The Truth About Glass-Steagall

We all know the story by now: the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 led to the housing bubble, the subprime meltdown and the global financial crisis…right? What do we really know about Glass-Steagall and how do we know it? Today James peels the layers off another long-standing alt media myth and discovers a surprising and cautionary tale about how the banksters can manipulate us into doing our dirty work for them.

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Glass-Steagall, The Complete Story…
Time Reference: 01:02
Signing of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
Time Reference: 01:50
2007: The subprime meltdown
Time Reference: 02:44
Cramer: Bernanke, Wake Up
Time Reference: 03:01
closing bell – bear sterns debacle 14 march 2008
Time Reference: 03:24
The Fall of Lehman Brothers
Time Reference: 04:24
Explaining Glass-Steagall
Time Reference: 05:22
Fall of the Republic
Time Reference: 06:22
Dodd-Frank, Glass Steagall & Wall Street
Time Reference: 07:18
Hartmann: Bring Back Glass-Steagall Act
Time Reference: 07:40
Episode 288 – Open Source Journalism
Time Reference: 08:03
Glass-Steagall Reintroduced (HR 790)
Time Reference: 10:14
H.R. 790: Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2017
Time Reference: 12:01
Interview 1276 – G. Edward Griffin Debunks the JFK/Fed Myth
Time Reference: 12:41
Carter Glass biography from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Time Reference: 19:16
Glass–Steagall Act of 1932
Time Reference: 20:24
Banking Act of 1933
Time Reference: 21:48
The Glass–Steagall provisions separating commercial and investment banking
Time Reference: 22:41
Tom Woods Show Ep. 638 Did Deregulation Cause the Financial Crisis?
Time Reference: 28:54
Is Barney Frank?
Time Reference: 35:56
Hidden in Plain Sight: What Really Caused the World’s Worst Financial Crisis and Why It Could Happen Again
Time Reference: 39:46
The Separation of Commercial and Investment Banking: The Glass-Steagall Act Revisited and Reconsidered
Time Reference: 49:52
Exploding the Glass-Steagall Myth
Time Reference: 50:51
Separation of Commercial and Investment Banking: The Morgans vs. The Rockefellers
Time Reference: 59:47
What Would Be Wrong with Trump Restoring Glass-Steagall?
Time Reference: 01:10:34
The Glass Steagall Act – The Useless Eaters USA
Time Reference: 01:17:52






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