Saudi Arabia, Trump, Arms Deal And Gold

by Katherine Frisk: 

What gives this whole story away is a staircase, an escalator in fact, an escalator made of gold with a Saudi King descending on it, and the words “God Bless You” painted on the aircraft from which he has just embarked. Both these glaringly obvious signposts should strike you, as a person living in the real world, as totally ridiculous!

Let’s deal with the “God Bless” you first. This coming from a “kingdom” where billionaires have been funding the most heinous group of “terrorists” that the world has seen since the Rwanda genocide. Not only against  Arabs, but against Muslims as well as many other religious groups, all for the purpose of splitting up Syria and annexing the north to Turkey. the west including the Golan Heights and Damascus to Israel and the east to “Islamic State” ( read Arab Gulf countries,) for oil and gas pipelines through to Turkey and into Europe.

You can figure out the routes for yourself, all countries that have had “color revolutions”of one sort or another in the last ten to fifteen years.The Balkans, Ukraine and Crimea for example, would be  pivotal areas in oil and gas from Turkey and then on into the rest of Europe. This has been long in the planning, going back to WW2 and the unfinished business of the alliance between Nazi Germany and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“God” has nothing to do with it, although the perpetrators of this genocide have been screaming “Allah Akbar” from Mosul to Raqqa  and Ankara through to Aleppo for almost seven years now!

Any sane person would also realize that the people of Iran, Iraq and Syria have no illusions about who is behind this ongoing travesty and why. They are also aware of the money laundering that has been made available to Gulf State billionaires through European Banks such as HSBC and Deutsche bank from narcotics trade, in order to buy western weapons, training and pay for the services of private mercenary armies from the CIA amongst others. None of this has been sanctioned in the UK parliament, the US congress or in any other number of countries who have been complicit in what has amounted to WW3 and Armageddon.

All we have heard from them is some mumbling about the Syrian opposition, rebels and the Assad must go mantra. The bottom line here is that none of this has been legally sanctioned in the government of any country involved or at the United Nations, but has been carried out through “private” donors, corporations and weapons manufacturers who have seen ever rising profits over the last coupe of years.

TOW missiles, Toyota trucks and “chemical weapons” do not come cheap.  Neither do “White Helmets” apparently! Or the propaganda Jihad John “blue screen” beheadings, Tweets, Facebook comments, videos and Oscar Awards that go with them.

It is no wonder that Obama made this statement at one point, “we have no Middle East policy,” because quite frankly, he didn’t. Not in Congress, Not in the Senate. Other than that minor blimp where a “no fly zone” over Syria was voted down.

In spite of all the money and effort that has gone into the destruction of Syria and Iraq, they are still standing.  And they continue to fight back. What should also be blatantly obvious by now,  is that they are not going to take the destruction of their countries lying down, neither is Iran going to be threatened by the same sort of treatment anytime in the future.

What the man with the tea towel on his head, riding a golden escalator is fully aware of, is that many people in the West and I might add in Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as Australia, New Zealand, South America and Africa, are as angry as the Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians, many Christians in fact, who have seen some of the oldest Christian communities in Syria and Iraq subjected to the most barbaric and murderous treatment by ISIL “terrorists,” though some call them “rebels,” and they are not happy campers.

They are even angrier at their own media for lying and propagating “Fake News,” and angrier even still that through their own political, so-called “democratic systems” and the ballot box, they have been unable to stop this genocide. Many journalists who have attempted to tell the truth have been silenced. Hence…. the “God Bless You,” painted on the aircraft as a form of appeasement. … really?

News flash! Nobody needs a Saudi king to act as a messenger from “God,” and certainly not a king who comes from a country that has committed and still does commit gross human rights abuses, both outside and inside of his own country.Covertly in Syria, Iraq and Africa where they lust after resources in the name of ” Allah Akbar,”  and overtly in Yemen which they are in the process of bombing into oblivion.

And finally we come to Trump. His ostentatious visit to Saudi Arabia  on the 21st and 22nd of May. It was as in your face, over the top, with all the ridiculous pomp and ceremony, as is the golden escalator, and should be put next to a picture of crucified Christians in Syria…. to make the point absolutely clear.

The ongoing and repetitive noise of bag pipes in the background was as silly as everything else, especially keeping in mind that the whole stage show was for the purpose of signing the largest US Arms deal in history, worth over $350 billion.

Just one glaring omission…. this sale was not ratified through Congress or the Senate, it was not approved by the American people. And nobody approves of it, not in the US, Europe, Africa, South America, China or Russia. If anything the world stands aghast and appalled.

But then this has nothing to do with “governance,” does it?  What Trump was and is, is a messenger boy for all the weapons manufacturers, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Halliburton, Boeing and private mercenary armies like the familiar Blackwater, who specialize in training and equipping and often fighting alongside “rebels,” though some would call them “terrorists,”  all in the name of Freedom and Democracy for the highest bidder. And I can bet you that they will be paid in gold bars. … not dollars… and therein lies the real deal. Gold that will never find its way to the US Treasury or Fort Knox, but into private vaults owned by military industrial complex corporations.

The Gulf States, including Jordan, Israel and Turkey, are fully aware that after the last six years, they have overstepped the mark. Iran, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon will settle the score. Those spoilt and indulged Gulf States with their fancy cities and tallest buildings in the world, who have caused so much devastation, pain and suffering now need to defend themselves. American troops will not fight on their side, though private corporate mercenaries will at a price, not sanctioned by the Congress or the Senate of course.

It is not a war between the Shia Crescent and the Sunni Wahhabis that concerns me now. We might even see a Mexican standoff between East and West. It is Africa and all its resources that are a tantalizing sparkle of riches that no doubt the Gulf States, the Israelis, the European Bankers and the US corporates, including the ongoing lucrative military industrial complex of criminals want to get their hands on.

St. George’s Church, Ethiopia

Libya was the first step and they now have a military base in Saudi Arabia whilst Germany is about to move their military airfield to Jordan. It seems they have turned their attention away from Russia and are now looking south.

Between Caiaphas – God’s banker, Herod’s – “Allah Akbar” God Bless you, and Pilate’s- Jesuit armies, this is only the beginning.

African Nation States will be destroyed, Muslim Brotherhood groups like al-Qaeda –  Boko Haram will spawn many others, again under different names as so  called “rebels,” and Christians across Africa will die in their millions.

…..Syria and Iraq were a practice run.




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