Katherine Frisk note: I think Mr. Farrell has a very good point here.

….to bring constitutional representative republics into doubt and question regardless of whether the “approved” candidate wins or not; already there are calls in the USSA for a constitutional convention, a process I personally think would be a disaster, allowing  Mr. Globaloney to walk off with stolen money and saddle the rest of us with bad debt.

The philosophy of the EU is “the crowds do not decide their own fate,”an  expression used after the Brexit vote shocked those who thought the “stay” memre would win with a comfortable margin.

Schulz: “The British have violated the rules. It is not the #EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate”. #TBC

— TaleofTwoTreaties (@Taleof2Treaties) June 27, 2016

Prior to that, we had the Greek Referendum to leave the EU, which was blatantly ignored and instead Greece was burdened with more debt in the form of loans from the IMF, loans that have not gone to rebuild Greece or create employment and industry in order to improve their economy, but loans that have immediately been siphoned off into the EU banks, those “too big to fail”entities that have been rigging the gold price and laundering both drug and terrorist funding for ISIL.  The Greeks now sit with compounding interest for these loans paid for by tax payers which has led to even more unemployment and austerity measures. One giant washing machine basically robbing the Europeans blind.

We also had the Brand Russell, who with his insane comedy was a propaganda exercise in attempting to convince people that voting was useless, a theme often put forward by many in the “alternate media,” which taking voter rigging into consideration as we saw with Bernie Sanders which was the most blatant Presidential election coup in US election history, clearly illustrated that “the crowds do not decide their own fate..” … until Trump won… which overturned the brainwashing and demonstrated that they did.

Though since April, many have lost faith in the Trump administration and strongly suspect that he was a ruse all along and it will be back to business as usual. Which means the US is back to square one again… see Ann Coulter’s interview to get a rough idea of how angry some Trump supporters really are by this 180 degree turn HERE.  People like Ann are NOT “guided by the beauty of their weapons.” 

So what is the bottom line? This is how we think it works in a real capitalist society:

Small, medium and large private enterprise with government regulations against monopolies, pay taxes and those taxes are used by the elected  constitutional representatives of a republic for the benefit of the people who have paid those taxes and invested in their own country in the form of free, though it is not free they have paid for it, healthcare, education, security, roads, public transport, energy, water delivery and pension funds as some examples.

This is how they are making it work and how they want it to work.

All business is absorbed and bought out by a handful of interconnected multi-national banks and corporations world-wide, a globalized system. Government becomes a small entity , elected officials are chosen and bought and paid for by them, and all taxes in a form of corporate fascist “socialism” is paid into these corporations and banks where the now “outsourced “previous services are controlled by them  at profit margins way above cost price and often over 1000 %.  These profits are for the benefit of the shareholders of the banks and corporations and the pockets of the CEOs of those companies. Agreements such as the TTP and the TTIP will solidify the system into law and enable them to sue any country in their own law courts , should that country pass any legislation that would interfere with their New World Order One World Government. This system overrides any and all Constitutions in any given country and a Bill of Rights. Please see this documentary HERE. Also see my article: Monsanto, Universal Healthcare, Mitt Romney, Bain and the Men Behind The Curtain

By trashing  elected  constitutional representatives of a republic of the people, by the people and for the people, discrediting them and encouraging voter rigging, they instill in the population a belief that the system does not work and that their system is far superior. Grexit attempted to buck the system, Brexit did buck the system, Le Pen if elected would have bucked the system, Russia bucked the system long ago and is now a target for propaganda and war rhetoric. Americans thought that Trump was going to buck the system and drain the swamp… but now the jury is out and many have lost faith…. Please also see some the best of Nigel Farage, who saw this train wreck coming years ago,  at the end of Joseph’s article.


by Joseph P Farrell:   

Well,you’ve probably been wondering why I haven’t talked about the French elections. Truth be told, it was in part because of out-of-town commitments, and in part because during the election itself, I “smelled a rat”, but we’ll get back to that. By now you’ve probably heard that M. Macron, the young up-and-coming-Rothschild-backed whatever-he-is, has become the President of France.

