Farage Rages “What’s The UK Government Actually Gonna Do?”

Hours after the devastating terror attack in Manchester, England, and following UK PM Theresa May’s announcement of quasi-martial-law on the streets of Britain, Nigel Farage follows yesterday’s BBC anchor’s comments and asks “what is our government actually gonna do?” “Get used to it”…

from Zero Hedge:  

Farage reminds the world that Theresa May was British Home Secretary – in charge of “this stuff” for six years before becoming prime minister “and under her we did virtually nothing to deal with this problem… so I don’t see mass round-ups happening,” citing the 500 terror suspects reportedly walking free in the UK.

Sparking painful memories of the 1930s rounding up citizens across Europe, Farage concludes “we have to stop the radicalization in our prisons and in our schools, and our immigration policy will vet absolutely everyone coming from middle-eastern and african countries.”

And as the following poll from YouGov shows, up 14 percentage points on July 2010, an almost unanimous 90 percent said that they thought it was fairly or very likely.







7 thoughts on “Farage Rages “What’s The UK Government Actually Gonna Do?”

  1. Main attacks in Europe…. a little one-sided, don’t you think?
    Focus on Islamist terror plots overlooks threat from far right.
    And “What’s The UK Government Actually Gonna Do?”
    Theresa May Wants A ‘New’ Internet Monitored By The Government.
    MARTIAL LAW? Theresa May Deploys Thousands of Troops onto Streets of Britain.

    And let’s not forget about the election…


    • Maybe she should not have supported isIL in Syria in the first place, or provided weapons to Saudi Arabia, that would be a start.


      • Yes of course, i totally agree. I’m just saying, this focus on ‘islamic’ terrorism is only helping shape public opinion for more interventions/regime changes(war)and as a whole for more surveillance/police state. While it’s a wet dream for the far-right. That’s their(the powers that should’t be)narrative. Why feed it?


      • Well, everything that Farage says is true…. but like everything can be is hi jacked into extremism. And this is a perfect case in point. Muslim extremists, funded by Gulf State money, trained and operated by CIA Mosaad MI6 or 5, 4, 3 , 2, 1, doing terrorist attacks. This is an operation Gladio exercise… before it was communists, now it is Islamic extremists. So who should be stopped? First and foremost the people who are funding them, and they know who they are already, they have the bank accounts. Most can be tracked to billionaires in the Gulf States and Israel, bankers who have a big share in European banks. Who is training , operating and manipulating them? Secret services. Why? For the same reason as always, to steer the population into a globalist one world NWO state which includes ALL elitist groups in the Middle East, Europe and the USA. The objective is not that people rule themselves and decide their own future, but that this future as in a feudal state is dictated to them.


  2. Well said, but that’s not what the article said, is it? I never said that what Farage was saying wasn’t true.
    I said the article(and Farage) was one-sided. And therein lies the problem. Propaganda is mostly about what you don’t hear/see.
    Why is Farage(and ZeroHedge for that matter) focusing on (muslim)immigration/’terrorism’ while insinuating(even advocating) an authoritarian/police state solution? The fact that this is exactly what the powers that shouldn’t be want doesn’t worry you… ?


    • Nope. Because Farage knows just as well as any informed person, that Islamic extremists have been nurtured by the British government, just as they have been supporting ISIL in Syria and Iraq. They have helped to create the monster that they have unleashed on the British public and they have knowingly allowed them to function in the UK and have let them in from the Middle East. This is due to their alignment with Saudi Arabia- Herod, Rothschild and Tel Aviv- the money lenders of the temple Caiaphas and the Roam Legion – the US CIA aligned with the Jesuit papacy. In all the lot of them are the anti-Christ.


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