Stephen Lendman “Mike Pence And Not Trump. May Have Been The Elite Choice For President All Along.”

Katherine Frisk note: The Jesuits always cover themselves. Joe Biden is a Jesuit. Hillary Clinton’s choice for VP Kaine, is a Jesuit. Mike Pence is a Jesuit. It was under Biden’s VP that the Pope was finally able to address Congress, something that the Founding Fathers would never have allowed, let alone Reagan allowing a Vatican embassy in Washington D.C. For the Vatican it did not matter whether Clinton or Trump won, they had themselves covered both ways. Please see my article from September 2016: Plausible Deniability, the Jesuits and Citizen Cain – Missionaries of The Anti-Christ

Who is the Deep State? Who are “The Banking families?” They are the Black Nobility of Europe. The Vatican Bank is their central control. The P2 is their secret Lodge. The Illuminati is their covert army citizen army. The Federal Reserve Bank has never been audited…. what are they hiding? That perhaps the major shareholder of the Federal Reserve Bank, the IMF, the BIS and the World Bank is the Vatican itself? Even Trump has to make the obligatory visit to the pope and pay his respects and then…. the G7 is being held in Sicily. Sicily? Headquarters of the Mafia? Have you ever seen The Godfather? If Trump does not tow the line, he will be replaced by Pence in one way or another, the same way JFK was replaced by LBJ.



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