US-led Coalition’s Indiscriminate Air Strikes Continue to Kill Civilians in Syria

According to The Independent, in the last four-week period the US-led Coalition’s air strikes killed at least 225 people, including 36 women and 44 children in Syria. The newspaper referred to an investigation conducted by the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Activists reported that in the period between April 23 to May 23, the Coalition’s Air Force activity led to the death of the highest number of recorded deaths since the international air campaign began in September 2014. It should be mentioned that a number of murdered ISIS terrorists turned out to be much lower – only 100 people.

by Anna Jaunger, for The International Reporter:

Earlier, Airwars monitoring group reported that only in March, as a result of the indiscriminate air strikes of the coalition in Syria and Iraq, the number of civilian casualties had achieved 1,782, including at least 400 children

It also should be mentioned that representatives of the Pentagon declined to comment on this information. However, it won’t be difficult to guess that, this time, the Central Command (CENTCOM) will try to hide the real consequences of its prolonged ‘counter-terrorist’ operation.
The same situation happened last month, when the Combined Joint Task Force, in its monthly assessment of civilian casualties from the U.S. coalition’s operations against ISIS acknowledged at least 352 civilians had been killed in U.S.-led air strikes in Iraq and Syria since the operation began in 2014. This statement was received with indignation, as a number of authoritative sources supported the fact that the Pentagon put civilian deaths in strikes on ISIS way lower than outside groups

Obviously, Washington is trying its best to hide the real consequences of its destructive actions. However, over time, it will be increasingly difficult to conceal, since many experts believe that the number of casualties among civilians in Syria will highly increase with the beginning of an active phase of the operation in Raqqa

In addition, such a significant difference between the number of civilian casualties and militants raises a natural question: who exactly does the coalition fight – the civilian population or terrorists?

It is likely that all the efforts of the Pentagon are aimed at concealing the answers to these questions.


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