers to invest in companies operating in the consumer; media and communications; distribution; specialty manufacturing; and healthcare sector and also prefers industries with significant entry barriers. The firm invests in United States and Canada. The firm seeks to invest between $5 million and $50 million in its portfolio companies and can also invest less than $5 million in cases where there is an opportunity of a follow-on investment. The firm also invests up to $100 million through co-investments. The firm seeks to invest in companies that are profitable or projected to be profitable within one year. Halpern, Denny & Co. was founded in 1991 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

How many small, medium and large privately owned companies in the US and Canada has Halpern infiltrated in management buyouts and unholy wars in order to establish a monopoly of full spectrum unipolar, economic world dominance?

How many media and communications companies have effectively been silenced and turned into propaganda outlets instead of reporting unbiased, truthful, honest and accurate information?

Does communication and distribution  also include social media and concepts like Jared Cohen  and Google Eric Schmidt’s The New Digital Age which Julian Assange described in the New York Times article,(2013) :  The Banality of ‘Don’t Be Evil’ as (emphasis mine) :

“…proselytizes the role of technology in reshaping the world’s people and nations into likenesses of the world’s dominant superpower, whether they want to be reshaped or not. The prose is terse, the argument confident and the wisdom — banal… This book is a balefully seminal work in which neither author has the language to see, much less to express, the titanic centralizing evil they are constructing.”

Does specialty manufacturing also include ID chips inserted in people’s bodies and facial recognition photography?

As for the healthcare sector, does that include blood banks, genealogy tracing family DNA, blood groups going back centuries and DNA patenting?


The Gulf War and 1991 is considered to be the birth of the New World Order, the same year Halpern, Denny & Co was founded, which according to George Bush senior, in his speech to congress the previous Year, September 11, 1990 Toward a New World Order::

“Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of … “  a new unipolar status of the United States, where as far as Bush was concerned,  there was “no substitute for American leadership.”

Ten years later when Bush junior became president, the Twin Towers were demolished along with Building Seven and a section in the Pentagon where investigations were being carried out into the missing $2,3 trillion ( which Rumsfield had admitted to only the day before) … was hit by a missile.

The situation has not changed. In July 2016 the headline read: Pentagon’s Sloppy Bookkeeping Means $6.5 Trillion Can’t Pass an Audit, in March 2017 $10 Trillion Missing From Pentagon And No One — Not Even The DoD — Knows Where It Is.

Since 1991 Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Eastern Ukraine have been decimated by war. …. this while in so-called “capitalist” western nations, the middle class, small, medium and large private enterprises, often family run businesses, have been taken over and absorbed into monopolistic corporate fascist buyouts, or put out of business by companies like Monsanto, Bain Capital and Halpern, Denny & Co.

This situation has been compounded by the 2008 stock market crash and the mortgage crisis, where tax payers money has been vacuumed into the major banks and millions have lost their properties, again bought out for pennies on the dollar by these same banks across the USA and Europe. Unemployment world-wide is at an all time high, economic instability threatens every nation and lunatics beat the drums of war against Russia in Eastern Europe, China in the South China Sea and against North Korea……

If anything right now,  the world desperately needs to find a “substitute leadership,” or rather go its own way and find its own leadership, because the New World Order and their unipolar vision,  is nothing more than a criminal “club” of interbred, psychopathic, murderers and thieves, who should either be arrested, tried and convicted or locked up in an insane asylum.

Of one thing I am absolutely certain. The people of Aleppo are an example to the rest of the world that we can and will throw these parasites, these tapeworms who have infiltrated our social, economic and political structures out of our system.  We can and will rebuild our lives ….. without them.





12 thoughts on “Monsanto, Universal Healthcare, Mitt Romney, Bain and the Men Behind The Curtain

  1. Incredible article! Thank you. You’ve outdone your already incredible standards. You really lay it all out there. We are fighting the devil itself, though we will even have to be careful going there, because this same ilk long corrupted the bible and used it, and their Roman Catholic Church, to bring down the Roman Empire, toss the world into a Dark Ages, and take over the earth from there. Now they play pretend allies, while fighting for turf and control, with another far more crude political system posing as a religion (islam). What we know as the criminal mafia has morphed into Bain/Bush and is hard to even tell apart now. In the Godfather movies, they talk of “going legit”. Here they are, they have brought the same tactics up into boardrooms, while offshoring their ill gotten profits. They have infected every area of soiciety and are even down in our bodies now with ill conceived frugs and nanotech, while their Google types infect the very nuerons in our brains. What else could that be but pure evil? How to fight it? Spreading the word, changing people’s minds, yanking one gone rouge politician out of office one after another, changing people into thinking morally, so they won’t join this insane system. Kill the leaders of it one by one? We may not have time for any of that. If “we” can freeze Iran, and drug lord’s assets, then all of this offshore money should be easy to grab as profits from an ongoing criminal enterprise and put back into an economy benefiting every person, yet they have things so corrupted in the courts, all this evil has a veneer of being legal. May the real God help us all.


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