In Front of Trump, Al-Sisi Exposes Supporters of Terrorism

In a strong speech at the American Islamic Summit, Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi exposes the supporters of terrorism in the Middle East. –  Perhaps these were the only true words said at this conference in Saudi Arabia. 

Editor’s note: Ignored in western media, is that Egypt has banned the Muslim Brotherhood for many years. When they took over the “Arab Spring”and Morsi became “elected,”though there is a large question mark over that election knowing these ballots can be rigged, the Muslim Brotherhood was going to hand over the Sinai to Hamas, send in the Egyptian army to get rid of Asaad in Syria, destroy all Egyptian artifacts including the newly built Museum on the Gaza plateau, subject all Christians to the same treatment that they have been experiencing in Syria, Iraq and Libya in the last six years by ISIL, and then declare war on Ethiopia and do the same to that Orthodox Christian country and destroy their rock hewn churches in Lalibella.  Morsi was overthrown and General Sisi took over. He has sworn to repair the churches and protect Christians in Egypt and has not carried out any of the policies adopted by the Morsi government. Instead he has arrested and tried these Muslim Brotherhood al-Qaeda groups in Egypt , groups who hold to the same policies as ISIL in Syria and have had the same backing. For all that he is condemned in some quarters for supporting Israel and being a Zionist, he is first and foremost an Egyptian and has no intention of handing over his country to any Islamic caliphate or to Israel for that matter. .



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