TTIP: Might is Right – (vpro backlight documentary – 2015)

Considering that TRUMP is reconsidering the TTP Agreements , NAFTA and possibly TTIP that might raise its head again, we thought it a good idea to post this 2015 documentary. 

The proposed free trade agreement between the US and Europe (TTIP, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) causes concern about the European right to self-determination. The most controversial part of TTIP is ISDS: investor-state dispute settlement that will make it possible for companies to sue governments that damage their investments.

Tens of thousands of European citizens protested against TTIP, which would create the world’s largest free-trade zone. According to the Dutch government TTIP could be realized as soon as 2016. If the EU ratifies the trade agreement, critics fear that the scales will tilt toward North-American standards and values with regard to (food) safety, workers’ and consumer rights.

In order to understand the potential consequences of this, VPRO Backlight traveled to Canada, which became one of the most sued countries in the world after it entered into a trade agreement with the US. With: Steve Verheul (Canadian negotiator), Gus van Harten (Canadian lawyer and ISDS expert), Nikos Lavranos (former negotiator for the Netherlands) and British Korean economist Ha-Joon Chang.

Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2015.
© VPRO Backlight October 2015



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