Presidents Erdogan and Trump hold an uncomfortable looking press conference (Video)

Katherine Frisk note:

Considering that Turkey has facilitated ISIL al-Qaeda terrorists crossing into Syria in the last 6 years as well as the transport of weaponry often in NGO trucks, some of which was transported from Benghazi in Libya under Hillary Clinton;  

the total asset stripping in Aleppo of its industrial centre of machinery and merchandise which again was taken across the border into Turkey after which all the buildings were bombed;

Erdogan’s son making a fortune off stolen oil by ISIL from Syria and Iraq into Turkey which also involved Israel and Genel and Genie oil companies;

the genocide specifically against Orthodox Christians in Syria, a mirror of the Armenian Genocide less than 100 years ago,

…then like Donald Trump, I too am shocked! ( These opening words by Trump were edited out of the White House video but are included in the Ruptly video)

There is no truth in this press conference… it is a “diplomatic” standoff. Like the deals with Saudi Arabia, what spilled into this conference was Trump saying “military equipment was ordered by the President and we will make sure that it gets there quickly.” In other words, back to business as usual. Code speak… “American “interests.”

Like the deals now cut with Saudi Arabia for over $100 billion in weaponry, this has little to nothing to do with defeating ISIL terrorists, which are funded, armed, trained and supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, UK, USA and the CIA mercenary forces, it has got more to do with the military industrial complex corporations such as Lockheed Marin, Raytheon and Halliburton yet again making  profit out of death and destruction and a buildup to a major war in the Middle East between the Sunni Wahhabi Islamic States including Israel, against the Shia states of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Iran.  

Which makes you wonder what Trump and Lavrov had to smile about earlier this week? 

by Adam Garrie, The Duran:  

US President Donald Trump and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan have held a joint press conference which can only be described as cold and overly scripted.

In the awkward exchange Donald Trump spoke of Turkey’s role on America’s side in the Korean War and subsequent Cold War.

Trump then pledged to support Turkey against terrorist groups such as ISIS as well as the Kurdish PKK.

Erdogan spoke for a lengthier period than Donald Trump. He reiterated his stance against the PKK as well as the Kurdish YPG militias currently fighting in Syria.

The only problem is that America is a strong supporter of the YPG in the form of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) which are compromised primarily of YPG fighters and commanders. America has recently given heavy weapons to Kurdish forces in Syria as they prepare to advance on Raqqa, the capital of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS).

It remains unclear how America can be a Turkish and Kurdish ally at a time when both sides are fighting an open war in Syria and also in Iraq where America continues to maintain a large military presence.

It was one thing being a Turkish ally and covertly supporting Kurds in places like Iraq when Turkey wasn’t directly engaged in fighting Kurds in Arab countries, but now that this reality has changed, it is difficult to see how anyone, let alone a confused American administration could juggle this mutually incompatible alliance.

Indeed, recently, one of President Erdogan’s advisers spoke of how Turkish missiles might ‘accidentally’ strike US troops acting as a buffer between Turkish and Kurdish fighters in Syria. These are hardly the words of ‘allies’.

Erdogan also spoke of his continued fight against the proscribed Gulen organisation whose leader, Fethullah Gulen remains asylumed in the United States. America’s refuse to extradite Gulen who is wanted in Turkey on terrorism charges, continues to plague Washington-Ankara relations.

Beyond this, the two leaders spoke about continuing cooperation in trade, including in respect of arms sales, a somewhat strained topic as Turkey continues to pursue the purchase of Russian made missile defence systems.

Both leaders appeared less than exuberant during the press conference. This was miles away from the smiles and grins seen during Trump’s meeting with Russian Foreign Ministery Sergey Lavrov.

Much like the infamous 1960 US Presidential debates, those who listened on radio thought Richard Nixon won, but those who watched on television gave top marks to John F. Kennedy. The script from today’s press conference was predictable. The appearance of the two leaders looked anything but pleasant.





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