Sitting on the sidelines across the pond over here in the USSA, I felt a keen sense of deja vu… it was like the Darth Hillary-Donald Trump affair all over again: one couldn’t muster much enthusiasm for either, but one sensed (or rather, smelled) the distinct odor of corruption hovering over the whole thing. It was Le Pen vs. Macron, that is to say, a French nationalist with ties to a very right-wing, and in my opinion, historically fascist, party, versus stale musty same-old same-old euro-globaloney that people like the Rottenchilds and Rockefailures like to force down everyone’s throats. It was rather like watching an election between Robespierre or Danton, and Marshal Petain, being refereed by General Maurice Gamelin. Ms. Le Pen may have put the finest point on it when, during a debate with Mr. Macron, she said that regardless of the outcome of the election, the next president of France would be a woman, either her, or Frau Merkel. By this “Penine” logic, it would appear Frau Merkel won. Watching the whole circus, I couldn’t help but think “Where’s Talleyrand when you need him?”

Indeed, M. Talleyrand’s ghost, at least, may have been hovering over the election. At one point, a friend of mine reported to me (apparently we were both following the returns) that Mr. Macron’s lead was 66.06%, a percentage he found to be fishier than a mackerel on a moonlight beach: it both shined, and stunk. The problem, of course, is that Mr. Macron’s election, though expected, solves nothing. If anything, it means more of the same, and continued German domination of the European Union, and of France. The can, as they say, has been kicked down the road; German surpluses continue, immigration continues, the French state of emergency continues, and nothing is solved. This, I would aver, is a dangerous state of affairs, and Mr. Macron, like Mr. Trump, in a certain sense is an outsider, though certainly one with the approval of Mr. Eurobaloney and Mr. Globaloney. Better a fake outsider, like Mr. Macron, than a real one, like Ms. Le Pen.

But not all is well, and this is where it gets interesting. One was almost waiting for “the other shoe to drop”, since elections in the west these days look more and more like elections in Bolivia.

The shoe, according to articles that many regular readers here shared with me, just dropped (copy and paste into your browser:  ).  There was also this version of the story, also shared by many others (copy and paste: ).

I have to admit, the stories cause some difficulty for the formation of today’s “high octane speculation.” On the one hand, I do not doubt that there was election fraud in France in favor of Mr. Macron. What I have to question, is why? Most of the data that I saw had him clearly leading Ms. LePen, so why bother to add fraud to the procedure?  It would seem to be a self-defeating project. There are several possibilities here, but the two that stand out to me are a rather obvious one, and one that is not so obvious. The obvious one is that Mr. Macron’s support was actually softer than the public numbers showed, and that he had to be helped along a bit. I’ve suspected the same thing with respect to Darth Hillary in this country, and in particular in her “solid support areas” like Nuttyfornia. Perhaps Mr. Macron was facing similar prospects in the Ile de France and other supposedly “solid support” areas, and hence, according to the first article, torn ballots for LePen were mailed out, while double ballots for Macron were mailed out. The result is predictable: some are saying that he is not the legitimate President of France. And it’s that assessment that brings me to my second option in today’s high octane speculation grab-bag: the pattern of the last American election has been repeated in its broad outlines in France, with one notable exception: (1) allegations of fraud have been accompanied by (2) media spin(in the US case) or media blackout(in France’s case) following by (3) a questioning of the legitimacy of the results in both cases. What remains different, what remains the exception in France’s case, when one compares the two, is that in Mr. Macron’s case, the “deep-state approved” candidate won. So the question is, why the pattern?

I can only speculate here, but my guess highlights the second option: it may be that we’re seeing this pattern because the real goal is:

 ….to bring constitutional representative republics into doubt and question regardless of whether the “approved” candidate wins or not; already there are calls in the USSA for a constitutional convention, a process I personally think would be a disaster, allowing  Mr. Globaloney to walk off with stolen money and saddle the rest of us with bad debt.

France, of course, has been through several constitutions since the French Revolution, and would be much more easily open to such a process. In other words, it is not because it is Ms. Le Pen making these allegations that I am concerned, it is because of the nature of the allegations themselves, and that we may be looking at a contrived pattern, a new ploy in the playbook, by Mr. Globaloney, that I am concerned.

All that’s missing is for the French to blame it on the Russians.

See you on the flip side…



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